Monday, February 23, 2015

Really short (Kegan)

This week has been very busy, Elder Hamilton and I I feel we are sifting between people looking to share the gospel with literally everyone and I have never been happier.

You´ll have to forgive the very short email, I am out of time about now,  I am very happy for Rhys in his new sector (with Ice cream...  we have to talk about Argentina and Chile, they seem more and more different with each email) Happy as well for Amik and his diligent studying and for Noah´s victories and continued oddity.

I am jealous of the snow, really I understand Bayley´s enthusiasm.  We are burning up here but not nearly as much as Rhys I imagine.

In recent news, Elder Hamilton and I have a lot of plans to help this branch more news will follow, I promise

Until then I hope you don´t freeze to death or burn (Rhys).

Love Elder Enright

I in spanish is "I" (ee, pronounciation) and "y" is "i griega"  this guy got slightly confused

Stuff that happened this week (mainly Wednesday) (Rhys)

Yup, that sums up my email.

SO lets start with Monday. That was P-day and I sent my email and what not. This was the day that we were supposed to meet again with the guy nicknamed Jackie Chan that we had met in the aboriginal colony. WHile we found the house, we didn´t actually find him, so that was disappointing. We then talked to a family that we had contacted earlier in the week and left them with a pamphlet of lección 1. Then we talked to a recent convert of other missionaries that were here before who´s having some trouble not drinking.

Tuesday, Divisions!!!! AFTER (oops, accidental caps lock) district meeting, I went with Elder Herrera to his area and Elder Brown went to mine with Elder Rojas. Elder Herrera is probably the first Elder that I´ve met in the mission that also likes that Harry Potter books, so we were up a little late talking about books. . .

Wednesday: Elder Herrera and I left to run in the morning and ELder Herrera commented that he felt like something had bitten him on the leg (like an insect, not a dog or a shark, we´re not that oblivious) but since we didn´t see anything we kept running. On the way back, ELder Herrera felt inspired by the Holy Ghost to check again and we found a Scorpion dangling from his pants just above the knee (he was wearing long exercise pants that were rolled up and the scorpion had somehow crawled into the little pant roll) so I grabbed it and accidentally tore it into two, killing it. Tearing things into two seems to be a pretty effective way of killing things. Back in the pensh, it seemed like the Scorpion sting stung him good, but nothing extremely painful (it was pretty tiny), but we called the mission nurse anyways. She seemed pretty calm about it and told us to call back if he felt weak or weird or anything. So we continued with studies and left to teach the people. YEAH!! we had a lesson with a part member family that he and Brown are teaching and just as we start the lesson, we get a call from the mission nurse again. Apparently President Franco wanted us to go to Medico lo antes posible por las dudas or something like that. SO, after the lesson, we went to the hospital (easily the scariest place in quitilipi, hands down. Hospitals in the states scare me enough). So we went in and Elder Herrera had to get a shot IN THE BUTT!!! jajajja, he was a little embarrased and later told me that that was the first time that that had happened to him. Poor guy, our first divisions too. Well, we made tacos for lunch and then got a call from ELder Rojas that due to a protest that would be happening in all of Argentina, all missionaries had to be in the pensh by 5. SO we had to end the divisions early. Bummer.

Thursday: we visited the familia Acuña in Machagai (the other pueblo that we travel to everythursday) and taught the plan of salvation to their kid that is going to be getting baptized this coming Saturday. They used to be inactive and now it´s been about a month that they´re active again and Leo, who has 8 years, is going to be baptized (hopefully by his dad).

Friday: another visit to the colony and a really great activity in la tarde in which Elder Rojas and I shared a spiritual thought about Lehi´s dream. We tend to have way more people at the activities than we do in church on Sunday.

Saturday: Elder Rojas and I visit everybody to make sure that they´re coming to church.

