Monday, February 23, 2015

Stuff that happened this week (mainly Wednesday) (Rhys)

Yup, that sums up my email.

SO lets start with Monday. That was P-day and I sent my email and what not. This was the day that we were supposed to meet again with the guy nicknamed Jackie Chan that we had met in the aboriginal colony. WHile we found the house, we didn´t actually find him, so that was disappointing. We then talked to a family that we had contacted earlier in the week and left them with a pamphlet of lección 1. Then we talked to a recent convert of other missionaries that were here before who´s having some trouble not drinking.

Tuesday, Divisions!!!! AFTER (oops, accidental caps lock) district meeting, I went with Elder Herrera to his area and Elder Brown went to mine with Elder Rojas. Elder Herrera is probably the first Elder that I´ve met in the mission that also likes that Harry Potter books, so we were up a little late talking about books. . .

Wednesday: Elder Herrera and I left to run in the morning and ELder Herrera commented that he felt like something had bitten him on the leg (like an insect, not a dog or a shark, we´re not that oblivious) but since we didn´t see anything we kept running. On the way back, ELder Herrera felt inspired by the Holy Ghost to check again and we found a Scorpion dangling from his pants just above the knee (he was wearing long exercise pants that were rolled up and the scorpion had somehow crawled into the little pant roll) so I grabbed it and accidentally tore it into two, killing it. Tearing things into two seems to be a pretty effective way of killing things. Back in the pensh, it seemed like the Scorpion sting stung him good, but nothing extremely painful (it was pretty tiny), but we called the mission nurse anyways. She seemed pretty calm about it and told us to call back if he felt weak or weird or anything. So we continued with studies and left to teach the people. YEAH!! we had a lesson with a part member family that he and Brown are teaching and just as we start the lesson, we get a call from the mission nurse again. Apparently President Franco wanted us to go to Medico lo antes posible por las dudas or something like that. SO, after the lesson, we went to the hospital (easily the scariest place in quitilipi, hands down. Hospitals in the states scare me enough). So we went in and Elder Herrera had to get a shot IN THE BUTT!!! jajajja, he was a little embarrased and later told me that that was the first time that that had happened to him. Poor guy, our first divisions too. Well, we made tacos for lunch and then got a call from ELder Rojas that due to a protest that would be happening in all of Argentina, all missionaries had to be in the pensh by 5. SO we had to end the divisions early. Bummer.

Thursday: we visited the familia Acuña in Machagai (the other pueblo that we travel to everythursday) and taught the plan of salvation to their kid that is going to be getting baptized this coming Saturday. They used to be inactive and now it´s been about a month that they´re active again and Leo, who has 8 years, is going to be baptized (hopefully by his dad).

Friday: another visit to the colony and a really great activity in la tarde in which Elder Rojas and I shared a spiritual thought about Lehi´s dream. We tend to have way more people at the activities than we do in church on Sunday.

Saturday: Elder Rojas and I visit everybody to make sure that they´re coming to church.

Domingo: a whopping 21 asistencia kind of got us down, but this time we had the whole three hours of meetings!! anteriormente looks like due to being such a small group that they only had 2 hours of church. We´re basically trying to reactivate a TON of people that went inactive when the church up and left Quitilipi about 10 - 20 years ago (that´s what all of the old members make it sound like, like the church came in the middle of the night and ran away, but sounds like it was for a macana that the missionaries did). Almost all of the people that come to church are recent converts, but we´re working in every fase de la obra misional that we can to get EVERYONE to church. looks like we´ll have to re-evaluate how we do it and do a better job next week. The good news is that our investigators came to church. Daiana and Rocío, sisters that the sister missionaries were teaching before they left, they´re pretty great investigators.

Later sunday night, we visisted one of the old member families that went inactive and answered a lot of questions about the church and corrected a lot of doubts (Do we worship Joseph Smith?? NO. Is the Book of Mormon our version of the Bible?? NO. stuff like that)

Today, I ate more ice cream and I´m super happy to have food in the fridge.

chau chau.

Elder Enright

0 ¡¡Divisions and TACOS!!

 Tire swing during divisions.

 I took this  last p-day leaving the ciber and returning to the pensh. I call it, "the Nuns are following us!!"

Yup, that's the popular university here

Here´s me and our little meeting house thing. And my new suit, looking fachero.

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