Monday, December 15, 2014

Legal (Rhys)

Normal missionary work for this week was interrupted in the middle by a surprise vacation to Uruguay!!!

       When they first told us that we would be going to Uruguay (Last Monday) I imagined that it would be fun and every missionary that I talked to was convinced that there would be things in Uruguay that don´t exsist here in Argentina, like Root Beer. We recieved that instrucciones for where we had to be (Barrio 1, Centro de la misión) and when (at 4:30 in the afternoon) and we were told that we would be returning Friday in the morning. So we had P-day on tuesday (because of a Zone COnference on Monday) and a really short time to workTuesday Morning (contacting and showing Hermano Soto "Él Es La Dádiva". . . he wants a copy to show to all of his neighbors) followed by studies and lunch, and then Elder Correa and I met up with ELders Garrard and Allen in the train so that once I left, Elder COrrea wouldn´t be on his own.

       We arrived early to the chapel to find that there were plenty of other ELders (about 45 en total) that also needed to be NOT illegal and would be going with me to Uruguay. We all were told where our assigned seats would be in the bus, said bye to our companions, and were all shuttled INTOOOOO. . . . .the chapel. . . to recieve instructions. Basically we were all told the horario of the trip which included personal study, study with your seat buddy/the guy next to you, stops to eat, time to sleep (on the bus, and crossing the border stuff, and repeat. And that´s pretty much what happened. We sat, studied, stopped for dinner (at a super nice restaurant to eat, milanesa con puré de papa), slept, woke up, stopped for snacks, sat back down crossed the border (considering that all we had to do was get a stamp and sign something, it took a LOOOOOONNNNG time, like two hours), ate lunch in Uruguay (where *psych* root beer doesn´t exist still) went back to the border and crossed again (TWO HOURS of waiting) got on the bus, studied, slept, and got back to Resistencia.

      Oh yeah, for that little interval in Uruguay, we had to wait for some paperwork type thing to get done, so we went to a chapel in Uruguay to wait and I got to hang out with ELders Smith, Cannon, and Ware!! 

      At the end of the week, none of the new investigators came to church (not even many members came) and so we´re going to keep teaching some of them and continue the search for more.

       One of the cool things that our mission is doing for Christmas is a little 12 days of christmas thing. Hermana Franco (mish prez.´s wife) made every missionary a little carpeta thing that has little slips of paper for the 12 days before christmas that we open each day and there´s something that we have to do for that day, like yestarday we had to give some one a gift (investigator, member, menos activo) and so we gave some pan dulce to our ex-branch mission leader whose wife gave us in return, a huge bag of mangos. Hallelujah!!

ELder Enright

P.S. I really love Mangos, but I may or may not have an allergy to the ones that I eat here (they´re not the same as the mangos I remember eating in Colorado). But I like them too much to stop eating them.

Photo: me and ELder Ware in Uruguay (on the way to Uruguay we passed through Reconquista and I got see my old area. . . part of it)

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