Monday, December 22, 2014

Feliz Navidad (Rhys)

This Christmas is so far all lined up to be the least-Christmasy Christmas in my entire life. Our pension is barren of decorations and due to the complete lack of money ( I´m still without those reimbursments- bear with me on the spelling - for having paid over 800 pesos in electricity bills for some previouis missionaries) we haven´t been able to purchase any decorations of our own. I also might as well mention that despite the several days of rain, the weather still reaches degrees of impressive heat that I don´t really appreciate. However, I believe that this is a good oportunity to remember my Savior and how he celebrated the FIRST Navidad. . . and there´s a little place that sells little heladitos de chocalate for like 3 pesos, I think that I´ll live.

       BUT, This last MOnday, instead of doing a big mission conference, every zone of the mission had a small zone Christmas party. Our party consisted of snacks and a white elephant gift exchange in which I got a budin, cookies, and Dragonball Z trading cards... . . in case you guys don´t know, Dragonball Z is HUGE here, so it´s kind of an Argentine thing I guess to give those for Christmas. Better than the Hot dogs that Elder Fuentes got.

       Also this week, I went on divisions with our district Leader, Elder Diaz, who went to my old area in Reconquista after I had left, so we talked a lot about Reconquista and. . .stuff. Also, I found out that despite my earlier suspicions (is that how you spell it??) I don´t seem to have any allergy to mangos. The night of Divisions, Elder Diaz and I ate an entire Bag of mangos that a nice old lady had given to us during the day and The only thing that I woke up with was an intense desire to go to the bathroom that told me it would be best to skip out on the abdominal excercise part of my daily routine. 

       ONe other piece of interesting information. In our little baby rama, we have two return hermana missionaries, one who just recently got back. We also have one return Elder missionary that has been back hace mucho and is currently our branch mission leader. Well, the other day, while I was in Resistencia on divisions, My companion and ELder Ulloa talked with Maxi (the return Elder Missionary) and he announced to them that he was going to ask someone to marry him or something. Some one with whom he ´s been going out for sometime and blah blah blah. My companion asked him if it was an ex missionary and he said yes, but he wasn´t going to say anything else. . . . even though with just that information we already know who it is. If we had any reason to doubt, that was blown away when our  branch missin leader interrupted our (successful) attempts to ask for references from the recently returned missionary and her family. So we´ve been doing lots of teasing of our branch mission leader and I find myself often quietly singing that one "True" song from Sky High (you know the one) to my comp whenever we see tham together. It´s pretty fun.

I hope that you guys have a lovely Christmas and if it´s cold where you are, be appreciative.

Elder Enright

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