Tuesday, November 25, 2014

This Week.... (Rhys)

So, this past week. . . . Obviously stuff happened, but give me a minute.

To start, we had changes happen this past week and had to say bye to some of the elders and one hermana from our little district. Our brave district leader and his companion both got moved to other areas and so their previous area got whitewashed with two Elders that I actually already know, to one degree or another. Each of them have been to  one of my previous areas, so we have a lot to talk about. ELder Burke also left, leaving me and ELder Correa both very sad. But ELder Correa and I at least get to stay here in Fontana for another transfer. THe sister that left, Hermana Peterson actually got transfered to Idaho. . . to her home. So I gave her two letters stamped and everything to send to my family up there in the great white north. 

       So we are still here in Fontana, contacting lots of people and teaching lots of people and seeing very few of those people, if any, show up to church (missionary life in a nutshell). On Wednesday, we were informed by our branch president that all four of the missionaries would be giving talks on Sunday on "La Obra Misional". Literally, all four topics were described as exactly that. So naturally, me and ELder Correa waited until Saturday night to write the majority of our talks. Due to lots of "Inactivation" and lots of long term menos activos and not to mention the almost complete lack of attempts to re-activate all that are leaving, we decided to write both of our talks about missionary work among those that are already members. I prepared mine abput missionary work in the home and ELder Correa wrote one that touched on the part of missionary work that includes PREPARING jovenes para servir la mision. Which is to say he prepared to drop cane on the branch because we actually have NO jovenes in the branch other than the Branch president's kids and the ones that ELder COrrea and I are fighting to reactivate. The funny thing is that ELder COrrea, as part of his talk, decided to share "The law of the Simpsons". a small reference to a Simpsons Episode in which the adults of Springfield decide that even though the kids are the future, the adults are the now and so we should do what we want. So my comp wants to let the branch know that that´s the opposite of what we should think.

       So yeah, Sunday morning, the other two gringos give their talks first and took a long time, so President announced ELder COrrea as the last speaker (Who did totally shock a few members at mentioning the Simpsons over the podium) and I totally did NOT have to give a talk. Which made me kind of happy and kind of ticked, I still have the whole thing written out and I did work on it.

       But yeah, it rained all last night and today is particularly humid and muddy as far as the eye can see.

Happy THanksgiving!! (to those of you who live in america)

Elder Enright

Monday, November 24, 2014


I only have 15 minutes, sorry.

A brief report on this week.

On Tuesday night I got to make the phone calls to my zone for changes, Which means I told them whether they would be leaving or not.  Me and my Comp may or may not have rudely played several tricks on sisters and Elders who were either hoping to be leaving or to stay.  We had to tell them that night because the next day we would all have to travel to los Vilos (a small beach town that resides in our zone) where the bus that was on it´s way to the center of viña would pass by.

We had to say goodbye to various elders and Hermanas we thought would be staying with us for a while alonger and various others that we pretty much knew were done for in this zone.  Among those to go was Elder Correa my old Comp. I was a little sad to see him leave the zone but i know I will see him again.

Later this week I had a training meeting in Viña center for all those who recently became Zone Leaders and  for the sisters who are new Sister training Leaders (including both of the sister training leaders in our zone.  
My comp, however, didn´t have to go, because he has been a zone leader for a while now.

Entonces, the Office bought a ticket for me and two for the sisters, I had to travel WITHOUT a companion for almost 4 hours to get to Viña and then the same to return.  I do not lie when I say that I felt very Cueco and slightly uncomfortable without my comp (it was the first time in a year and several months that I have been without one)

The training in itself was very uplifting and very spiritual (and of course slightly stressful)

That same day (without me) my comp, with the company of Abraham (not the prophet, a joven from the branch, taught Daniela and Marcelo in the chapel, it was a big step for them and we are very excited to see them progressing, the barrier keeping them from baptism at this moment is the fear of knowing that if this church is true, than their mother´s church (catholic) is false, Everytime someone brings up this subject I think of Dad´s nightly comments, especially whenever we read 1 Nefi 14.

Rodrigo is another investigator who has to move away from his Pareja to be able to be baptized, he is super excited but is having trouble finding that place.  I included a picture of him and I below.

He can´t read and can´t do math that made the law of tithing an interesting lesson, we also give him CDs of the BoM to listen to, even though his memory isn´t very good, he does know he feels good listening to the CDs, 


Love Elder Enright


 Illapel, my town, at around 5 in the morning (to get to the training friday)

El famoso Abraham

Thanksgiving Blessings (Bayley)

This past week was the last week of this transfer - and Sister Stofferahn's last week altogether!  Which is super depressing.  We have had an amazing time together and she will be surely missed here in Texas!  But this past week was the best possible last-week for any missionary - so miracle filled and memory filled and spirit filled, it was just nuts.