Domingo: a whopping 21 asistencia kind of got us down, but this time we had the whole three hours of meetings!! anteriormente looks like due to being such a small group that they only had 2 hours of church. We´re basically trying to reactivate a TON of people that went inactive when the church up and left Quitilipi about 10 - 20 years ago (that´s what all of the old members make it sound like, like the church came in the middle of the night and ran away, but sounds like it was for a macana that the missionaries did). Almost all of the people that come to church are recent converts, but we´re working in every fase de la obra misional that we can to get EVERYONE to church. looks like we´ll have to re-evaluate how we do it and do a better job next week. The good news is that our investigators came to church. Daiana and Rocío, sisters that the sister missionaries were teaching before they left, they´re pretty great investigators.

Later sunday night, we visisted one of the old member families that went inactive and answered a lot of questions about the church and corrected a lot of doubts (Do we worship Joseph Smith?? NO. Is the Book of Mormon our version of the Bible?? NO. stuff like that)

Today, I ate more ice cream and I´m super happy to have food in the fridge.

chau chau.

Elder Enright

0 ¡¡Divisions and TACOS!!

 Tire swing during divisions.

 I took this  last p-day leaving the ciber and returning to the pensh. I call it, "the Nuns are following us!!"

Yup, that's the popular university here

Here´s me and our little meeting house thing. And my new suit, looking fachero.

Monday, February 16, 2015


To answer all of the questions from my family, my new area is great and it doubled in size during my first week here for a reason that I will now explain.

       So, Quitilipi is part of the Saenz Peña 3 zone, one of the smallest zones in the mission already, in the small "city" of Quitilipi, there were three companionships when I got here. me and ELder Rojas; ELder Brown and Elder Herrera; and Hermanas Gonzalez and Aguiar. Well, Friday, ELder Rojas and I got a call from the Asistentes that we being the ELders that live literally right above the terminal would have to buy tickets for the Hermanas that were going to be leaving as soon as possible. So bought the tickets and everything and helped the hermanas get their stuff to the Terminal and at 6:45 mas o menos, we helped them load their stuff on a bus and said bye. ANd now we have the part of Quitilipi that WAS the hermanas area and we are officailly the smallest zone in the mission. The last time that this happened to me we got turned into a district so we´re expecting that next transfer that same thing might happen to us.

       And that´s how my area doubled in size. 

       BUT!!! apart from working here in Quitilipi, there are two small pueblos that are about 20-30 minutes away from Quitilipi and those also count as part of Elder Rojas` and my area. So every Jueves in la mañana, Elder Rojas and I travel to Machagai (the bigger of the two pueblos that also happens to have an absolutely gi-fetchin-normous statue of Christ on the cross at the entrance) where only one menos activo family lives that moved there from Buenos Aires (but they´re awesome and are going to start giving us lunch when we pass by). And los días viernes en la mañana, we take a colectivo to the smaller of the two pueblos that is actually an aboriginal colony and we work there until 12.  

       So, this past Friday, we got up extra early and left extra early to the aboriginal colony and taught some people (it´s tough for people from there to get to church on Sunday because the colectivo doesn´t go there on Sunday and not everybody has a car or moto or even a horse drawn carro (a pretty normal mode of transport here). While waiting for the colectivo to come and bring us back, Elder Rojas and I waited out front of a Kiosco (a little tiny store that someone runs out of their house. . .  and basically everybody has one here) and we bought something to drink and started talking to everyone. This one guy came up and started asking us some questions and we started talking and he told us that his name was Sebastian (but everyone calls him Jackie Chan because he looks pretty darn chinese). He was also waiting for the colectivo to Quitilipi and so we continued talking as we got on the bus and by answering his questions we basically taught the first lesson and left him with a Book of Mormon at the end which he began to read as he walked away. SCORE!!! We also have his address and he DID live in the sister´s area but since now that´s OUR area, we are totally going to visti him tonight.

         Speaking of. .  something that reminded me of this little fact, We don´t have anyone to help us with clothes washing or lunches, so every night and every p-day we wash clothes to keep the clean clothes count higher than the dirty clothes count and we always make our own lunch which means basically pizza everyday, so, no complaints there. Oh yeah, and when I say wash clothes, I mean like by hand 100% pioneer style. . . with Argentina brand TIDE. so that´s a blast too.

       Basically we have a lot of work to do as far as finding and reactivating all the members that went inactive YEARS AGO, when the branch closed and the missionaries left. I´ll keep you updated. Until then. . . .

