Monday, February 2, 2015

NO FOTOS???!!! (Kegan)

But enough of that, I imagine you´ve heard enough about those pictures from me and it doesn´t seem as if any esfuerzo on my part will help me to see them...oh well.

Life sounds really weird back home, more than anything thanks to the report on the changes that have gone on from Bayley (Taylor Swift?) Might I just say that I have no doubt in my mind that Liam is a good liar, several of my companions could say the same after what I have told them.  

This week in Illpel has been hot.  Every morning begins at least with the low clouds over our short little "Mountains" here en the valley where Illapel is located, but those clouds that were so nicely blocking out the sun always disappear at around 11:00 - 11:30, right around the time we begin missionary work.  But I don´t email.  

I had the opportunity Tuesday to have interchanges with Elder Concha, un muy buen misionero chileno de Chilllan.  We were in his sector, Salamanca (the fabled but not so really witch town here in this part of Chile)  While there I had been asked to empty the pension the sister missionaries had once occupied and let me just say that I hope that Bayley was a much cleaner Sister Missionary than these two had been, plus, even though we Elders DO posses the Preisthood here among the ranks of God´s Army the best of the "Bed supplies" most definitely goes to the sisters.  So I robbed one (with permision) for my poor old Companion whose hard mattress has been bugging him for months.

In other News, a recent convert from last Sept has had trouble smoking, a habit she returned to a short while after her baptism.  In order to solve her smoking problem Elder Santillan took one of her cigarettes and soaked in milk, once soaked we dried it (it was a suggested trick from other missionaries).  Last night she tried the "milk" cigar.  If I were able to send you the resulting video you´d be able to hear her comments on the disgusting flavor milk seems to give cigarettes, but she had to smoke ALL of it ( it was first time in my life I have ever made someone smoke a cigarette, something I never thought I would do as a Missionary)  She triumphantly smoked the whole cigarette and the proceeding results included a lot of puking and coughing.  We believed her this time when she said she never wanted to smoke another cigarette.

I am very happy to know that you are all doing very well, but I don´t have too much more time to say anything,

Just, I love you guys (yáll)

Elder Enright 

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