Monday, December 29, 2014

Bautismo para la Navidad!!! (Kegan)

It was great to see you guys this christmas.  Thanks to the Familia Marambio for providing the computer and Skype (the oldest daughter of the family actually served in temple square and must have been there when you guys were there for Sarah's wedding)

I was very worried before we actually skyped that I would be made very trunky by the Skype call, but I was very wrong, seeing all of you guys made me want to preach the gospel even more and work even harder to baptize, which is what happened this weekend!!.

Just last week we worked for a LONG time helping Rodrigo move from his Media Agua with his Pareja and into a small little bedroom we helped him finish up the hill a tiny bit so that he could live the commandments and be baptized this saturday

That Saturday he was calling us what must have been every hour of the day because he was so nervous and excited.  

We were very happy to see him baptized, since the day we met him in the street he has wanted desperately to be baptized and finally he has been able to do just that.  

I am not a great english student like Bayley and so would not be able describe with such presicion (spelling??) everything I felt nor every highlight of the baptism,  but when Rodrigo got up in front of all who had come to accompany him to his baptism and said first that he felt so happy to be baptized and second that he never wanted to leave the Church, the spirit was very strong and Elder Santillan and I just felt SO happy for him.

I have actually read your emails this time. It sounds like Christmas was awesome.  Elder Santillan and I have saved the canned Snow you guys sent me for today, in order to make it for both Christmas and New year's, I trust you´ll see fotos next week about how it turned out.  

Just remember that I love you guys, and hope that you all love your disneyland trip, send pictures please.

Love ELder Enright

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