. . .  here´s a photo of me, ELder ROjas, and ice cream.

Elder Enright out

Here´s the giant Jesus statue

Here´s a photo of where we had our meetings in FOntana

Illapel, transfers! (Kegan)

At the end of Sunday Elder Rowe, Santillan, and I began to work as a trio.  We were only together until Wednesday, however it was a lot of fun to be in a trio with them, we ate a lot, we talked a lot, and we played a lot of soccer in the mornings.

On Tuesday night we got a text instead of a call to inform us of our zone's changes ( we had asked for it that way because we were in a lesson) Sadly Elder Santillan had to pack his bags that night and leave the next afternoon for Viña along with several others from our zone. Three changes together feels right now as if it went by super fast.

I spent that day (Wednesday) working in Los Vilos ( the little beach town) doing Contacts with Elder Concha (de Chillan Chile) we did nothing but contacts for the 4 to 5 hours we had there in los Vilos before the new Elderes y Hermana would arrive.  I have really come to enjoy doing contacts.  I remember at the beginning of my mission how terrible I was at them and how terrible they made me feel ( I always got really nervous).

My new Companion is Elder Hamilton who just finished being the Financero for the mission in Viña del Mar.  He is from Provo, Utah and is the first of all my companions who looks more Gringo than even I do.

We had interchanges the very next Friday, I was with an elder that arrived just this last change named Elder Morales from Mexico.  It may have been one of the most interesting interchanges I have had in all of my mission.  
Thank you all for you emails

Elder Enright

The last District meeting of last Change

Last partido de futbol with Elder Santillan early in the morning

Our new District (Elder Montaño, Elder Rowe, Elder Enright, Elder Hamilton, ELder Morales, Hna Sanford, Hna Lopez, and up front Elder Concha)

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Early Transfers (Rhys)

So, I have a lot to say, so I´m just going to start with what was the beginning of quite possibly my best fetchin´week in all of my time in Fontana.

So Monday, we had P-day, Elder Correa and I went to centro, I reserved a new suit to be picked up the next p-day and we chilled with Elders Ulloa and Waters before heading back to our own pensh and working.

Tuesday:  we had no district meeting because we recieved word that the next day (Wednesday) we would be having our zone conference.Tuesday night, Elder Correa and I slept in the pensh of the other Fontanegros because we had to go fetchin´ lejos the next day to get to the chapel where we were going to do the Zone conference thingy AND because the other Elders have air conditioning. We also made cookies and cream milkshakes before sleeping in the blessed air conditioning (btw, when I talk about air conditoing, I mean a swamp coller thing that sticks through the wall, that´s what everyone calls air conditioning here, the real air conditioning that runs through the vents and cools the whole house thing, doesn´t exist here).

Wednesday: SO we got up early and left with the other Fontanegros and we had to take two colectivos in order to get to the chapel. Several new rules in the mission including two hours to write on P-day and being able to plan and do one zone activity per transfer made everyone very happy. During the meeting, I got a call from our branch mission leader that we were going to have to cancel the branch activity planned for saturday because he had been too busy and it was going to be impossible.. . . . .. basically. . . . . bummer.

Thursday: Elder Correa and I , due to several scheduling things called appointments, were unable to do weekly planning and planned on doing it the next day.

Friday: We did weekly planning, during said weekly planning, Elder Correa and I decided that we wanted to do the activity anyway (we almost NEVER EVER EVER EVER did activities in Fontana) and so we called Presidente Franco to ask if it was alright if we, the missionaries, planned an activity because our leader had cancelled and he said OKAY!! (YAY) and we planned the activity with the other Elders and at night Elder Correa and I prepared the cardboard armour of God that would be part of our activity.

Saturday: We spent the whole day visiting people and reminding them of the activity and that night we had a really good activity that made everyone happy and I loved it and it was definitely the best branch activity that I´ve done in my whole time in Fontana. Right as we were about to end, we got a call from the asistants and Elder Zivic (one of said asistentes who happens to be the nephew of Elder Zivic of the Seventy) wanted to talk to me. Elder Zivic let me know that SURPRISE!!! transfers are now on Monday and that I would be leaving Fontana on Monday to another zone. That made me sad, but I was content knowing that I was kind of leaving Fontana with a bang. Elder Correa and I bought pizza and empanadas to eat for dinner.

