Monday, February 23, 2015

Really short (Kegan)

This week has been very busy, Elder Hamilton and I I feel we are sifting between people looking to share the gospel with literally everyone and I have never been happier.

You´ll have to forgive the very short email, I am out of time about now,  I am very happy for Rhys in his new sector (with Ice cream...  we have to talk about Argentina and Chile, they seem more and more different with each email) Happy as well for Amik and his diligent studying and for Noah´s victories and continued oddity.

I am jealous of the snow, really I understand Bayley´s enthusiasm.  We are burning up here but not nearly as much as Rhys I imagine.

In recent news, Elder Hamilton and I have a lot of plans to help this branch more news will follow, I promise

Until then I hope you don´t freeze to death or burn (Rhys).

Love Elder Enright

I in spanish is "I" (ee, pronounciation) and "y" is "i griega"  this guy got slightly confused

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