Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Early Transfers (Rhys)

So, I have a lot to say, so I´m just going to start with what was the beginning of quite possibly my best fetchin´week in all of my time in Fontana.

So Monday, we had P-day, Elder Correa and I went to centro, I reserved a new suit to be picked up the next p-day and we chilled with Elders Ulloa and Waters before heading back to our own pensh and working.

Tuesday:  we had no district meeting because we recieved word that the next day (Wednesday) we would be having our zone conference.Tuesday night, Elder Correa and I slept in the pensh of the other Fontanegros because we had to go fetchin´ lejos the next day to get to the chapel where we were going to do the Zone conference thingy AND because the other Elders have air conditioning. We also made cookies and cream milkshakes before sleeping in the blessed air conditioning (btw, when I talk about air conditoing, I mean a swamp coller thing that sticks through the wall, that´s what everyone calls air conditioning here, the real air conditioning that runs through the vents and cools the whole house thing, doesn´t exist here).

Wednesday: SO we got up early and left with the other Fontanegros and we had to take two colectivos in order to get to the chapel. Several new rules in the mission including two hours to write on P-day and being able to plan and do one zone activity per transfer made everyone very happy. During the meeting, I got a call from our branch mission leader that we were going to have to cancel the branch activity planned for saturday because he had been too busy and it was going to be impossible.. . . . .. basically. . . . . bummer.

Thursday: Elder Correa and I , due to several scheduling things called appointments, were unable to do weekly planning and planned on doing it the next day.

Friday: We did weekly planning, during said weekly planning, Elder Correa and I decided that we wanted to do the activity anyway (we almost NEVER EVER EVER EVER did activities in Fontana) and so we called Presidente Franco to ask if it was alright if we, the missionaries, planned an activity because our leader had cancelled and he said OKAY!! (YAY) and we planned the activity with the other Elders and at night Elder Correa and I prepared the cardboard armour of God that would be part of our activity.

Saturday: We spent the whole day visiting people and reminding them of the activity and that night we had a really good activity that made everyone happy and I loved it and it was definitely the best branch activity that I´ve done in my whole time in Fontana. Right as we were about to end, we got a call from the asistants and Elder Zivic (one of said asistentes who happens to be the nephew of Elder Zivic of the Seventy) wanted to talk to me. Elder Zivic let me know that SURPRISE!!! transfers are now on Monday and that I would be leaving Fontana on Monday to another zone. That made me sad, but I was content knowing that I was kind of leaving Fontana with a bang. Elder Correa and I bought pizza and empanadas to eat for dinner.

Sunday. Best Sunday in my whole time here, the chapel was filled. We had an attendance of 63 people, the most that I have ever seen in Fontana and the talks were great and our investigators (Pablo and Lorena) came and one of the menos activos that we´ve been visiting came with her grandson (not a member. . . . yet) and it was over all great. In sacerdocio (tercer hora) the quorom president announced that I would be leaving and we all took pictures and whatnot and ate lunch super far from the pensh and while waiting for a colectivo we got a text that our area would be seeing a white wash!!! So that meant that Elder Correa would be going too!!! So we both packed and cleaned and then went to participate in an awesome priesthood activity where we did splits with the members of the quorom and we said bye to some people (including Pablo and Lorena, we gave them a parting gift too). And we said bye to Hermano Soto, the saddest fetchin´thing that I had to do on Sunday, We took pictures at the end of the charla and I really fetchin´miss that man. As usual, I couildn´t sleep the night of transfers.

Monday: I left with Elder Correa to terminal (stopping on the way to say bye to Ulloa and Waters) and my bus left first and now I´m in Quitilipi, a little tiny pueblo. my companionship (Enright and Rojas) and four other missionaries are here in Quitilipi where we don´t quite have a branch because there aren´t enough priesthood holders so it´s just a "Group" and the pensh that I got to was super dirty with a TON of ants and cockroaches and old food and what not, so I cleaned a lot, this morning too.

I really miss Fontana and Elder Correa, but I´m super excited to be in Quitilipi. Btw, Kegan, my Comp (Elder Rojas ) is from Santiago, Chile)

Kirk Out.

The armor of God, with Leo Fernandez.

Heres me with my baby, Correa (I trained him and now transfers already happened so we took photos before separating) and ELders Ulloa and Waters

Me and Elder Rojas

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