Sunday. Best Sunday in my whole time here, the chapel was filled. We had an attendance of 63 people, the most that I have ever seen in Fontana and the talks were great and our investigators (Pablo and Lorena) came and one of the menos activos that we´ve been visiting came with her grandson (not a member. . . . yet) and it was over all great. In sacerdocio (tercer hora) the quorom president announced that I would be leaving and we all took pictures and whatnot and ate lunch super far from the pensh and while waiting for a colectivo we got a text that our area would be seeing a white wash!!! So that meant that Elder Correa would be going too!!! So we both packed and cleaned and then went to participate in an awesome priesthood activity where we did splits with the members of the quorom and we said bye to some people (including Pablo and Lorena, we gave them a parting gift too). And we said bye to Hermano Soto, the saddest fetchin´thing that I had to do on Sunday, We took pictures at the end of the charla and I really fetchin´miss that man. As usual, I couildn´t sleep the night of transfers.

Monday: I left with Elder Correa to terminal (stopping on the way to say bye to Ulloa and Waters) and my bus left first and now I´m in Quitilipi, a little tiny pueblo. my companionship (Enright and Rojas) and four other missionaries are here in Quitilipi where we don´t quite have a branch because there aren´t enough priesthood holders so it´s just a "Group" and the pensh that I got to was super dirty with a TON of ants and cockroaches and old food and what not, so I cleaned a lot, this morning too.

I really miss Fontana and Elder Correa, but I´m super excited to be in Quitilipi. Btw, Kegan, my Comp (Elder Rojas ) is from Santiago, Chile)

Kirk Out.

The armor of God, with Leo Fernandez.

Heres me with my baby, Correa (I trained him and now transfers already happened so we took photos before separating) and ELders Ulloa and Waters

Me and Elder Rojas

Monday, February 9, 2015

Interviews and Viña del Mar (Kegan)

Last week we were meant to have our interviews with our mission pres but that Monday we were informed that we wouold have to wait one more week for those interviews.  Elder Santillan and I took advantage of that last P- Day in order to clean the heck out of our pension for interviews.  Elder Santillan has served as Assistent to President and so knew exactly what president was going to be expecting.  President Khanlein is what many missionaries call a "strict" mission president and it certainly is true, it´s just not a bad thing, but for that very reason and Elder Santillan´s rushed preparations for President´s arrival Tuesday made me all very nervous.  However there was no reason to be nervous and I was able to calm myself as they arrived and we began interviews.

I know Bayley has described the Missionary- Mission president relationship as a sort of Father and Son/daughter relationship that you have here in the mission and I should repeat those same words because that is exactly how it is.  Our interviews went really well and we learned a lot about out our zone and District (a District is to a Zone  what a Branch or Ward is to a Stake)  We have a lot of work to do with our district leaders here in Illapel.

Soon after interviews we had to go to Viña for the Consejo de Líderes.  This consejo was very interesting, after the new Key indicators the baptisms of the mission dropped dramaticly because many missionaries began to focus only on less active members and recent converts rather than on finding and baptizing.  Visiting less active members and recent converts is of course in many ways much easier than finding and baptizing because in the first place as members of the church they already are willing to let you in.  However, at least in this Zone, many missionaries have taken that opportunity to only pass the time with those recent converts and less active members.  So consejo was a lot about Refocusing ourselves where our focus should be.  

Later that day when we should have gotten on a bus to leave at 6:00 to get back to Illapel but as we got on we saw that our tickets had been bought for a bus that had left at 16:00 (o sea 4 o´clock)  There were no other buses that would take us to Illapel that day so we stayed and worked in Viña for a the rest of the day with the financial secretaries and left around 7:30 the next morning missing out on our interchanges we had planned to do that week.

Now we are in a trio (a companionship of three) with Elder Rowe whose companion took of to Viña for his final interview and cena de despedida because he has finished the mission.

Yesterday in church the meetings and classes were almost all taught and directed by us missionaries because the leaders are not here in Illapel and very few members are, it was a learning experience at the least, but I really enjoyed it.

