Monday, October 20, 2014

Tender Mercies (Bayley)

The beautiful thing about missions is that you get to be tested and tried in all sorts of ways, to stretch you and refine you and make you stronger and stronger than ever before.  And lately, Sister Stofferahn and I have been having some patience refined into us as we have have now had three weeks straight of not finding a single new person to teach!  And let me tell you, it's hard to teach people about the restored gospel if you simply don't have anyone to teach!  However, we have been working so hard and praying so hard and doing our best to serve the Lord as best as we can, and in doing so, regardless of the challenges we are encountering, we are seeing blessings.  

Without people to teach, and in being so desperate for miracles, we have become very aware of the tender mercies that surround us.  As Elder Bednar puts it so well (as usual): "The Lord's tender mercies are the very personalized and individualized blessings, strength, protection, assurances, guidance, loving kindness, consolation, support, and spiritual gifts which we receive from and because of and through the Lord Jesus Christ...One of the ways whereby the Savior comes to each of us is through his abundant and tender mercies."  Here's just a few of the tender mercies we have seen this past week:
  • We biked all day long on Saturday, all over the Humble highways and didn't die or even come close! (mostly)  And did I mention that, for some unknown reason, the day before I had done approximately 3 million lunges in morning exercise so that my legs already felt like they had been run over by a truck, but we biked all day long sore legs and all and then I was still able to walk the next day - definitely a tender, tender mercy.
  • While out and about on our bikes, we were cutting through a parking lot home when we met a blacksmith, hammering away on his anvil, all dressed up in blacksmith gettup.  There's Humble for ya!  Turns out he had been to Utah before and loved Mormon temples.  And he showed us to make an iron plant hook.  The blessings of biking - you get to explore all these little shortcuts and paths where blacksmiths are tucked away.  NBD.
  • Earlier this week we had dinner at Panera (for the second night in a row - no complaints here) with our Relief Society President, Sister Currie, who is super awesome.  In saying the closing prayer for our Hour of Power, she prayed not only that *we* would have success in finding people as we knocked doors, but also that *she* would be able to help us out by finding people ready to receive the gospel and would the courage to speak up.  That's my favorite - when people pray not only for the missionaries, but for their own missionary work.
  • Yesterday in sacrament meeting, Dr. Rose, a senior missionary who leaves for home today with his wife :( spoke in sacrament meeting, and as part of that talk read a Calvin and Hobbes comic strip over the podium.  Classic.
  • Aljae passed the sacrament yesterday!  For the first time.  And he was all fancied up in a white shirt and tie the bishopric and bought him.  Favorite.  I love Aljae, and I loved seeing him yesterday participate in a priesthood ordinance - how incredible to see where is now and the blessings the Lord has given him!
  • Yesterday morning the elders called us to ask if they could come study on our porch, since their apartment wasn't exactly habitable anymore, due to the sewage having backed up into their kitchen sink and spilling out all over their floor.  Yup.  So there's yet another tender mercy I am grateful for - that our kitchen sink is nice and clean and sewage free.  The things you learn you take for granted on your mission.
Anyways, so those are just a few of the tender mercies we have seen this week - and those really are just a few!  The Lord is really so kind, and even when things aren't going according to *your* plan, it's so important to remember that they are going according to *His* and His really is so much better than ours.

Love yall!  Thanks for all the birthday wishes.  Feel free to mail me some cake, Harry Potter style (if you can manage the owls even, that'd be a plus :)
Sister Bayley Enright

 ​Texas sunsets! Always a favorite.

With Dr. and Sister Rose.  Love them so much!

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