Monday, October 27, 2014

Illapel (Kegan)

This week was very, very hot.  It made me really miss the wind that came in from the beaches to make very cool days in Quintero. It seems that this summer in Chile I will not be as lucky as I was last year. Thankfully they sell Ice cream literally everywhere here.

Illapel, my new sector, is an awesome little town dumped in between a lot of mountains, basically sitting in the depression of land where the wind DOESN¨T reach,  if you want to feel the wind you´ve got climb up some giant flights of mountainside stairs or hike the steep dirt and paved paths up the mountain.

Elder Santillan and I are really enjoying it all though.

Certain and specific moments that have happened this week have decided to kindly exit my memory...entonces...I am left with very little ideas of what to say.

Last P-day we completely reorganized the pension to be comfortable in the uncomfortable heat.  We´ve also picked up the habit of listening to General Conference talks in the pension again and again, because who could ever get tired of those thing right?

Wait! That´s right, I had interchanges this week with Elder Fuentes (Argentina)  during which we were able to have a very spiritual lesson with Valentina. Valentina is the 15 year-old daughter of a recent convert named Carolina.  We´ve been teaching Valentina since my second week in Illapel.  Her mother is a very good convert from just this past september.  Unfortunately, her very Catholic Grandmother is the one who holds custody rights until about mid next year.  So we´ll need her permision before the baptism because Valentina is under 18.  

None of that matters at this point, however, because even thought Valentina comes to church most weeks when she is with her mother she does so out of obligation to her mother and even though she knows many of the gospel truths we´ve taught her are indeed true, she doesn´t feel any desire for HERSELF to be Baptized a member of the Church.

So interchanges with Elder Fuentes came and that night we taught Valentina at the doorstep, because there wasn´t any other man in the house. It was a fairly short lesson, but she committed to be baptized should she recieve an answer to her prayers.

Elder Santillan and I since then have fasted and prayed (And listened to a lot of General Conference talks)  I firmly belived she will be Baptized this month of November.

Oh yeah, and then Saturday night our Branch president called and asked us to each give talks in sacrement meeting the next day, so that happened.

Other than that, I could not put into words the week I have had,  Thank you all so much for constantly praying for us missionaries (I love feeling included when I hear ANYone pray for missionaries, it´s a great feeling)

Que les vaya super bien

Elder Enright

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