Monday, January 19, 2015

The Adventures of Sali (Rhys)

Hey everyone, I have a really short amount of time because I decided to read all of the emails I got first (not going to do that again, it´s definitely worth it to print them). So basically, Elder Correa and I are happy because we are seeing lots of success in people that we are helping reactivate. For example, last night during dinner with a menos activo -I know, he fetchin´wanted to eat dinner with us, that´s a first here for me - we turned the topic to family history because said menos activo started talking about his ancestors that came from italy, SWEET! Just as we were finishing dinner, said menos activco turned to us and said, "¿como es el Templo?" jajaja, you´ll find THAT one out as soon as possible, buddy, guy, friend, bro, brothers, brotheren (what the fetch? how do you spell that???). We also got to the chapel a little early yesterday to see two of our investigators ya sentados al lado de una miembro con quien habíamos pasado el día anterior!!

So things are good.

Now, about Salí. Saturday, ELder Correa decided to end language study a little early in order to take a shower. Not an uncommon occurence considering we don`t have air conditioning, we sweat like crazy during studies. Shortly after closing the door, I heard, "¡HAY UN LAGARTIJA!" ( that means lizard) So, yeah. we had a lizard in the bathroom. I caught it in a bag and we put it in a jar and Elder Correa decided to name him Salì (becuase, and I quote, "porque yo le dije ´Salí` " Later in the night we had to release him, which turned out harder than we origianally thought, after re entering our pensh three times, he was finally freed into the wild.

I´d send pictures if the computer read my usb, but seeing as it doesn´t. ..Chau

Elder Enright

Illapel, Illapel (Kegan)

I didn´t know what else to say

I am very happy to know that all of you guys enjoyed the heck out of Disneyland, even though the news coverage was very general I know I missed out on a good trip.However I am 100% content in the work of the Lord here in tiny Illapel and not ONLY because a new schwarma place opened up two blocks from our pension (LUNCH TODAY)

Our gas ran out at the beginning of the week and we haven´t been able to buy more so in addition to the hot weather and exausting hikes up the side of our small but formidable mountain we have begun each day with a nice ice cold shower.  The cold showers have actually become a relief after hard excercise in the mornings.

Monday began with the funniest Family home evening I have had in the mish.  We were pleasently surprised when we arrived and the family had invited two other familias other than our convert (Rodrigo) who we had in tow.  We were less pleasently surprised when our lesson crumbled because of the lack of a way to view the videos in the USB we had brought.  After some quick improvisation for the lesson (mish life) and an amazing pineapple  Brazo de Reina (look it up) made by una Hna we played several games similar to the brain teasing ones like Whoops Johnny and such that Dad always made me angry with.  They were called, well I don´t know the name of the first one but it DID consist of throwing water in the face of the loser, then the next two were Cuchara y el Tenedor and un limón medio limon, which all confused Rodrigo.  My companion was the best. In the end he was laughing so hard he couldn´t breathe (he´s okay now)

Other than that Marcelo and Daniela are progressing very well, we had a verry spiritual lesson yesterday.

I would love to talk your heads off (Much like Bayley) but I don´t have any more time

Love Elder Enright

The zone:

Disappointment (Kegan)

May I first say that I was rather dissaponted not find my email full of "Bayley at the airport photos" as I had feared.  Fear for the reason that they would make me VERRRY trunky, my first reaction was relief at the lack of photos actually, but to say so honestly I feel rather faithless because I do not believe that Bayley is actually home and I won´t until I see it.

You guys may also feel rather dissapointed with me because I don´t have a single new photo to send from this week.  You´ll have to enjoy the few that are posted in the mission blog. I thought you guys would like to see that gorgeous tie up on the internet.  That day I actually recieved over a dozen compliments on the tie, it made me feel VERRY good about myself, whoever chose that one out was inspired by the Holy Ghost.

This week was our first WHOLE week working with the new key indicators, those being Baptisms, Confirmations, Total attendance to Sacrement meeting, and the aMOUNT OF BOOKS OF (oops) Mormón we gave out.  

