Monday, November 3, 2014

EEEHHHH!!!! Guess what! (Rhys)

This computer has a usb port!! Eeehh!

. .. .but my card adaptar.. . doesn´t fit.         Pucha

Well, looks like you´ll all be going another week without photos.

This past week, i was in divisions. Quite literally the WHOLE FETCHIN´ WEEK. 

Divisions round one: Martes en la mañana, about three hours before district meeting, I get a phone call from our beloved District leader that after said district meeting (ya know, the one in only a few hours) we would be doing divisions and I would be going to his area. oh, and did I mention that I didn´t have my duffle bag with me, having leant it to the companion of our district leader for divisions last week? SO I had to pack all my clothes and what not that I needed for the divisions in plastic bags to chuck around with me while working all morning until the district meeting. Yeah, that happened, I love divisions, especially when they tell us long beforehand.

Speaking of divisions that get planned long beforehand, Divisions round two:
Earlier in the week (lunes en la noche) our Zone leaders (Howlett and Smith, my old comp, Smith) let us know that we would be doing divisions on friday en la tarde. So I had one full day in my area, and then left again on friday to let Elder SMith back into his old area for a day (they visited Hno. Soto, he loved it). But ELder Correa, the stud, did an amazing job and we ended the week. . . . .wait for it. . . . . with a rainstorm!!!! and that resulted in 14 people at church!!!!

Yeah, that´s 14 in total. . . meaning the members with cars and four missionaries. . . and 0 investigators. When it rains here, everything shuts down and nobody does anything. . . quite literally. So we´ll be praying for a dry weekend this coming week.

Sorry for the lack of photos of my lovely face, I hope you all had a great Halloween because nothing happens here for Halloween except for before terrible disney channel movies that I may have snatched a glimpse at during lunch on Halloween. Yep, terrible. Why couldn´t it have been Ghostbusters??

Elder Enright

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