Monday, October 13, 2014

Illapel! / Ciao Placilla (Kegan)

I have very much to say and very little time to do so, so I will do so very fast...

To my and everyone else´s surprise I have left Placilla after a very fun and short single change in the sector, I will miss dearly everyone I had gotten to to know in Placilla and hope to see them again.

I have been changed to the North of the mission into a sector called Illapel, it is a small country town filled with sun and dry weather.  We are surrounded by mountains and the beach is NOWHERE to be seen.  My new Companion is Elder Sanchez, one of the Best missionaries in the mission and we are very good friends already.

I will send regular updates on my time here but I really have very many things to say also to my family in particular.

Thank you so much for praying for the missionaries, we really and truly do appreciate those prayers

Love Elder Enright

Fransisco and Vicente, Despedida!  :(

Saying bye to Daniel

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