The week began al tiro (instantly in chileno) with a miracle.  Having left our Pensin early to end our lest P-day with one more errand a group of girls was waving at us to go over and talk with them.  I felt completely like ignoring them because we get it a lot from girls who don´t want enything to do with the gospel (more so  they think my comp looks like Jacob from twilight)  However, my comp seems to be able to follow the spirit much more than I and walked right over, as his comp I had to follow, though reluctantly.  I felt rather like Laman and Lemuel for those negative thoughts as soon as th girl on the far left explained why she had wanted us to go over.  She wants to become a member of the church and wanted to know what she had to do to become a member ( she was asking in all honestly and the Spirit I felt confirming the truth of her words made me listen)  She loves to read and happily took a copy of the book of mormon to begin reading,  Unfortunatley she spent the week in Viña and so we had to fix the appointment for today in la tarde (sorry)  Experiences like that humble me and remind me that I really DON¨T ACTUALLY DO ANYTHING it is the Lord who converts his children, as he has said, he calls them, they hear his voice and recognize his voice and go to him.

The consejo de Líderes on Friday was full of revelation (and the aforementioned compliments on my tie, plus avoiding splilling food on said tie)  I do not however have time to explain much of that revelation,  just know that I am alive and well and that EVEN though Splash mountain, the Haunted mansion and Matterhorn (??) are closed you guys will have an amazing time in DIsneyland.

I love you all and completely had forgotten I had this foto, welll here you are.

This is my Daddy (Elder Call, goes home in like 4 weeks, CRAZZZEEE) me, and his comp from Chile (Elder Duran (Duran)) yes that is his name, cool huh

Bayley´s Home/in Disneyland (Rhys)

Yep, just like I anticipated in my last email, my sister (supuestamente) has arrived home and is once again with the rest of my family.


For some reason I thought that things would feel different this side of Miércoles (the day that she arrived home), but I feel exactly the same. I suppose that that always happens and that that´s probably why in the emails that I read from Bayley and other family members just a few minutes ago all commented on how things feel as if she never left. We always seem to expect something to change and for some gran cambio, but I guess not.

Weird. . . . still.

This past week, we recieved some surprising news from our Zone leaders (a little piece of news that I kind of already anticipated due to a tip-off from Kegan who just happens to be serving in the same area as I am. That´s Sur America Sur, btw, THAT area, not the same work area as in where I work everyday).  That little piece of news is the fact that from now on, in our weekly reports, we will be reporting ONLY numbers of Baptisms and Asistencia a las unidades (We had 57 this past Sunday, for those of you who were just dying to know). That was kind of surprising, along with the news that in SOME parts of my mission, we´re going to start using bikes. Not ALL of the mission (big city areas for example, are a no-no, just little pueblito areas and whatnot) and it´s not even going to happen BOOM, NOW. But Pte: Franco informed us all and let us know that it´s something that is going to start happening. So maybe, just maybe, I´ll be in a biking area in the next six months of my mission.

Speaking of six months in the mission, I just got my Tunky Papers today! NNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, and for some reason they want to know if I want to take the ENglish Exam (???).

So, due to the new change in reporting numbers, there was absolutely no change in the work of the week. Once again, because something changes we expect a HUGE change and something HUGE to happen and it feels weird when that change doesn´t cause anything huge.

Huge no longer sounds like a word

As far as Investigators go, the two that we have that are progressing in this moment are Pablo y Lorena, una pareja que vive a frente de unos miembros y asistieron a una actividad de rama que se hizo en la casa de dichos miembros. Though, they´re actually three, we´re also teaching their 12 year old son, Agustin who, the other day at the end of a lesson corrected his father with a loud whisper who had volunteered to say the closing prayer.

Pablo:       "Jesús, Dios mio. . . ."

Agustin:      "****PADRE CELESTIAL****"

Pablo:       "OH, uh. . . Padre Celestial. . ."

That was pretty priceless. The really sad thing is that despite a great lesson on Saturday they didn't make it to church on Sunday.

Hermana Parrilla on the other hand did. On the note of Hermana Parrilla, we visited her during the week and she explained a little better where she was headed LAST Sunday (the other one, the one before the one that was yesterday), she was actually heading to that one other church that she had stopped going to for a bit, the not Mormon one, and seeing us seems to have changed her mind. But for those of you who are wonderig, she´s doing awesome and brought us ice cream as a surprise on Sunday.  We are it and there was much rejoicing.

Other things that happened this past week, Service.