I have no new pictures but I assure you I will next week, this Wednesday is changes and we are hoping that we stay together (Elder Santillan and I) in order to baptize Marcelo and Daniela this month and get this zone going.

Love ELder ENright

Monday, February 2, 2015

Real quick, as always (Kegan)

This week has been full of miracles, we have been forcing ourselves to find new investigators and to baptize because with that new vision (o sea the fact that they cut out almost all of the key indicators) many missionaries stopped working as hard as they were before.  That happened a lot in this zone so we decided to work harder, in all reality it was my companion´s doing, I literally have the best comp and can´t believe that changes are this next week.  Anywhoo, God decided to bless us it seems for the small amount of more obedience that we gave him.  Those blessings helped us to find and establish great relationships with several investigators and it changed Daniela and Marcelo´s persective on baptism.

I´m sorry if it seems like I am rambling

moving on... This sunday Marcelo fasted with us and even paid his fast offering (something, if I may say even though it hurts me to say it, that very few members do here in Chile) before that he accompanied us to teach on...It was Friday I remember  now.

Much later.. not really, today in the morning was the third time or maybe fourth, that we played futbol with Marcelo, the other Elders and some members, yes I did fall fantastically two times on the same side of my body (it has bruised beautifully by the way).    Just saying that Marcelo is basically a member already he has been integrated sooo much already and we are hoping that he willl be baptized within two weeks (his sister wants to be present and she goes to the south this week, lame)

Thank you guys for the fotos I was very happy to see that you guys enjoyed vacation, even if SOME of you don´t want to stand still for a single foto

I am alive, very well, enjoying eating shawarmas and todo

I don´t know what else to say, but I am fine, happy, rambling on, and on

Oh that´s right Bayley is teaching Seminary, congratulations!  

Love Elder Enright

Intercambios with Elder Ramirez(cito) from Peru

My companion trying to get away on a little wheely swivel thing our investigator´s kid has

I think I got all of you in there. . . (Rhys)

The "send to" thingamajig" for some reason, of all the little things that could go wrong with a computer in South America, this particular computer doesn´t want to copy nor paste (o pegar, en español, which is funny because pegar means "stick" but also means "hit" , jajaja)

So this past week, as with all weeks, Elder Correa and I vistied a LOT of menos activos. We, as in our stake, have a ton of menos activos and as much as Elder Correa and I want to baptize (and we continue working to do so) we recongnize our responsbility to all the members that are inactive or less active. 

Just to give you a statistic of how many menos activos we have, the stake consists of 1700 members. A lot, I know. The problem is that only about 500 of these members are active. So yeah, we have a lot of work to do. Luckily, Elder Correa and I have been having small little successes all week with menos activos. Two previously menos activo people just reactivated themselves this past Sunday and we´re working on more. We measure reactivation with 3 asistencias, If someone comes to church 3 times (doesn´t have to be en seguida, but within a reasonable amount of time) they are officially reactivated but that doesn´t mean we stop passing by.

One thing that I have really noticed this week, is that Elder Correa and I tend to work with people and really really want to help them progress and then suddenly, out of nowhere, someone comes to church, someone gets into contact with US and that´s a sign from our Heavenly Father of where we need to put our esfuerzos. 

Well I really have to go, but real quick funny/awkward/kind of dissapointng story. This past Sunday, Elder Correa and I walked to church with one of the very few jovenes that we have in our branch. One who is less active who recently started reading the book of mormon with us.  While walking with him,  we walked and asked him if he knew one of two active young men that we have whom ELder Correa and I really want to accompany us to visit people, especially this one.  Hasta ahora, he´s come very few times and NEVER when we visit this jovenes. He told us that yes, he did know the other boy. Last year when he entered into the same high school as our member and as a result of him living in a small barrio and being the only one from his barrio in said school, they discriminated against him. O love teenagers. According to what he told us, they would always annoy him (whoops almost wrote that they molested him, Molestar in spanish means to annoy) and even threw stuff at him. One time, all the teasing and whatnot came ot the point where they fought and he punched the other boy in the face and they chased him out of the school.. . . . . .. 

