Monday, January 19, 2015

The Adventures of Sali (Rhys)

Hey everyone, I have a really short amount of time because I decided to read all of the emails I got first (not going to do that again, it´s definitely worth it to print them). So basically, Elder Correa and I are happy because we are seeing lots of success in people that we are helping reactivate. For example, last night during dinner with a menos activo -I know, he fetchin´wanted to eat dinner with us, that´s a first here for me - we turned the topic to family history because said menos activo started talking about his ancestors that came from italy, SWEET! Just as we were finishing dinner, said menos activco turned to us and said, "¿como es el Templo?" jajaja, you´ll find THAT one out as soon as possible, buddy, guy, friend, bro, brothers, brotheren (what the fetch? how do you spell that???). We also got to the chapel a little early yesterday to see two of our investigators ya sentados al lado de una miembro con quien habíamos pasado el día anterior!!

So things are good.

Now, about Salí. Saturday, ELder Correa decided to end language study a little early in order to take a shower. Not an uncommon occurence considering we don`t have air conditioning, we sweat like crazy during studies. Shortly after closing the door, I heard, "¡HAY UN LAGARTIJA!" ( that means lizard) So, yeah. we had a lizard in the bathroom. I caught it in a bag and we put it in a jar and Elder Correa decided to name him Salì (becuase, and I quote, "porque yo le dije ´Salí` " Later in the night we had to release him, which turned out harder than we origianally thought, after re entering our pensh three times, he was finally freed into the wild.

I´d send pictures if the computer read my usb, but seeing as it doesn´t. ..Chau

Elder Enright

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