Elder COrrea and I gave a lot of Service al fin de semana this past week. On Friday, we got down (always on Friday) and took a lot of chapa ( . . . .metal something in english . . .  OH! sheet metal) off of a little shed thing in the back yard of la familia Steganini. On Saturday, we borrowed a fetchin monster of a weed whacker from the segundo consejero de rama and cut grass in front of the homes of Hermana Saturnina Sotelo (the mom of our branch´s currently serving missionary) and Pablo y Lorena. later that day, we helped the Familia Espinoza pack up all of their stuff on a truck so that they can move to . . . 

Wait for it. . . .

Wait for it. . . .

RECONQUISTA!!!! and they´re fetchin´going smack dab in the center of the Cortada, part of my old area!! So I know exactly where they´re going (mas o menos on the exactly part, I don´t know what the house looks like). I sent some letters with them for people from Reconquista. We´re going to miss the Espinoza family, for those of you who don´t know, Hno. Espinoza was our Líder Misional de Rama for the most part of my stay here in Fontana.

Well. . .That´s all I have to say about that.

Elder Enright

Monday, January 5, 2015

Of the Most Worth (Bayley)

It's a surreal experience to be writing this, knowing in my mind that tomorrow is my last day as a full time missionary, but at the same time in my heart just feeling like it's just the beginning of another week.

Words cannot express how I feel about my mission, or about what my mission has meant and will continue to mean to me.

But I'm still going to try to put *something* of it into words.

Yesterday was fast and testimony meeting in the Humble ward, and the very first person to stand at the pulpit was my convert, Robin.  She bore powerful testimony of the truthfulness of the restoration, of the power of the Book of Mormon, and declared at the conclusion of her testimony that she is "a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints."  The Spirit that flooded the chapel in that moment was very real, and I was reminded of what an amazing privilege it has been to be able to be part of such a great work as bringing others to Christ.  After Robin sat down, a few other people stood to share their testimonies, including two other converts baptized in my time here - Booney, and Gaby.  For all three of them, this was the first time they had shared their testimonies from that pulpit.  Each of them shared humble testimony that God had led them here, and the gospel was true, and that it has changed their lives.  Never before have I sat in a sacrament meeting where the spirit was so prevalent.  There was such stillness, and such reverence, that it was clear to me that our Heavenly Father was there.

And as we sang the closing hymn, "Lord, I will Follow Thee," the words of the first verse stood out to me in a way they never have before:
"Savior, may I learn to love thee, Walk the path that Thou hast shown
Pause to help and lift another, finding strength beyond my own.
Savior may I learn to love thee, Lord, I would follow thee."

That has been my mission.  Following in the footsteps of my Savior, I have felt his strengthening arm as I have extended mine own towards others to help guide them along the pathway that leads towards eternal life.

In Matthew chapter 25, Christ shares the parable of the talents.  He tells of how three servants were each given talents by their master.  The first was given five, the second two, and the third just one.  
"Then he that had received the five talents went and traded with the same, and made them other five talents.  And likewise he that had received two, he also gained other two.  But he that had received one went and digged in the earth, and hid his Lord's money."
When the Lord returns, he looks at what his servants have done with the talents he gave them, and to the one who buried his in the earth, he declares him a "wicked and slothful" and "unprofitable servant."
But to the first two he says:
"Well done, thou good and faithful servant: thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things."

Those words have come to mean so much to me as I have neared the end of my mission.  These 18 months really have been those five talents entrusted to me, and I know that as I have strived my best to serve my Lord and do His will, "faithful over a few things," that he has "many things" for me to do at home.  Though my time as a full time missionary may be nearly over, my mission is not.  Wherever we are at in our lives, in whatever circumstance, we have been entrusted with "talents" - whether that talent is our time as a missionary, as a parent, as a child, in a calling, whatever it may be.  And so the question is - how are we using those talents?  Are we burying them in the earth, wasting them on the world?  Or are we focused on the things that matter most?  Are our eyes set to the earth, or to the eternities?

Doctrine and Covenants 15:6 reads:
"And now, behold, I say unto you, that the thing which will be of the most worth unto you will be to declare repentance unto this people, that you may bring souls unto me, that you may rest with them in the kingdom of my Father. Amen."

I know that that scripture is true.  That truly the thing that is of the most worth is to declare repentance unto this people, that I may rest with them in the kingdom of our Father.  I love the promise at the end of that scripture.  The people I have met on my mission have come to mean so, so much to me, and there is no greater promise God could give me than that I could "rest with them" forever.

