Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Illapelino (Kegan)

This past week was Halloween, and as we are here in Chile, Many people were putting up very underscoring (under*whelming* maybe... we don't really know what he meant to say, we all just hope he can speak any English at all when he gets home) Halloween decorations.  Not that there´s anything wrong with it, it´s just, at least from what I have heard from every Chilean I have spoken with, that Halloween celebrations are so-so here because it is not a National holiday for Chile.  They celebrate because  we celebrate it in the states and it is a great way to sell cheaply made and highly priced decorations in a short amount of time, plus, they do it for the kids.

However, despite many people's dissappointing comments on their Halloween celebrations, we in la rama de Illapel, had a fantastic halloween party.

The Sister Training Leaders in our branch (Hnas Arnez and Farías) worked super hard to make sure we would have a good party, to which we would be able to invite people in from the street and families from all over to participate.  I would say that we all worked hard to make it happen, but I know they were pulling way more of the work load than I was.

So we did a short service project Friday morning decorating the Basketball/soccer court behind our chapel and that night played several games to which we invited a ton of families in from the street, we offered candy as the prizes for winning (okay let's be honest, they won them just by playing) the games, My companion and I then had the task of contacting every one of those that passed through to see if we would be able to begin teaching whoever had entered the church lot.

We were able to get to know the ward members really well, and even played a bit of Basketball for the final "Activity".

Felipe was able to come to the party, something that me and my companion were very happy to see, he also came the following Sunday with us to church.

Felipe is a new investigator we found this week.  He is friends and neighbor to a family of less actives we are visiting.  We were surprised to find out that his older brother is also a less active member (give us a break, we are both relatively new here).  Felipe, since the day we began teaching him, has eagerly read the Book of Mormon, and even better, understands it.  The only problem is that he doesn´t want to be Baptized,  Eeerk.  We don´t know why, he has told us several reasons, but there´s something more.  However, he is still a really smart kid (even IF he doesn´t want to baptized, Yet)

I have little time. That is a basic "Report" on this week, we have seen very many miracles, one being the amount of times we have been able to hike up the side of the mountain here in Illapel to see Felipe (lots  of stairs) and many more, thank you for your prayers

Love Elder ENright

  Intercambios con Elder Recinos (we are the same height actually, I was just standing off of the curb thingy, thought it would be important to point that out)

My comp and I en the pensh.

Illapel sunset

 Elder Correa (who was my comp in Quintero and who is now my DL)  it was after Zone conference (MY FIRST as a ZL! it was fun)

Me and E Sanchez, just before he went, Our ONLY picture together after 12 days as a companion ship

I did these for a Recent Convert who had to make foam cutouts for a birthday party, fun service project.

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