Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Ground Zero (Rhys)

Well out of all of our investigators, none came to church. . . again. and they´ve basically all stopped progressing and me and my comp are kind of fed up with people saying that they´ll do one thing and then doing another. . . sssooooo. . . .we´re back to zero progressing investigators and dropping the ones we have. 


This is always *so much fun*.
But, the good news is that we already found some new "Gators" this past week with a lot of potential and we have some contacts from last week that we´re going to be passing by this week and a few of them (two in particular) show a lot of potential as well. 

Some of the news we found actually found us. We were on our way to visit a gator and we passed by this one house where a guy and his wife were sitting outside drinking mate. The guy told us to wait and ran inside, put on a shirt, and ran back out, giving us two chairs to sit in. Ricardo (the guy) then told us that he had been wanting to talk to us for a long time and he wanted to know what we do and what not. he had said just momnets before to his wife (Flavia) that the next time we pass by, he was going to talk to us. ANd he did. SO that was cool. we left a Book of Mormon with them and they want to read it and they seem great.

Some bad news. Remember Hermano Soto?? the guy that I baptized here with Elder Smith who is super awesome??? Yeah, someone robbed his scooter this week and so he has no modern mode of transport. We passed by and we found him searching through papers and that was when he told us that he´d been robbed. He was searching for hours then for a paper that proved he was the owner that he needed to take to the police to be able to start a look out for the Moto, or something like that. After a few minutes in which he insisted that we couldn´t help because we didn´t know what the paper looked like, we offered to say a prayer and then help look. We said a prayer and not 2 minutes after saying the prayer all of our eyes were drawn to a nook under his tv where a little black bag was hidden, We asked him what was there and pulled it out and in that little bag we found everything that he had been searching for for hours. Proof that God answers even the littlest prayers. He still doesn´t have his moto though, so he walked to church this Sunday, something that I don´t think hardly anyone else would do, if they can´t get there by moto or auto, they usually don´t come. So yeah, I really love Hermano Soto.

Well, other than all of that, this past week was a bit of a dissapointment, but to those of you who haven´t heard the good tidings of great joy that my family told me, there is a trailer for the next Star Wars movie and that brightens things up, even if  I can´t see it.

Merry Christmas!!

Elder ENright

P.S. this coming Sunday, the 7th, is my comp´s 19th birthday.

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