Wednesday, November 19, 2014

a week not so awesome (Rhys)

So even though this last week ended off with a really good Stake conference in which Boss- *ahem * - Presidente Franco talked to the entire Resi Sur Stake about member missionary work, this week left me and my comp feeling particualrly decepcionados and almost left me fed up with people in general. But, since the Stake conference was the really good part of the week, I´ll talk about that last. 

       Let´s start with what kind of finally tipped the scales and made this last week a dissapointing one. All week long, our recent convert has been studying like crazy and hasn´t had a lot of time to talk to us, and no time whatsoever for a lesson. The only time that we got to talk  to her during the week was early one morning as we just passed by to see how she was doing. She was great and still super excited to review all the lessons again. She´s especially  excited to work towards going to the temple. Well last night we tried passing by to do the same thing, check up on her, but only her Mom greeted us. Her mom then proceeded to tell us that Lorena was actually not at home because she was attending an evangelical church and that she probably won´t go back to "our" church (ya know, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints).

       I´m not going to make any final decisions about what we´re going to do until we talk with her, but I´m not going to rule anything out either. leading up to this point, all week, my comp and I have passed by so many people (the most part of them being less-actives) with whom we´ve been working and we´ve helped them prepare for Stake conference. Because telling a missionary one thing and doing another seems to be a classic, I´ve been studying a lot about faith and reading lots and sharing lots of General conference talks (including Jeffery R. Holland´s "The First Great Commandment" from november 2012) about a number of different subjects all in an attempt to help others.

      On the brightside, ELder COrrea and I are helping one of the only active youth members in the branch prepare for the mission. His name is Leo Fernandez and when I first got here, one of the fisr things that he said to me was, "Elders, I don´t go to church." Yesterday, he announced to other members of the branch and the other misionaries that he wants to go on a mission. The best part is that Elder Correa and I are a HELPING hand in this. We´re helping, but the main driving force for Leo´s decisiona and preparation comes from himself and his family (Onbly he and his Mom are active, but with his decidion to go on a mision, his family is poniendose las pilas to reactivate and eventually go to the temple. Another menos activo success story is the Gomez family, but that´s for another time, cause I´m out of time right now.

Well, so much for talking a lot about stake conference, 

It was great,. . . .yep.

Elder Enright

Conference de Multizonas

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