Monday, February 16, 2015


To answer all of the questions from my family, my new area is great and it doubled in size during my first week here for a reason that I will now explain.

       So, Quitilipi is part of the Saenz Peña 3 zone, one of the smallest zones in the mission already, in the small "city" of Quitilipi, there were three companionships when I got here. me and ELder Rojas; ELder Brown and Elder Herrera; and Hermanas Gonzalez and Aguiar. Well, Friday, ELder Rojas and I got a call from the Asistentes that we being the ELders that live literally right above the terminal would have to buy tickets for the Hermanas that were going to be leaving as soon as possible. So bought the tickets and everything and helped the hermanas get their stuff to the Terminal and at 6:45 mas o menos, we helped them load their stuff on a bus and said bye. ANd now we have the part of Quitilipi that WAS the hermanas area and we are officailly the smallest zone in the mission. The last time that this happened to me we got turned into a district so we´re expecting that next transfer that same thing might happen to us.

       And that´s how my area doubled in size. 

       BUT!!! apart from working here in Quitilipi, there are two small pueblos that are about 20-30 minutes away from Quitilipi and those also count as part of Elder Rojas` and my area. So every Jueves in la mañana, Elder Rojas and I travel to Machagai (the bigger of the two pueblos that also happens to have an absolutely gi-fetchin-normous statue of Christ on the cross at the entrance) where only one menos activo family lives that moved there from Buenos Aires (but they´re awesome and are going to start giving us lunch when we pass by). And los días viernes en la mañana, we take a colectivo to the smaller of the two pueblos that is actually an aboriginal colony and we work there until 12.  

       So, this past Friday, we got up extra early and left extra early to the aboriginal colony and taught some people (it´s tough for people from there to get to church on Sunday because the colectivo doesn´t go there on Sunday and not everybody has a car or moto or even a horse drawn carro (a pretty normal mode of transport here). While waiting for the colectivo to come and bring us back, Elder Rojas and I waited out front of a Kiosco (a little tiny store that someone runs out of their house. . .  and basically everybody has one here) and we bought something to drink and started talking to everyone. This one guy came up and started asking us some questions and we started talking and he told us that his name was Sebastian (but everyone calls him Jackie Chan because he looks pretty darn chinese). He was also waiting for the colectivo to Quitilipi and so we continued talking as we got on the bus and by answering his questions we basically taught the first lesson and left him with a Book of Mormon at the end which he began to read as he walked away. SCORE!!! We also have his address and he DID live in the sister´s area but since now that´s OUR area, we are totally going to visti him tonight.

         Speaking of. .  something that reminded me of this little fact, We don´t have anyone to help us with clothes washing or lunches, so every night and every p-day we wash clothes to keep the clean clothes count higher than the dirty clothes count and we always make our own lunch which means basically pizza everyday, so, no complaints there. Oh yeah, and when I say wash clothes, I mean like by hand 100% pioneer style. . . with Argentina brand TIDE. so that´s a blast too.

       Basically we have a lot of work to do as far as finding and reactivating all the members that went inactive YEARS AGO, when the branch closed and the missionaries left. I´ll keep you updated. Until then. . . .

. . .  here´s a photo of me, ELder ROjas, and ice cream.

Elder Enright out

Here´s the giant Jesus statue

Here´s a photo of where we had our meetings in FOntana

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