Monday, December 15, 2014

Tanto Tiempo (Kegan)

It has been a good long time since I have emailed much to all of you, sorry about that.

I really need to learn to manage my internet time here in the mish because I right now have very little time.

A few stories I have to share about this week.

The first was a lesson God decided to teach me about scaring young children, okay, 14 yearolds.

Franco and his mom are less active, Franco even less than his mom and we have been trying to activate them for a while.  They live on the side of the mountian and we have to climb a good few flights of stairs to get there.  When we finally arrived this past Monday after p-day they weren´t home.  As we turned to leave I got a brief glimpse of Franco reaching the stairs that lead up to the house before the ridge covered him up.  Somehow deciding to be very immature in the moment we hid behind the house in the narrow alley-like space between the back of the house and the steep rock wall that is the mountain.  We waited breifly before my companion took a peek and saw Franco who discovered him instantly.  Being stubborn we still wanted to give him a bit of a scare so my comapnion distracted him while I took the other way around the house to come out behind Franco. In my short journey around the house I ducked to move underneath the open window, but i didn´t duck enough and at a somewhat rapid speed the window banged up my head.  The results of what it left on my head are in the foto attached.  It was a very humbling experience made even more humbling by the humor my comp found in the whole story.

Later in the week a less humbling but more exciting and miraculous vist was made to Daniela and Marcelo.  We have continually been inviting them to church and they have always been very iffy about the church subject, but we keep inviting and inviting them. they read and do everytihing but come to church.  Just in the middle of the week we were once again trying and trying to commit them to come when their little 9 year-old sister (adopted, kind of) walked into the room and we invited her as well.  She instantly replied that she wanted to go, surprising the rest of her family.  Following her footsteps her mother and brother (Marcelo) commited as well, and Daniela was almost going to have to go with her sister and said it was more than possible.

So I have learned not to trust windows nor to scare little kids this week, only to trust in their unwavering faith.

Love Elder Enright

P.S. I´m sorry the only picture this week is an ugly one.

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