Monday, February 2, 2015

Real quick, as always (Kegan)

This week has been full of miracles, we have been forcing ourselves to find new investigators and to baptize because with that new vision (o sea the fact that they cut out almost all of the key indicators) many missionaries stopped working as hard as they were before.  That happened a lot in this zone so we decided to work harder, in all reality it was my companion´s doing, I literally have the best comp and can´t believe that changes are this next week.  Anywhoo, God decided to bless us it seems for the small amount of more obedience that we gave him.  Those blessings helped us to find and establish great relationships with several investigators and it changed Daniela and Marcelo´s persective on baptism.

I´m sorry if it seems like I am rambling

moving on... This sunday Marcelo fasted with us and even paid his fast offering (something, if I may say even though it hurts me to say it, that very few members do here in Chile) before that he accompanied us to teach on...It was Friday I remember  now.

Much later.. not really, today in the morning was the third time or maybe fourth, that we played futbol with Marcelo, the other Elders and some members, yes I did fall fantastically two times on the same side of my body (it has bruised beautifully by the way).    Just saying that Marcelo is basically a member already he has been integrated sooo much already and we are hoping that he willl be baptized within two weeks (his sister wants to be present and she goes to the south this week, lame)

Thank you guys for the fotos I was very happy to see that you guys enjoyed vacation, even if SOME of you don´t want to stand still for a single foto

I am alive, very well, enjoying eating shawarmas and todo

I don´t know what else to say, but I am fine, happy, rambling on, and on

Oh that´s right Bayley is teaching Seminary, congratulations!  

Love Elder Enright

Intercambios with Elder Ramirez(cito) from Peru

My companion trying to get away on a little wheely swivel thing our investigator´s kid has

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