Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Happy Birthday Fionnula!!! (Kegan)

This past week we had our Christmas conference in Los Vilos, the beach-y part of our zone. it is an hour and a halfish away from here (very spread out here in Illapel) but we got there in time.

I never told you guys several weeks ago, but in my last Consejo de LĂ­deres they told us that other than indicadore claves (key indicators) of Baptism and Confirmations the rest of the key indicators will be done with in our Sudamerica area next year, we will report weekly only on Baptisms and Confirmation and now the assistance (total) of sacrament meeting.  This may or may not be big to you guys, but it was for us (it would be for you too Bayley, but it doesn´t affect  you. Because I was worried that Rhys´s mission would do the same and they told us not to tell anyone I didn´t say anything. It was confirmed in the meeting on Friday) that it would be all of the area South America South and they told everyone, so there we are.

I am very excited to see you guys on Thursday.

Love Kegan

  Thanks for the ties

 La rama

El Distrito

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