Saturday, December 13, 2014

The shortest one yet (Kegan)

Today is some sort of saints day here in Chile, so nobody was open, except one Hermana that is really nice and stayed open for us.  However her computer has been pesimo and really slow, I just want you guys to know that I am very happy, tanning (ish) with the super hot sun here and eating a good amount of ice-cream.

It is weird to think that all of you up north (er) are freezing.

Just yesterday I was able to contact this guy from Pakistan! he and his wife is muslim (I never realized how sexist muslims are though, his wife couldn´t shake my hand, always had to be behind her husband and everything) how ever, contacting him was fun because first, he didn´t speak spanish, only a heavily accented english, but he wants to read the book of mormon (he also wants me to read the holy Kuran) we are going to communicate a little bit more by email.

Love  ELder ENright

P.S. That He is the GIFT video is awesome. we have shared it with several people in the street (several have yes been drunk, but their freinds at least felt the spirit)

Can´t belive it´s christmas! Feliz Navidad Les Amo.

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