First of all, this past week we had the Proselyting Department visit the mission!  Which meant that on Tuesday night several companionships were selected to go on splits with mission leadership or members of the proselyting department.  And Sister Stofferahn and I got to have Sister Drake out with us!  And it was just such a special opportunity to get to feel of her spirit and talk with her about the work.  I am so grateful that I got to have two mission presidents on my mission.  When I first found out the Crawfords would be leaving partway through I was super upset, but since the Drakes have been here I just love them so much and am so glad I have gotten to serve as long as I have with each of them.  The second part of the proselyting department's visit was our Leadership Training that took place on Thursdaymorning.  Brothers Hemingway and Tanner were the speakers, and I just blown away by their knowledge of the gospel.  People really could just throw any question out there and they would have an answer.  A few of the highlights of the training were:
  • a discussion on the importance of planning - Brother Tanner said that planning is the key to intertwining the work on the other side of the veil with our own work.  And while that is definitely true of and easy to see in missionary work, it also applies for any other phase of life.  After all, in this life one of the greatest challenges but also blessings is to submit ourselves to the will of the Lord - and he of course has plenty of work going on on the other side of the veil in an effort to help us reach our greatest potential.  But then we also have our own life-track.  And through spiritual goal setting and planning for our lives, that is how we can truly bring our will into correspondence with the Father's and make the "my plan" track and "His plan" track just one track.
  • a discussion on the power of prayer - especially specific prayers.  There was a quote I read a little while ago (and sorry but I can't remember who said it) that said something to the effect of too often our prayers are just directing God around and telling him to go here and there and bless this person and that person - when in reality our prayers should be more about asking God about what He wants *us* to do.
  • this President Hinckley quote: (in discussing the safety of missionaries and the people we work with) "The police can't find them, the CIA can't find them, the FBI can't find them, but our missionaries find them every day!"
  • this statement: "missionary work is an act of faith." True that.
Another hightlight of the week was the opportunity we had to help in the Thanksgiving meal charity project called Seasons of Sharing.  So Sister Stofferahn and I recently started volunteering at a local food pantry called HAAM (Humble Area Assistance Ministries) and several weeks ago I overheard a discussion on their Thanksgiving event in which Thanksgiving meals are put together and distributed to those in need.  And since we as missionaries of the Lord Jesus Christ are always looking for opportunities to serve, we volunteered the service of 18 missionaries to help out.  So this past Friday the Kingwood and Atascocita districts came together and for four hours helped sort food and package meals and carry them out to cars.  And it seriously was one of the most fun experiences I've had my whole mission.  And it was my favorite thing to just look around the room and see all our missionaries working so hard - we had elders carrying bags of food out to cars in the soaking rain, we had sisters sorting cans, elders putting bags together - we just had missionaries serving with all their heart might mind and strength, and it was incredible to witness.  The joys that come when you are simply serving cannot be felt in any other way, and especially in this Thanksgiving season I am so grateful for the opportunity I've been given to serve as many of my Heavenly Father's children as I can, in whatever way I can!

And then of course, we had Robin's baptism yesterday.  Over the course of the week we have taught her all of the lessons over the phone - and there were definitely some perks to teaching phone lessons!  You can have all your notes and scriptures in front of you for whenever you need them, and in that moment where you can't remember a scripture, your gator doesn't see the look of panic on your face as you flip madly through the Old Testament to find that obscure reference to the Melchizadek Priesthood.  And seriously, in teaching Robin I used more obscure scripture references that have been tucked away in the back of my head than I have for anyone else I've taught on my mission.  She is so incredibly knowledgeable about the gospel of Christ, and is so excited for everything that awaits her on the covenant path.  Sister Stofferahn and I just love her so much - she is our miracle story, and our entire experience with her does nothing but cement my testimony more and more.  She is a witness of the principle that God is preparing people, she is a witness of the prophets' promises that members are the key to missionary work, and she is a witness of the power of Spirit to confirm truth.  

I hope yall have an amazing Thanksgiving.  This is such a special time of year to be disciples of Christ and to be living and sharing his gospel.  Enjoy your pie, say a prayer or two of thanks, and be sure to tell God how much you love Him.

Sister Enright

 Kingwood Zone leadership :) Sistah Stoff, myself, Elders Huhane and Roundy

 ​Seasons of Sharing!

​The freezer crew, bagging grapefruits in freezing temperatures - Elders Knebel and Martinez, me and Stoff


 ​Stoff, me, Robin, Sister Lopez, Bro Herrara, Sis Herrara

T.H.E. pride :) ​sis turpin, sis stoff, president and sister drake, me, sistah crump, with elders knebel and huff in the front

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

a week not so awesome (Rhys)

So even though this last week ended off with a really good Stake conference in which Boss- *ahem * - Presidente Franco talked to the entire Resi Sur Stake about member missionary work, this week left me and my comp feeling particualrly decepcionados and almost left me fed up with people in general. But, since the Stake conference was the really good part of the week, I´ll talk about that last. 

