Monday, October 6, 2014

GenCon (Rhys)

For those of you who are mormon, you already know that this past weekend was GenCon. For those of you who aren´t, you may probably also know that this past week was GenCon. But whoever you are, I hope that you watched it , or if you didn´t, that you WILL watch it in the near future on 

Basically we all had a chance to listen to the Prophets and Apostols of God and some of them spoke in their native languages (WHAAAAAT!!!!!). SOme of the talks are always a little more Tocante tha others. Like Holland´s, Cristofferson´s, Bednar´s, Scott´s, and this time Eduardo Gavarret gave a REALLY good talk.

SO basically, even if you DID watch it, watch it again. because there are those of us who wish that we could but can´t.

Because of the aticipation of GenCon during the week, me and my comp were passing for lots and lots of investigators, menos activos, and random people in the street to remind them of the conference. 

Also the anticipation that me and my comp felt led us to celebrate a little with the few minutes that we have between planning and bed-time by eating milanesa. A little too much to the point where we both felt like we were getting the cane form Jorg Klebingat. 

Well, that´s it. In the end, due to fetchin´Albedrio, we didn´t have as many people at the conference as we would have liked, but I loved it. Favorite Quote, "Deja Vu in the Latter Days". I´m going to be using that in my scripture marking, jajajajaja.

Elder ENright

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