. . . .Yay. . . . . these´ll be some interesting member lessons.

Elder Enright

I have fotos and the usb port works, but the email won´t let me attach anything, gotta love south american cibers. Sorry guys, no photos again.

NO FOTOS???!!! (Kegan)

But enough of that, I imagine you´ve heard enough about those pictures from me and it doesn´t seem as if any esfuerzo on my part will help me to see them...oh well.

Life sounds really weird back home, more than anything thanks to the report on the changes that have gone on from Bayley (Taylor Swift?) Might I just say that I have no doubt in my mind that Liam is a good liar, several of my companions could say the same after what I have told them.  

This week in Illpel has been hot.  Every morning begins at least with the low clouds over our short little "Mountains" here en the valley where Illapel is located, but those clouds that were so nicely blocking out the sun always disappear at around 11:00 - 11:30, right around the time we begin missionary work.  But I don´t email.  

I had the opportunity Tuesday to have interchanges with Elder Concha, un muy buen misionero chileno de Chilllan.  We were in his sector, Salamanca (the fabled but not so really witch town here in this part of Chile)  While there I had been asked to empty the pension the sister missionaries had once occupied and let me just say that I hope that Bayley was a much cleaner Sister Missionary than these two had been, plus, even though we Elders DO posses the Preisthood here among the ranks of God´s Army the best of the "Bed supplies" most definitely goes to the sisters.  So I robbed one (with permision) for my poor old Companion whose hard mattress has been bugging him for months.

In other News, a recent convert from last Sept has had trouble smoking, a habit she returned to a short while after her baptism.  In order to solve her smoking problem Elder Santillan took one of her cigarettes and soaked in milk, once soaked we dried it (it was a suggested trick from other missionaries).  Last night she tried the "milk" cigar.  If I were able to send you the resulting video you´d be able to hear her comments on the disgusting flavor milk seems to give cigarettes, but she had to smoke ALL of it ( it was first time in my life I have ever made someone smoke a cigarette, something I never thought I would do as a Missionary)  She triumphantly smoked the whole cigarette and the proceeding results included a lot of puking and coughing.  We believed her this time when she said she never wanted to smoke another cigarette.

I am very happy to know that you are all doing very well, but I don´t have too much more time to say anything,

Just, I love you guys (yáll)

Elder Enright 

Yay, I got sick again (Rhys)

So, I got sick again this week. 

I started getting stomach pains Wednesday night and made 20 trips to the bathroom that night, two trips included puking. I knew you all wanted to hear that.

Other than the sick thing, I´m having a hard time thinking of something that happened this week. it wasn´t anything special.

So, I´ll tell you guys a story about this awesome colectivero. A few weeks ago, walking on the main road of Fontana, on our way back to the pensh por que ya era de noche. a Colectivo stopped right by us and the driver/colectivero told us to get on and wouldn´t let us pay (even though we couldn´t have, here in chaco you have to use a card to pay, we charge the "tarjebus" every once in a while, but in this moment we didn´t have any carga). So we thanked him and asked his name and whatnot. His name is Gustavo and he told us that he always sees us and wherever we go we always walk so he decided to offer to carry us for free. We left him with a pass along card and got off quickly becuase he had picked us up only two stops before we had to get off. 
He found us again the next week and for the second time, carried us for free. This time we were able to get a direction and an appointment. fortuntaely we found the house, unfortunately, when the appointment finally came around, we didn´t find anybody IN it. Afterwards, Gustavo found us and let us on the bus again and apologized that he hadn´t been at the appointment, he forgot. A little while later, the second cita also fell through when he and his family had to go on a trip and now, pretty soon, they´ll be going on a trip again. We haven´t had a single lesson with him yet, but we always sit at the front of the colectivo if he picks us up and we talk to him and leave pamphlets and we invite him to church and whatnot. 

That´s my story, I know it´s not anything impressive, but it´s really cool to have a friend that will carry us for free everytime he sees us and even if I may not beable to teach his family or baptize them, I feel pretty sure that the missionaries are going to to get into that house sometime.. . . .

I´m kind of out of things to say and I have no new photos. sorry.

Elder Enright