Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Bee-Movie (Rhys)

Yesterday, we visited one of our investigators in the morning who gave us lots of facturas (like donuts) at the end of the visit. They were all wrapped up in plastic and we brought them back to the pensh in the afternoon. Due to the new horario, we have studies during the ciesta, cause it gets hot around that time. . .who knew? Anyways, so we decided during these studies that we wanted to eat these facturas. Reaching over to grab my second factura, I had to stick my hand underneath to get it unstuck from the factura next to it but that`s when something poked/stung/stabbed me. I startled my companion then with a high pitched scream. As I pulled my hand back, I saw what had caused the. . . pressure. There was a little accursed bee right between my pinkie and ring finger of my right hand, with it`s little barbed butt in my skin. Needless to say the bee was dead, but the barb stayed in and I ripped it out ust before rushing to the bathroom and washing the surprisingly large mortal wound with water and soap, cause that bugger HURT. I don´t know if it`s due to how long it`s been since I´ve gotten stung, but it seemed like it was an abnormally strong sting. after washing it and squeezing out what I´m sure was all of the evil poison, my hand swelled up (just in between the two fingers) and though the initial pain left, what remained was a really strong sore feeling like you get after getting hit really hard. However, I wish to assure you all, that I´ll live.

Other than the Bee incident, this Week was fairly un exciting.That`s not to say that nothing happened, but nothing really out of the ordinary. As far as transfers goes, I´ll be with Elder Correa for at least one more transfer and our zone-sito is no longer a zone, but a district and we`ll be part of a bigger zone with none other than Elder Smith (The Elder Smith, my companion ELder smith, there are three others in the mission at this point) as one of my zone leaders. So that`s cool.

Well, see ya.

Elder Enright

Tmnt photo from several weeks ago, we ate completos with the Zone leaders.

The second photo is from la semana siguiente, we played 25 (with a basketball, kicking it like a football. . .) with the zoneleaders and Elder Allen and Burke showed up last second.

District meeting right before transfers, after transfers, the zone didn´t change too much, except now we´re a district and part of a bigger zone and ELder Smith (My comp anterior) is our Zone Leader!!!

Me. . . last week. . . with a large duck. Yup

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