       Let´s start with what kind of finally tipped the scales and made this last week a dissapointing one. All week long, our recent convert has been studying like crazy and hasn´t had a lot of time to talk to us, and no time whatsoever for a lesson. The only time that we got to talk  to her during the week was early one morning as we just passed by to see how she was doing. She was great and still super excited to review all the lessons again. She´s especially  excited to work towards going to the temple. Well last night we tried passing by to do the same thing, check up on her, but only her Mom greeted us. Her mom then proceeded to tell us that Lorena was actually not at home because she was attending an evangelical church and that she probably won´t go back to "our" church (ya know, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints).

       I´m not going to make any final decisions about what we´re going to do until we talk with her, but I´m not going to rule anything out either. leading up to this point, all week, my comp and I have passed by so many people (the most part of them being less-actives) with whom we´ve been working and we´ve helped them prepare for Stake conference. Because telling a missionary one thing and doing another seems to be a classic, I´ve been studying a lot about faith and reading lots and sharing lots of General conference talks (including Jeffery R. Holland´s "The First Great Commandment" from november 2012) about a number of different subjects all in an attempt to help others.

      On the brightside, ELder COrrea and I are helping one of the only active youth members in the branch prepare for the mission. His name is Leo Fernandez and when I first got here, one of the fisr things that he said to me was, "Elders, I don´t go to church." Yesterday, he announced to other members of the branch and the other misionaries that he wants to go on a mission. The best part is that Elder Correa and I are a HELPING hand in this. We´re helping, but the main driving force for Leo´s decisiona and preparation comes from himself and his family (Onbly he and his Mom are active, but with his decidion to go on a mision, his family is poniendose las pilas to reactivate and eventually go to the temple. Another menos activo success story is the Gomez family, but that´s for another time, cause I´m out of time right now.

Well, so much for talking a lot about stake conference, 

It was great,. . . .yep.

Elder Enright

Conference de Multizonas

La Replica (Kegan)

The beginning of this week was somewhat stressing, with preparation for the replica of the Consejo de Liderazgo from the last week taking up some time from our p-day.  Later I made the realization that I had either been robbed of or had lost around 40 dollars (20,000 pesos chilenos) making my groceries for this week VERY simple. 

My companion and I had interchanges with another companionship on Tuesday, Wednesday, my comp had to come back very early so that we could finish setting up the "gym" area for the aforementioned Replica.  It was only the second time I had done a Replica, but it was a lot of fun.  One of the least fun but still slightly entertaining moments of our Replica was when two Elders who had been asked to give a 3-5 minute talk each gave 10 and 15 mintue talks despite several companions and Hermana Líderes being so kind as to make hand motions to insist that they finish up.  All in all it was a great spiritual experience that testified to me of the power of revelation, we really should always listen to the spirit.  Even more, my companion told me that " every time anyone is teaching on a true doctrinal topic, it is an oportunity for the spirit to teach us" very cool.

Following the Replica we took the Zone photo I included below because there are a lot of Elderes y Hermanas leaving the Zone sí o sí this change.

Not too much else to say,, Okay that`s a lie, there just isn't time enough for it.

Love Elder Enright

An Aidukaitis Miracle (Bayley)

So several months ago Elder Aidukaitis of the 70 came here to the (excuse me - THE) mission and discussed with us the importance of faith, amongst other things.  One thing he talked about in particular was setting a goal to baptize someone every week - because if we don't have the goal, why would God give us the actual?  Now obviously this mindset has taken some adjusting to - always setting a goal for a baptism even if we have no one to teach - but during his discussion Elder Aidukaitis shared a number of experiences in which missionaries have had the faith and goal for a baptism and people would randomly show up at church, or approach the missionaries themselves, or contact a member, all wanting to be baptized.  And then of course they were.  Such "Aidukaitis miracle stories" are the kind of stories you hear and think "do things like that actually happen?"  They seem so impossible, after all.  Well brothers and sisters, let me tell you - Aidukaitis miracles are real things, because Sister Stofferahn and I had one for ourselves just yesterday.

But more on that in a minute.  This week has been so crazy miracle filled, I don't know where to start - but I do know where to end, and that is with the Aidukaitis miracle.  But before that, allow me to tell you about Tuesday. 

