Tuesday, November 25, 2014

This Week.... (Rhys)

So, this past week. . . . Obviously stuff happened, but give me a minute.

To start, we had changes happen this past week and had to say bye to some of the elders and one hermana from our little district. Our brave district leader and his companion both got moved to other areas and so their previous area got whitewashed with two Elders that I actually already know, to one degree or another. Each of them have been to  one of my previous areas, so we have a lot to talk about. ELder Burke also left, leaving me and ELder Correa both very sad. But ELder Correa and I at least get to stay here in Fontana for another transfer. THe sister that left, Hermana Peterson actually got transfered to Idaho. . . to her home. So I gave her two letters stamped and everything to send to my family up there in the great white north. 

       So we are still here in Fontana, contacting lots of people and teaching lots of people and seeing very few of those people, if any, show up to church (missionary life in a nutshell). On Wednesday, we were informed by our branch president that all four of the missionaries would be giving talks on Sunday on "La Obra Misional". Literally, all four topics were described as exactly that. So naturally, me and ELder Correa waited until Saturday night to write the majority of our talks. Due to lots of "Inactivation" and lots of long term menos activos and not to mention the almost complete lack of attempts to re-activate all that are leaving, we decided to write both of our talks about missionary work among those that are already members. I prepared mine abput missionary work in the home and ELder Correa wrote one that touched on the part of missionary work that includes PREPARING jovenes para servir la mision. Which is to say he prepared to drop cane on the branch because we actually have NO jovenes in the branch other than the Branch president's kids and the ones that ELder COrrea and I are fighting to reactivate. The funny thing is that ELder COrrea, as part of his talk, decided to share "The law of the Simpsons". a small reference to a Simpsons Episode in which the adults of Springfield decide that even though the kids are the future, the adults are the now and so we should do what we want. So my comp wants to let the branch know that that´s the opposite of what we should think.

       So yeah, Sunday morning, the other two gringos give their talks first and took a long time, so President announced ELder COrrea as the last speaker (Who did totally shock a few members at mentioning the Simpsons over the podium) and I totally did NOT have to give a talk. Which made me kind of happy and kind of ticked, I still have the whole thing written out and I did work on it.

       But yeah, it rained all last night and today is particularly humid and muddy as far as the eye can see.

Happy THanksgiving!! (to those of you who live in america)

Elder Enright

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