Monday, January 19, 2015

Illapel, Illapel (Kegan)

I didn´t know what else to say

I am very happy to know that all of you guys enjoyed the heck out of Disneyland, even though the news coverage was very general I know I missed out on a good trip.However I am 100% content in the work of the Lord here in tiny Illapel and not ONLY because a new schwarma place opened up two blocks from our pension (LUNCH TODAY)

Our gas ran out at the beginning of the week and we haven´t been able to buy more so in addition to the hot weather and exausting hikes up the side of our small but formidable mountain we have begun each day with a nice ice cold shower.  The cold showers have actually become a relief after hard excercise in the mornings.

Monday began with the funniest Family home evening I have had in the mish.  We were pleasently surprised when we arrived and the family had invited two other familias other than our convert (Rodrigo) who we had in tow.  We were less pleasently surprised when our lesson crumbled because of the lack of a way to view the videos in the USB we had brought.  After some quick improvisation for the lesson (mish life) and an amazing pineapple  Brazo de Reina (look it up) made by una Hna we played several games similar to the brain teasing ones like Whoops Johnny and such that Dad always made me angry with.  They were called, well I don´t know the name of the first one but it DID consist of throwing water in the face of the loser, then the next two were Cuchara y el Tenedor and un limón medio limon, which all confused Rodrigo.  My companion was the best. In the end he was laughing so hard he couldn´t breathe (he´s okay now)

Other than that Marcelo and Daniela are progressing very well, we had a verry spiritual lesson yesterday.

I would love to talk your heads off (Much like Bayley) but I don´t have any more time

Love Elder Enright

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