This past Tuesday I was on exchanges with Hermana Williams, who is an absolutely amazing hermana who you may or may not recall was my companion for a weekend several transfers back.  Prior to the exchange, Hna Williams informed me that the Christlike attribute she wanted to focus on was charity, and in studying for it and preparing for the exchange I was a little unsure about how to best go about that - other than praying for charity, of course.  That always works.  But anyways, so Monday night (we had already exchanged at this point) I had to call the Zone Leaders for something and they happened to be on exchanges as well and Elder Roundy informed us that as part of their exchange, he and Elder Knebel had plans to contact as many people as possible (around 100) the next day and challenged us to see if we could contact more than them.  And then they put Bluebell ice cream on the table, and said that whoever lost would buy Bluebell for the winners.  And because I have this problem in which I'm completely incapable of turning down challenges, especially when there is ice cream involved...CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.  So we told the elders there was no way they were going to beat us and they better get the ice cream ready now, and then promptly hung up the phone and dropped down on our knees asking Heavenly Father to help us overcome our awkwardness so we could contact the world the next day.  And in my prayer that night, I realized that this was an answer to my prayers about how we could focus on charity.  The answer was contacting!  It is easy, or at least easier, to love those people with whom we are closely working - be them investigators or members - but true charity is love of ALL men, including those complete strangers on the street who cuss you out and call you crazy.  So we prayed both Monday night and Tuesday morning for God to help us have charity for everyone we saw, and when we prayed we made a promise with God, in which we promised to stop and talk to every single person we saw, if He would help us by filling our mouths and making it less awkward so that they would feel the Spirit, not feel weirded out.  Did I mention that Tuesday morning dawned freezing cold and raining?  Yes, yes it did.  But we were determined!  And as soon as we walked out the door there was a woman walking passed our apartment, and with the words of our prayer still so clear in our minds we contacted her and felt such incredible love and desire for her welfare.  And we knew that God was going to help us out, so we mounted our bikes and went to work.  Over the course of the day, we contacted 42 people, but the true miracle was not in the number of people that we contacted but in the way in which we saw God's promise fulfilled - our mouths were filled, the contacts weren't even awkward (mostly - the time we talked to the guy standing in the middle of the street was a little odd, but nothing the Spirit couldn't smooth over), and as soon as we saw people we saw them as children of God and desired to help them discover the gospel.  And at the end of the night when we called the elders for our total count, we had totally creamed them.  42 contacts, a new understanding of charity, and Bluebell - pretty good haul for an exchange if you ask me.

Another miracle of this week happened when Sister Stofferahn and I went to check on an investigator we hadn't seen in a while and she informed us that she had watched both the Joseph Smith story and 17 Miracles on Netflix and wants to know more about temples.  We can help with that.

Then there was also the time where Sister Stofferahn and I stopped to contact this man watering his lawn, and after talking with him we learned that the Elders had just stopped and talked to him less than 15 minutes before we showed up.  He asked if we had it orchestrated like that, and we told him not at all - but that God probably did.  Two sets of missionaries contacting you within the course of an hour?  Coincidence? I think not.

I could go on and on and on...but email time is short, and I have an Aidukaitis miracle story still to tell.

So several weeks ago a member of our ward called us to inform us that she had given a Book of Mormon to her coworker and that after a number of gospel discussions her friend wanted to attend church with her.  That Sunday, we were sure to go up and introduce ourselves to the friend, Robin, who informed us that she was interested to see what this church was all about and that she had heard a lot of negative things but wanted to see for herself.  We asked her about taking the lessons, but she expressed that right now she just wanted to read the Book of Mormon and focus on that.  For the next couple of weeks she continued to come to church and ask us questions occasionally, but still wasn't ready for the lessons yet.  Just this past week, the member - Sister Lopez- called us and told us that Robin wanted to sit down for a lesson with us.  We arranged for a lesson immediately after church, and yesterday sat down with Robin and Sister Lopez and Sister Herrara (Sister Lopez's daughter, who is also a coworker of Robin's and who has been helping fellowship her).  As soon as we sat down, Robin informed us that she had read the entire Book of Mormon ("it's my new favorite book!") and most of the Doctrine and Covenants and that she felt like God had guided her here and this was the church for her.

Yes, that happened.

We commenced in teaching her the message of the Restoration, and she stopped occasionally and asked us to show her where that was in the Bible, and as soon as we did she would just shake her head in amazement and express her disbelief that she didn't know about this all sooner.  As we shared the Joseph Smith story, the spirit was SO strong and Robin told us that she knew this was all true and that she had been seeking after it for years.  When we invited her to be baptized she said, "yes, yes I will.  I can't wait."  I then opened my mouth and said that we would be holding a baptismal service...next week.  Which wasn't necessarily what we had planned to say, but the Spirit does things like that sometimes.  And of course Robin agreed, and expressed the sooner the better, and that she has felt dried up for years but now has found the truth and is so hungry to learn more.  Since the only day she is able to meet is Sundays, we went over as much as we could of things right there, gave her the pamphlets to all the lessons, set up two phone lessons during the week, and made plans to finish teaching her Sunday morning before church and her baptism that afternoon.  Now if that doesn't qualify as an Aidukaitis MIRACLE, I don't know what does.

