Monday, October 20, 2014

Dog Days of Summer (Rhys)

 Hey, so a few of you (from the northern hemisphere) may be wondering what the heck summer has do with the month of october (oh yeah, it´s october, is Halloween still a big thing up there, because I almost forgot it existed with the absolute lack of celebration here of Halloween. . . except for the Disney XD halloween countdown thing that I caught a glimpse of before a lesson with an investigator whose son was watching TV). Well, here in the SOUTHERN hemisphere, it´s summer. Actually, that´s not even the best part, even though it´s hotter right now than it ever reaches in good, cold Colorado, it´s technically "spring." But, take my word for it, it doesn´t feel like it. Since during the summer months of the southern hemisphere the earth is actually closer to the sun, we have the privelege of an even hotter summer than anything in the Northern hemisphere. a few months back everyone was assuring me that the indescribable heat would be countered during the winter months with a freezing cold winter (ya know, cause we´re actually further from the sun during winter down here), but I was dissapointed by the "cold" and really miss it. 

Basically all of this talk of hemispheres and hot and cold is driven by the fact that we don´t have air conditioning. There!

Dogs are an essential part of Argentina. There are enough dogs in Argentina that should we suppose that their intelligence was suddenly increased to cause un uprise, Argentina would be a dog driven country in a heartbeat. They literally outnumber humans at least 3-1. So, we see lots of dogs everyday and always receive words of warning from our leaders in cuanto a dogs and not provoking them and doing your best not to get bit and whatnot. The dogs are often if not always aggressive towards us missionaries, but crazy obnoxious barking is usually the worst of it.

Well, the other day (Míercoles/Wednesday) Me and my comp were running late to a cita when we decided to actually RUN so as not to be late. We ran by a house with lots of foliage in front, from which burst about ten million dogs. Between ten million and ten, somewhere around there. They barked and chased us and one of them must have been really worked up because he bit my leg. Yup, classic missionaries running from dogs story.

Well I looked back to get a good look at the one that had torn my pants and the owner of the house opened his gate/garage door thing and let all the dogs in, and then quickly hid from the dangerous Mormon missionaries. Must have seen the Meet the Mormons movie and seen that we can kickbox. After checking to make sure that the bite had really broken the skin (yup, and THERE WAS SO MUCH BLOOD!!!!!. .. . okay, not really, just a bit) Elder Correa and I made our way back to the house. The owner was a little reluctant to come out and answer our question about whether the dogs already had their vaccinations or whatnot, but he responded way too fast and way too positively to let me honestly say I believe him. then we contacted the crap out of him, but he didn´t want to listen. We´ll be passing in a few more days to make sure a certain dog hasn´t kicked the bucket.

Other than Dog bites, this week went alright, Lorena came to church 100% on her own account and is excited to get baptized this fin de semana and we have lots of help from a return sister missionary(!) in the branch.

Además de eso, this past. . . yesterday was Mother's day in Argentina and I got to speak by Skype to the greatest family in the world, mine. Missed you guys, Kegan and Bayley. I was happy to get to see everyone else, including my big sister, Erin (sorry I didn´t say much directly to you, I could hardly hear you due to the double skype thingamajig) and the rest of my YOUNGER siblings that all appear to be growing too much despite my warnings and, in some cases, prayers. Looking at you, Noah.

Hope you all had a wonderful Argentinian Mother's day, and for Bayley and Aislin, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!

Elder Fecthin´ Enright

P.S. Sorry, another computer that won´t let me send photos, oh well.

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