Monday, November 24, 2014


I only have 15 minutes, sorry.

A brief report on this week.

On Tuesday night I got to make the phone calls to my zone for changes, Which means I told them whether they would be leaving or not.  Me and my Comp may or may not have rudely played several tricks on sisters and Elders who were either hoping to be leaving or to stay.  We had to tell them that night because the next day we would all have to travel to los Vilos (a small beach town that resides in our zone) where the bus that was on it´s way to the center of viña would pass by.

We had to say goodbye to various elders and Hermanas we thought would be staying with us for a while alonger and various others that we pretty much knew were done for in this zone.  Among those to go was Elder Correa my old Comp. I was a little sad to see him leave the zone but i know I will see him again.

Later this week I had a training meeting in Viña center for all those who recently became Zone Leaders and  for the sisters who are new Sister training Leaders (including both of the sister training leaders in our zone.  
My comp, however, didn´t have to go, because he has been a zone leader for a while now.

Entonces, the Office bought a ticket for me and two for the sisters, I had to travel WITHOUT a companion for almost 4 hours to get to Viña and then the same to return.  I do not lie when I say that I felt very Cueco and slightly uncomfortable without my comp (it was the first time in a year and several months that I have been without one)

The training in itself was very uplifting and very spiritual (and of course slightly stressful)

That same day (without me) my comp, with the company of Abraham (not the prophet, a joven from the branch, taught Daniela and Marcelo in the chapel, it was a big step for them and we are very excited to see them progressing, the barrier keeping them from baptism at this moment is the fear of knowing that if this church is true, than their mother´s church (catholic) is false, Everytime someone brings up this subject I think of Dad´s nightly comments, especially whenever we read 1 Nefi 14.

Rodrigo is another investigator who has to move away from his Pareja to be able to be baptized, he is super excited but is having trouble finding that place.  I included a picture of him and I below.

He can´t read and can´t do math that made the law of tithing an interesting lesson, we also give him CDs of the BoM to listen to, even though his memory isn´t very good, he does know he feels good listening to the CDs, 


Love Elder Enright


 Illapel, my town, at around 5 in the morning (to get to the training friday)

El famoso Abraham

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