After Robin left, Sister Stofferahn and I dropped to our knees in prayers of gratitude.  There are not words to express the way we felt as we so clearly saw the hand of the Lord performing such an incredible miracle.  As Sister Stofferahn pointed out so well yesterday, this entire experience is a fulfillment of D&C 123:17: "Therefore, dearly beloved brethren, let us cheerfully do all things that lie in our power, and then may we stand still with the utmost assurance, to see the salvation of God and for his arm to be revealed."

Brothers and sisters, the gospel is true.  The Plan of Salvation is real.  The message of the Restoration is God's message to the world, and I can think of no better honor than to be called to serve to declare it to all nations, kindred, tongues, and people.

Sister Bayley Enright

 Our district! back row sis crump, me, elder huff, sis stoff, front row sis turpin, elder leftwich, elder knebel, elder sarchet

​Me, sistah stoff, elder huhane, and elder roundy with elder hansen of the 70 :D NBD

 ​Hna Williams and I celebrating being contacting champions with some hot chocolate

 ​Biking in the cold!

​My loverly companion :)

Another adventure from this week included our wrestling Max - a giant great dane who tried to eat us.  Not really.  But kind of.

Monday, November 10, 2014


This has been one of those weeks where on Friday night when I finally sit down with my journal, I write as if it's Tuesday, in a desperate attempt to catch up.  This week's been CRAZY!  We had exchanges, we had MLC (missionary leadership council - our monthly meeting with the mission president and all zone leaders and sister training leaders) we had zone conference, we had Sister Stofferahn's birthday - it's just been all over the place, but in a wonderful way.

But before I get to all that, check this out!  I got xrays of my wrist:

Yup.  I am officially a cyborg.  

Looking back at the whole breaking-my-wrist incident, it is just an incredible testimony to me of the reality of miracles and the power of faith.  My wrist was BROKEN, and yet today you would barely know - I can even do pushups again, though not very many, and not very well - but I'll get there!  And I am confident that the rapidness of my recovery can be attributed to several things:
1) getting a priesthood blessing
2) keeping my focus on Christ and on doing His work, regardless of my limited capabilities
3) the prayers of myself, my companion, other missionaries, members, and friends and family at home

Not necessarily the ideal learning experience, but it was a powerful faith-building opportunity for Sister Stofferahn and myself.

Anyways, that said, let's get to this week!

Highlights include my exchange with Sister Crump (who is now serving in Huffman, in my district) - first time I got to exchange with a previous companion, and it was my own daughter!

Highlights of that exchange include helping out with family history at the local library, a drug bust, and getting caught in a rainstorm that was mostly dangerous because of the falling acorns that left bruises.  True story.

We also had zone conference this week, which was of course incredible faith-building and inspiring (and then also mildly humiliating, but that was mostly due to that beloved T.H.E Mission tradition of making birthday-missionaries don red cowboy hats and kerchiefs and dance to a T.H.E song written to the tune of the Yellow Rose of Texas.  So rude).  At the conference, President Drake spoke to us about the importance of work, and he shared a quote from President Hinckley that I love - "work is the process by which dreams become reality...It is work that spells the difference in a [person's] life...it is work that lifts us from the stagnation of mediocrity."  In thinking about it, there are a lot of things - a LOT of things - that I simply struggle to accomplish (I don't want to say I "can't" do them because I know that technically if I really wanted to, I could accomplish anything).  These weaknesses vary from my inability to dance or ski to being forever awkward at contacting people.  But regardless of our natural strengths or weaknesses, no matter what we may lack, we can all WORK.  And eventually, in working so hard, those weaknesses and shortcomings will be made up for, and will in time become strengths of their own.  So that thought brings me a lot of comfort, to know that no matter how much I *can't* do - I certainly *can* work.

Another highlight of this week was our lessons with Angelina, a nine year old girl in a part member family that our Bishop asked us to work with.  Each time we go over, we teach her as well as her seven year old brother and four year old sister.  As the brother, Tommy, introduced them - "Angelina's smart, Katie's funny, and I'm awesome." Haha.  And let me tell you, I absolutely LOVE teaching children.  They just *get* it.  You present the lessons in the most simple of terms, and all that really matters to them is how they feel.  And they are just so excited by everything you tell them - like when Angelina and her siblings found out that God hid ancient gold plates and that Joseph Smith found them and that they are today the Book of Mormon, they were so excited!  And there is just nothing better than helping families learn about and live the gospel and then see the changes that it makes in their lives.

Thank yall so much for all your prayers and for your support and for helping bring about the Father's work in bringing His children back to Him - after all, it's really the only thing that matters.

Love yall,
Sister Enright

Happy Thanksgiving!! (Rhys)

Hey, I thought that I should include that title because I just realized how far we are into November and I have no idea when Thanksgiving is going to be, so I thought that I might as well get that out of the way. Happy Thanksgiving.

This last week was full of conferences, lots and lots of conferences. Okay, only two, but as a missionary, that´s a lot to have in one week. I´ve never had more than one conference in a week.

