Monday, January 19, 2015

Disappointment (Kegan)

May I first say that I was rather dissaponted not find my email full of "Bayley at the airport photos" as I had feared.  Fear for the reason that they would make me VERRRY trunky, my first reaction was relief at the lack of photos actually, but to say so honestly I feel rather faithless because I do not believe that Bayley is actually home and I won´t until I see it.

You guys may also feel rather dissapointed with me because I don´t have a single new photo to send from this week.  You´ll have to enjoy the few that are posted in the mission blog. I thought you guys would like to see that gorgeous tie up on the internet.  That day I actually recieved over a dozen compliments on the tie, it made me feel VERRY good about myself, whoever chose that one out was inspired by the Holy Ghost.

This week was our first WHOLE week working with the new key indicators, those being Baptisms, Confirmations, Total attendance to Sacrement meeting, and the aMOUNT OF BOOKS OF (oops) Mormón we gave out.  

The week began al tiro (instantly in chileno) with a miracle.  Having left our Pensin early to end our lest P-day with one more errand a group of girls was waving at us to go over and talk with them.  I felt completely like ignoring them because we get it a lot from girls who don´t want enything to do with the gospel (more so  they think my comp looks like Jacob from twilight)  However, my comp seems to be able to follow the spirit much more than I and walked right over, as his comp I had to follow, though reluctantly.  I felt rather like Laman and Lemuel for those negative thoughts as soon as th girl on the far left explained why she had wanted us to go over.  She wants to become a member of the church and wanted to know what she had to do to become a member ( she was asking in all honestly and the Spirit I felt confirming the truth of her words made me listen)  She loves to read and happily took a copy of the book of mormon to begin reading,  Unfortunatley she spent the week in Viña and so we had to fix the appointment for today in la tarde (sorry)  Experiences like that humble me and remind me that I really DON¨T ACTUALLY DO ANYTHING it is the Lord who converts his children, as he has said, he calls them, they hear his voice and recognize his voice and go to him.

The consejo de Líderes on Friday was full of revelation (and the aforementioned compliments on my tie, plus avoiding splilling food on said tie)  I do not however have time to explain much of that revelation,  just know that I am alive and well and that EVEN though Splash mountain, the Haunted mansion and Matterhorn (??) are closed you guys will have an amazing time in DIsneyland.

I love you all and completely had forgotten I had this foto, welll here you are.

This is my Daddy (Elder Call, goes home in like 4 weeks, CRAZZZEEE) me, and his comp from Chile (Elder Duran (Duran)) yes that is his name, cool huh

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