I am eternally grateful for my mission.  These past 18 months have been the most precious and sacred 18 months of my life.  Within this time, I have come to know who my Savior is.  I have come to realize the power of His infinite Atonement to help every single one of God's children become better.  I have come to know of what matters most, that God's entire work and glory is "to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man," and that if that is His priority, so should it be ours.  I have learned charity.  I have learned faith.  I have learned the gospel.  And even more precious to me, I have seen others learn that as well.

May God be with yall till we meet again,

Sister Bayley Enright

With the parson family :)

​jen and niki!

 ​One last district picture! sorry elder knebel...

 ​Humble ward yw :)

Happy 2015 (Rhys)

Hey, everybody!!!

I forgot to wish everyone a happy new year last time, so I´m doing that now. Also, Noah. Happy Birthday. Family, Happy Disneyland trip.

So, this p-day is being cut short by the fact that we had interviews with president this morning, inorder to  to have time to do lots of other things and write other people, I decided to tell you guys an awesome stroy from. . . yesterday. It´s the same story that I told Pte. Franco in my email, so to save time, I copied and pasted!!!!

Then I realized that not all of you speak spanish. So I advertise that you either employ GOOGLE translate or the nearset spanish speaking person to help you out, because it´s going to stay in spanish.

The first part of the story starts two transfers ago. . .

En camino a una cita, una mujer nos pasó y nos saludó como "Elderes". La paramos y la preguntamos como conoce a los Elderes. Se llama Norma Parrilla y nos contó que es miembro hace mucho y anotamos su dirección, numero de teléfono y sacamos una cita. Infortunadamente, en lugar de recibirnos el día de la cita, nos contó que quiere seguir yendo a la iglesia Ledesma. Pasamos varias veces después, pero nunca mas la encontramos. 

Ahora, le cuento que pasó ayer, Domingo. Como nos ha pasado muchas veces, la gente que se habían comprometido a venir a la iglesia no llegaron a pesar de que los buscamos. Fuimos lejos para buscarlos y tomamos colectivo para llegar a capilla. Dos paradas antes de que teníamos que bajar, subió al colectivo la Hermana Parrilla. la saludamos y nos saludó a nosotros pero de lejos, no pasamos la mano. Pronto tuvimos que bajar y nos sentimos que teníamos que saludarla a ella de la forma que siempre aludan los Mormones. Teníamos que pasar la mano. Fuimos y pasamos la mano con ella antes de bajar. Nos preguntó si es que uno se puede ir a la iglesia "así" (indicando a sus pantalones que eran rojos) y la aseguramos que "Sí, se puede". La Hermana entonces dijo "entonces, me voy con ustedes" y bajó del colectivo con nosotros. Nos contó que hacía dos meses desde que dejó la otra iglesia y hace una semana tuvo un sueño en que ella contó a uno de los miembros activos de nuestro rama que estaba por volver a la iglesia. En la mañana del Domingo subió el colectivo con ganas de ir a la iglesia SUD en Resistencia pues, no sabía a donde está la rama Fontana, pero al pasar la mano con nosotros decidió de seguirnos a nosotros a la rama.

So, taht was pretty cool. ALso, for those of you that are until now uninformed of this fact, My sister Bayley Fetchin´ENright (yes, that´s her middle name), the greatest Hermana Missionary in The United States, Texas, and the world is enjoying in this momnet her last P-Day as a a Mormon Missionary and will be returning home in two days. 


I loved being missionaries together sis. Sorry we didn´t communicate as much as would have been convenient on the mission, but we did talk a lot on skype for Christmas and I´m sure that we´ll talk a lot ... later on.

Happy new year to everyone, make it better than last year.

Elder Enright

Photo of me with all the stuff that a member family gave us to eat for new years( we had to be in the pensh at 7, so they helped us out)

La Semana (Kegan)

I have no time, here are some pictures

Cool news.  The district leader in one part of our zona left to go home last change (it´s okay he finished) and guess who came to replace him.... ELDER CALL, my trainer is dying here in my zone as a District leader, it is going to be very fun (at least it has been so far, btw, his family lives in ST. George, maybe you'll see them, weird)

Just for you:


                      New years

Saying goodbye to ELder Gardner! so sad.