Oh, wait, the same thing happened just a litle while ago.

Anyways, about those conferences, The first one was a zone conference in which we learned about all the new normas de excelencía and what not. I presented the design for the zone t-shirt and yeah.. . that´s it.

The next day, we had multi zone conference, like zone conference, but MULTI. . . and Presidente was there. We recieved training from Presidente Franco, Hna. Franco, and the Asistentes. We also ate Pizza. It was a good conference. After the actual conference, there were lots of Missionaries that hung around and talked a lot, like there always is at these things. Elder Correa and I asked Presidente Franco if he would be allowed to talk to his family because he STILL hadn´t been able to get a hold of them. Well, President said yes and then we tried every phone in the fetchin´church building, without luck. President Franco got wind that we were unsuccessful and let Elder Correa call from his phone, and President must have some special phone that they don´t let just anyone have, because it worked. Elder Correa got to talk to his Mom (and he gave me the phone to talk to her for a bit. . . that sounded weird, I promise that it wasn´t) for about 30 minutes and during the call, his brother actually showed up to wherever his Mom actually was and so he got to talk to his brother too. He was super happy. So yeah, President Franco is awesome. Other than that, Elder Correa and I worked a lot this week. . .  I´m not really sure what else there is to say.

Oh, this past P-day, for a little Halloween celebration AND to celebrate Elder Correa´s fourth year anniversary as member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, we made Peanut Butter pie.

Elder Enright

Lorena´s Baptism!

 The pie!

The zone t-shirt design, but before I finished coloring it.

Me burning my pillow a few weeks ago,  it was covered in mold. I bought a new one.

ANd last P-day, that´s the Beatles shirt that Danilo gave me.


This week I am not sure if I will be able to get an email out to toomany people due to the lack of time, sorry.

Okay, on to the stories, really quickly.
As Zone leaders we have a meeting with President once a month, and here in Illapel we live around four hours from the center of Viña.  This requires that we take a four hour bus ride Thursday night in order to be there Friday morning for the meeting.  Here in Illapel we trade back and forth with the Hermana Líderes Entrenadores (who also have to go to the meeting) the responsabilities of bringing something to drink for the ride and the other of bringing something to Eat.

Elder Santillan and I made a lot of brownies for the trip but we also wanted to make Hamburgers and were not able to do so until around 30 minutes before we had to be at the bus terminal.  So we ran from store to store to obtain the best and cheapest hamburger ingredients before making them as quickly as possible. So that happened.

But as far as the brownies go, we still have a load of batter in our fridge because i may or may not have quadrupled the flour and then had to quadruple the rest of the recipe.

Sorry about the time, As long as I am zone leader I can promise shorter emails, we have long Informes that we have to send to the office

Love Elder Enright

 Fly paper

 The Logo for Cars reused here in Chile

 Interchanges with Elder Cañar (the glasses aren' actually his).

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Illapelino (Kegan)

This past week was Halloween, and as we are here in Chile, Many people were putting up very underscoring (under*whelming* maybe... we don't really know what he meant to say, we all just hope he can speak any English at all when he gets home) Halloween decorations.  Not that there´s anything wrong with it, it´s just, at least from what I have heard from every Chilean I have spoken with, that Halloween celebrations are so-so here because it is not a National holiday for Chile.  They celebrate because  we celebrate it in the states and it is a great way to sell cheaply made and highly priced decorations in a short amount of time, plus, they do it for the kids.

However, despite many people's dissappointing comments on their Halloween celebrations, we in la rama de Illapel, had a fantastic halloween party.

The Sister Training Leaders in our branch (Hnas Arnez and Farías) worked super hard to make sure we would have a good party, to which we would be able to invite people in from the street and families from all over to participate.  I would say that we all worked hard to make it happen, but I know they were pulling way more of the work load than I was.

So we did a short service project Friday morning decorating the Basketball/soccer court behind our chapel and that night played several games to which we invited a ton of families in from the street, we offered candy as the prizes for winning (okay let's be honest, they won them just by playing) the games, My companion and I then had the task of contacting every one of those that passed through to see if we would be able to begin teaching whoever had entered the church lot.

We were able to get to know the ward members really well, and even played a bit of Basketball for the final "Activity".

Felipe was able to come to the party, something that me and my companion were very happy to see, he also came the following Sunday with us to church.

Felipe is a new investigator we found this week.  He is friends and neighbor to a family of less actives we are visiting.  We were surprised to find out that his older brother is also a less active member (give us a break, we are both relatively new here).  Felipe, since the day we began teaching him, has eagerly read the Book of Mormon, and even better, understands it.  The only problem is that he doesn´t want to be Baptized,  Eeerk.  We don´t know why, he has told us several reasons, but there´s something more.  However, he is still a really smart kid (even IF he doesn´t want to baptized, Yet)

I have little time. That is a basic "Report" on this week, we have seen very many miracles, one being the amount of times we have been able to hike up the side of the mountain here in Illapel to see Felipe (lots  of stairs) and many more, thank you for your prayers

Love Elder ENright

  Intercambios con Elder Recinos (we are the same height actually, I was just standing off of the curb thingy, thought it would be important to point that out)

My comp and I en the pensh.

