Monday, February 9, 2015

Interviews and Viña del Mar (Kegan)

Last week we were meant to have our interviews with our mission pres but that Monday we were informed that we wouold have to wait one more week for those interviews.  Elder Santillan and I took advantage of that last P- Day in order to clean the heck out of our pension for interviews.  Elder Santillan has served as Assistent to President and so knew exactly what president was going to be expecting.  President Khanlein is what many missionaries call a "strict" mission president and it certainly is true, it´s just not a bad thing, but for that very reason and Elder Santillan´s rushed preparations for President´s arrival Tuesday made me all very nervous.  However there was no reason to be nervous and I was able to calm myself as they arrived and we began interviews.

I know Bayley has described the Missionary- Mission president relationship as a sort of Father and Son/daughter relationship that you have here in the mission and I should repeat those same words because that is exactly how it is.  Our interviews went really well and we learned a lot about out our zone and District (a District is to a Zone  what a Branch or Ward is to a Stake)  We have a lot of work to do with our district leaders here in Illapel.

Soon after interviews we had to go to Viña for the Consejo de Líderes.  This consejo was very interesting, after the new Key indicators the baptisms of the mission dropped dramaticly because many missionaries began to focus only on less active members and recent converts rather than on finding and baptizing.  Visiting less active members and recent converts is of course in many ways much easier than finding and baptizing because in the first place as members of the church they already are willing to let you in.  However, at least in this Zone, many missionaries have taken that opportunity to only pass the time with those recent converts and less active members.  So consejo was a lot about Refocusing ourselves where our focus should be.  

Later that day when we should have gotten on a bus to leave at 6:00 to get back to Illapel but as we got on we saw that our tickets had been bought for a bus that had left at 16:00 (o sea 4 o´clock)  There were no other buses that would take us to Illapel that day so we stayed and worked in Viña for a the rest of the day with the financial secretaries and left around 7:30 the next morning missing out on our interchanges we had planned to do that week.

Now we are in a trio (a companionship of three) with Elder Rowe whose companion took of to Viña for his final interview and cena de despedida because he has finished the mission.

Yesterday in church the meetings and classes were almost all taught and directed by us missionaries because the leaders are not here in Illapel and very few members are, it was a learning experience at the least, but I really enjoyed it.

I have no new pictures but I assure you I will next week, this Wednesday is changes and we are hoping that we stay together (Elder Santillan and I) in order to baptize Marcelo and Daniela this month and get this zone going.

Love ELder ENright

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