Monday, October 6, 2014

General Conference (Kegan)

Elder Oldroyd and I were super excited for his first General Conference in the Mission, we started this week out and ended it just the same, by commiting everyone else we know or got to know to come,  whether they actually came is a completely less exciting and successful matter to talk about, just remember we had a lot of fun inviting everyone.

Among the single person we invited to come who did show up, was Daniel, who passed his baptismal interview this week with flying colors (somebody please describe that phrase) and was excited for his Baptism that same General Conference Sunday.  

He invited various friends who accompanied him in the stake center in a small and packed room as Hno Lopez guided what ended up being a very spiritual baptismal service.  

Daniel has impressed every member he has come in contact with for being such a great and devoted investigator of the Church,  he will be confirmed next week in sacrament meeting.  One very cool "perk" of the baptism was that the Bishop, who was going to baptize Daniel orginally, couldn´t make it that Sunday for family reasons        (" Reasons") and so delegated to a priest from the ward named Benjamin.  Benjamin did perfectrly and everyone enjoyed the service.  

Daniel´s friends happened to have investigated the church many years ago, we are going to pass by later this week.  Just a great example of what David A Bednar discussed in his closing talk at the End of an awesome General Conference, (it goes some what like this) our excitement as members of the Church to share the Gospel with our friends is man´s natural reaction of sharing what has blessed our lives and made US feel better when we were hurt.)

One more short story, We found a young man this week named Javier, who has heard a lot about the church and even recieved a Book of Mormon from a member friend.  He appraoched us at the beginning of the week to introduce himself on his home street just as his mother told us " Mi hijo se quiere hacer Mormón"  Javier´s friend was also sharing what had been a blessing in his life, and as a result we have been blessed with the trusted care to help Javier be Baptized the 26th of Oct

The Church is True, anyone who says different hasn´t experienced that good for themselves and just has to be given that oportunity.

Love Elder Enright

 Bautismo de Daniel

La Zona de Achupallas (de la izquierda a la derecha, Atrás: Elder Pinillos, Elder Amiratti, Elder Solorzano, Elder Kozy, Elder Gardel, Elder Smith, Elder Brown, Soy Yo, Elder Larson, Elder Oldroyd, Elder Tinney; Sentados: Hna Barros, Hna Hansen, Hna Smith, Hna Garbel, Hna Mickaleus)

Lunch on Saturday, terrible pizza

The district

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