Illapel sunset

 Elder Correa (who was my comp in Quintero and who is now my DL)  it was after Zone conference (MY FIRST as a ZL! it was fun)

Me and E Sanchez, just before he went, Our ONLY picture together after 12 days as a companion ship

I did these for a Recent Convert who had to make foam cutouts for a birthday party, fun service project.

Monday, November 3, 2014

EEEHHHH!!!! Guess what! (Rhys)

This computer has a usb port!! Eeehh!

. .. .but my card adaptar.. . doesn´t fit.         Pucha

Well, looks like you´ll all be going another week without photos.

This past week, i was in divisions. Quite literally the WHOLE FETCHIN´ WEEK. 

Divisions round one: Martes en la mañana, about three hours before district meeting, I get a phone call from our beloved District leader that after said district meeting (ya know, the one in only a few hours) we would be doing divisions and I would be going to his area. oh, and did I mention that I didn´t have my duffle bag with me, having leant it to the companion of our district leader for divisions last week? SO I had to pack all my clothes and what not that I needed for the divisions in plastic bags to chuck around with me while working all morning until the district meeting. Yeah, that happened, I love divisions, especially when they tell us long beforehand.

Speaking of divisions that get planned long beforehand, Divisions round two:
Earlier in the week (lunes en la noche) our Zone leaders (Howlett and Smith, my old comp, Smith) let us know that we would be doing divisions on friday en la tarde. So I had one full day in my area, and then left again on friday to let Elder SMith back into his old area for a day (they visited Hno. Soto, he loved it). But ELder Correa, the stud, did an amazing job and we ended the week. . . . .wait for it. . . . . with a rainstorm!!!! and that resulted in 14 people at church!!!!

Yeah, that´s 14 in total. . . meaning the members with cars and four missionaries. . . and 0 investigators. When it rains here, everything shuts down and nobody does anything. . . quite literally. So we´ll be praying for a dry weekend this coming week.

Sorry for the lack of photos of my lovely face, I hope you all had a great Halloween because nothing happens here for Halloween except for before terrible disney channel movies that I may have snatched a glimpse at during lunch on Halloween. Yep, terrible. Why couldn´t it have been Ghostbusters??

Elder Enright

Spiritual Highs (Bayley)

Most weeks end in one of the following ways:
1) you are completely physically spiritually and emotionally exhausted and just want to sleep
2) you are completely physically spiritually and emotionally exhausted but also so completely physically spiritually and emotionally pumped that you just talk your companion's ear off into the wee hours of night

Last night was definitely the latter.

This week was full of spiritual highs.

But before those, I'll cover those events that were *not* necessarily spiritual highs, so that we can end on the most spiritual note possible.

For example, here would be a notable event from the week that is not necessarily a spiritual high:

Last night Sister Stofferahn and I were going to an appointment, and as we made the turn a black truck zoomed past us clearly annoyed that I had signaled a bit earlier than necessary.  As we parked the car the truck made a turn up ahead and then passed us again.  And then as we said our prayer he passed us yet again.  Though normally we say our prayer and get out of the car, something prompted us to stay in the car, and when the truck passed by us a good three more times, we decided that something was not right and we needed to drive away.  As I drove, and flipped around in the cul de sac up ahead, we saw the black truck come out of a nearby street and follow us down the road onto the major street.  More than a little alarmed now, Sister Stofferahn started praying as I maneuvered off the major road into a neighborhood (where the truck followed yet again) and then wound through the streets until we lost our creepy truck stalker.  So yeah.  When you get a prompting to stay in the car - STAY IN IT.  We were truly being watched over and protected last night, and I am so grateful for the Spirit that keeps us safe in situations like that.

After that, we were able to go visit a sister who we are working on getting back to church, and her five year old son gave us the cutest prayer ever telling God that he had given him such nice "stuff" and he was so grateful for all his "stuff" and the "stuff" is so good and thanks for all the nice "stuff" and take care of all the "stuff."  Hahaha - children's prayers are my favorites.

Other random tidbits of the week include the fact that on Halloween we were told to come in early (at 7) and so Sister Stofferahn and I celebrated Halloween by watching "How Rare a Possession" (best Book of Mormon movie ever) and chowing down on Chex mix, and also that on Tuesday our ward's Halloween celebration included watching the Charlie Brown Great Pumpkin special, and that President's response to my calling to see if it was okay for us to attend, seeing as such an apostate film as Charlie Brown was being played, was first to laugh at me, and then he told me to not put too much prayer and thought into thinking there really was a great pumpkin, and to have a great time.  So funny, President.

