Monday, January 19, 2015

Bayley´s Home/in Disneyland (Rhys)

Yep, just like I anticipated in my last email, my sister (supuestamente) has arrived home and is once again with the rest of my family.


For some reason I thought that things would feel different this side of Miércoles (the day that she arrived home), but I feel exactly the same. I suppose that that always happens and that that´s probably why in the emails that I read from Bayley and other family members just a few minutes ago all commented on how things feel as if she never left. We always seem to expect something to change and for some gran cambio, but I guess not.

Weird. . . . still.

This past week, we recieved some surprising news from our Zone leaders (a little piece of news that I kind of already anticipated due to a tip-off from Kegan who just happens to be serving in the same area as I am. That´s Sur America Sur, btw, THAT area, not the same work area as in where I work everyday).  That little piece of news is the fact that from now on, in our weekly reports, we will be reporting ONLY numbers of Baptisms and Asistencia a las unidades (We had 57 this past Sunday, for those of you who were just dying to know). That was kind of surprising, along with the news that in SOME parts of my mission, we´re going to start using bikes. Not ALL of the mission (big city areas for example, are a no-no, just little pueblito areas and whatnot) and it´s not even going to happen BOOM, NOW. But Pte: Franco informed us all and let us know that it´s something that is going to start happening. So maybe, just maybe, I´ll be in a biking area in the next six months of my mission.

Speaking of six months in the mission, I just got my Tunky Papers today! NNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, and for some reason they want to know if I want to take the ENglish Exam (???).

So, due to the new change in reporting numbers, there was absolutely no change in the work of the week. Once again, because something changes we expect a HUGE change and something HUGE to happen and it feels weird when that change doesn´t cause anything huge.

Huge no longer sounds like a word

As far as Investigators go, the two that we have that are progressing in this moment are Pablo y Lorena, una pareja que vive a frente de unos miembros y asistieron a una actividad de rama que se hizo en la casa de dichos miembros. Though, they´re actually three, we´re also teaching their 12 year old son, Agustin who, the other day at the end of a lesson corrected his father with a loud whisper who had volunteered to say the closing prayer.

Pablo:       "Jesús, Dios mio. . . ."

Agustin:      "****PADRE CELESTIAL****"

Pablo:       "OH, uh. . . Padre Celestial. . ."

That was pretty priceless. The really sad thing is that despite a great lesson on Saturday they didn't make it to church on Sunday.

Hermana Parrilla on the other hand did. On the note of Hermana Parrilla, we visited her during the week and she explained a little better where she was headed LAST Sunday (the other one, the one before the one that was yesterday), she was actually heading to that one other church that she had stopped going to for a bit, the not Mormon one, and seeing us seems to have changed her mind. But for those of you who are wonderig, she´s doing awesome and brought us ice cream as a surprise on Sunday.  We are it and there was much rejoicing.

Other things that happened this past week, Service.

Elder COrrea and I gave a lot of Service al fin de semana this past week. On Friday, we got down (always on Friday) and took a lot of chapa ( . . . .metal something in english . . .  OH! sheet metal) off of a little shed thing in the back yard of la familia Steganini. On Saturday, we borrowed a fetchin monster of a weed whacker from the segundo consejero de rama and cut grass in front of the homes of Hermana Saturnina Sotelo (the mom of our branch´s currently serving missionary) and Pablo y Lorena. later that day, we helped the Familia Espinoza pack up all of their stuff on a truck so that they can move to . . . 

Wait for it. . . .

Wait for it. . . .

RECONQUISTA!!!! and they´re fetchin´going smack dab in the center of the Cortada, part of my old area!! So I know exactly where they´re going (mas o menos on the exactly part, I don´t know what the house looks like). I sent some letters with them for people from Reconquista. We´re going to miss the Espinoza family, for those of you who don´t know, Hno. Espinoza was our Líder Misional de Rama for the most part of my stay here in Fontana.

Well. . .That´s all I have to say about that.

Elder Enright

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