Monday, February 2, 2015

I think I got all of you in there. . . (Rhys)

The "send to" thingamajig" for some reason, of all the little things that could go wrong with a computer in South America, this particular computer doesn´t want to copy nor paste (o pegar, en español, which is funny because pegar means "stick" but also means "hit" , jajaja)

So this past week, as with all weeks, Elder Correa and I vistied a LOT of menos activos. We, as in our stake, have a ton of menos activos and as much as Elder Correa and I want to baptize (and we continue working to do so) we recongnize our responsbility to all the members that are inactive or less active. 

Just to give you a statistic of how many menos activos we have, the stake consists of 1700 members. A lot, I know. The problem is that only about 500 of these members are active. So yeah, we have a lot of work to do. Luckily, Elder Correa and I have been having small little successes all week with menos activos. Two previously menos activo people just reactivated themselves this past Sunday and we´re working on more. We measure reactivation with 3 asistencias, If someone comes to church 3 times (doesn´t have to be en seguida, but within a reasonable amount of time) they are officially reactivated but that doesn´t mean we stop passing by.

One thing that I have really noticed this week, is that Elder Correa and I tend to work with people and really really want to help them progress and then suddenly, out of nowhere, someone comes to church, someone gets into contact with US and that´s a sign from our Heavenly Father of where we need to put our esfuerzos. 

Well I really have to go, but real quick funny/awkward/kind of dissapointng story. This past Sunday, Elder Correa and I walked to church with one of the very few jovenes that we have in our branch. One who is less active who recently started reading the book of mormon with us.  While walking with him,  we walked and asked him if he knew one of two active young men that we have whom ELder Correa and I really want to accompany us to visit people, especially this one.  Hasta ahora, he´s come very few times and NEVER when we visit this jovenes. He told us that yes, he did know the other boy. Last year when he entered into the same high school as our member and as a result of him living in a small barrio and being the only one from his barrio in said school, they discriminated against him. O love teenagers. According to what he told us, they would always annoy him (whoops almost wrote that they molested him, Molestar in spanish means to annoy) and even threw stuff at him. One time, all the teasing and whatnot came ot the point where they fought and he punched the other boy in the face and they chased him out of the school.. . . . . .. 

. . . .Yay. . . . . these´ll be some interesting member lessons.

Elder Enright

I have fotos and the usb port works, but the email won´t let me attach anything, gotta love south american cibers. Sorry guys, no photos again.

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