Monday, November 10, 2014


This week I am not sure if I will be able to get an email out to toomany people due to the lack of time, sorry.

Okay, on to the stories, really quickly.
As Zone leaders we have a meeting with President once a month, and here in Illapel we live around four hours from the center of Viña.  This requires that we take a four hour bus ride Thursday night in order to be there Friday morning for the meeting.  Here in Illapel we trade back and forth with the Hermana Líderes Entrenadores (who also have to go to the meeting) the responsabilities of bringing something to drink for the ride and the other of bringing something to Eat.

Elder Santillan and I made a lot of brownies for the trip but we also wanted to make Hamburgers and were not able to do so until around 30 minutes before we had to be at the bus terminal.  So we ran from store to store to obtain the best and cheapest hamburger ingredients before making them as quickly as possible. So that happened.

But as far as the brownies go, we still have a load of batter in our fridge because i may or may not have quadrupled the flour and then had to quadruple the rest of the recipe.

Sorry about the time, As long as I am zone leader I can promise shorter emails, we have long Informes that we have to send to the office

Love Elder Enright

 Fly paper

 The Logo for Cars reused here in Chile

 Interchanges with Elder Cañar (the glasses aren' actually his).

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