Monday, October 27, 2014


So, this past week, Lorena baptized herself!!!!! YAAAAAAY!!!

       Even though there were complications over the past weeks, Lorena was super excited that her baptism had finally arrived. Of all the people that I´ve baptized so far, she was probably the MOST excited and other than the slight complaint that I dunked her under water too hard, she loved it.

       In order to arrive to the actual baptism service, Elder Correa and I had to lie down on colorful mattresses in the back of the second counselor´s little car.  But we all got there. 

       The following Sunday, yesterday, Lorena recieved the gift of the Holy Ghost and is eagerly awaiting a calling in the branch.

      Speaking of callings, and the branch, and Sunday, and converts. Hermano Soto (the convert of me and Elder Smith) gave his first talk yesterday!! His talk was about temples, not a fair topic considering that he´s never gone, but he rocked it and bore a powerful testimony about Temples even though he´s never gone. ¡Aguante Soto!

       In other news this week, I´ve not yet died due to a certain dog bite. So that´s good. Elder Burke informed me just last night that his dad has informed him of a trailer to Avengers 2 and if any of you know anything about this particular tema, está bienvenido a contarme todo lo que sepa.

       My comp and I are still trying to work things out so that he can talk to his family for this past día de madre. If any of you can speak in spanish and would like to email my comp to inform him how awesome he is, his email is . . I think. Try it

Elder Enright

Again, no photos due to the computer. Thanks tech industry of Argentina.

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