That said, onto the spiritual highs of the week!

The first was Wednesday night, when we got permission to go to the temple with the Humble Ward youth to see both Aljae and Diane do baptisms for the dead.  It was seriously one of the most sacred experiences I have ever had in the temple.  There is such a special spirit in the temple, and there is something especially powerful and sacred about seeing others in the temple.  Whenever we meet someone, we visualize them in white - we visualize them in the temple.  And then when they are actually there, it is like we get a special glimpse of their divine potential as we haven't been able to see them before.  And to add to the sacredness of the entire experience, Diane took family names, and was baptized for her mother and Bishop was baptized for her father, uncle, and husband.  As those names were being done, and especially as Diane and Bishop were being confirmed for them, such a stillness fell over the whole baptistry and the Spirit was so powerful.  Of the experience, Diane said that as soon as she walked in the temple doors she had felt her Heavenly Father in a way she never had before - "I knew my Heavenly Father loved me before," she said, "but now I *really* know!"  Aljae said that walking into the temple felt like walking into heaven.  My testimony of the power and spirit of the temple has grown so much this week.  There is such joy and such spirit and such love that can be found in the temple as can never be found anywhere else.  The temple changes lives and changes us - so long as we let it by getting there as often as we can.

The next spiritual high was this weekend - stake conference.  But not just stake conference - the best stake conference I have ever in my entire life attended.  FACT.  We were especially blessed to have Elder Lawrence Corbridge of the 70 there, and as soon as I found out that Corbridge was coming I started geeking out, since his conference address from several years ago entitled "the Way" is seriously one of my favorite talks ever given about Christ, and I've only read it approximately four million times out here on the mish.  Roughly.  So going into the conference I knew it was going to be good, but the spiritual feast that I received was just out of control.  I wish all of yall could've been there to feel the spirit present in that meeting, but since you weren't I'll try and sum up some of the highlights:
  • at the conclusion of the Saturday night adult session, Elder Corbridge said that he wanted to close "with the words of the Savior."  He then said that "usually at meetings like this the one who is presiding closes the meeting, so we will let Him close."  The implication that it was the Savior who presided was so powerful!  He then showed the Bible video "Unto the Least of These" (if you haven't watched the bible videos - they are seriously the greatest things ever.  Share the love and post those things all over the internet) which is the account in which Christ declares that those who have fed the hungry and gave drink to the thirsty and clothed the naked and visited the imprisoned did so unto Him - and that on the flip side those that did *not* do those things did them not unto him.  And Corbridge used it in the context of the work of salvation - so that as I heard the words of the scripture I realized that to feed the hungry and give drink to the thirsty is to do missionary work, and to visit the imprisoned is to do temple work, and to clothe the naked and care for the sick is to do reactivation work, and that so much as we do *not* our part in the work of salvation, that is done not unto Christ - and we will be held accountable for that.  So yeah. That was powerful.
  • He also talked on Sunday morning about if there could be ONE THING that matters most - one thing that we could and should focus ourselves ENTIRELY on but not at the expense of all other things.  For example - if the ONE THING I focused on was swimming so that I swam and swam and swam to become a master swimmer, I would be a master swimmer but wouldn't be a master cellist or a master writer or a master anything because my focus is on swimming - and so he asked if there could possible be one thing that in focusing ourselves entirely on it, it was not at the expense of all other things but actually to the strength and benefit of all other things.  And of course, there is one thing that does so - remembering Christ in all things, and looking unto Him in every thought, doubting not, fearing not.  As we focus on CHRIST and look to Him, we will move towards Him and in ALL THINGS we will be blessed.
  • Lastly, he talked about how he is worried that members of the church are building church-centered homes, not Christ-centered homes, and used an example of a child bearing their testimony that they "know the church is true" but never referencing Christ, who should in actuality be the center of EVERYTHING.  In discussing it afterwards, Sister Stofferahn and I were discussing how if you are Christ centered, you are active in church, but if you are church centered, that doesn't necessarily mean you are active in Christ.
And those are just a few of the amazing messages we received at the conference.  And then of course I had to go shake Elder Corbridge's hand, but even better we got Aljae to go up and shake his hand and tell him that he just got baptized a few weeks ago.  Elder Corbridge was thrilled and told him to stay on the path no matter how hard things get.  Now when Aljae sees Elder Corbridge speaking in conference next time, he can say that he shook his hand and got life advice from him - what an incredible experience for a recent convert.

I love yall so much!  I am so grateful for your prayers and testimonies, and I hope you know how much I pray for yall as well :)
Sister Enright

Houston Temple at night!  SO PRETTY

​Humble ward youth - including aljae!  second from the left on the first row.

 ​Sistah Stoff and I on Halloween!
​Pumpkin carving pday! (with Elder Knebel... Bayley and Elder Knebel are from the same stake back home)