Monday, February 2, 2015

Yay, I got sick again (Rhys)

So, I got sick again this week. 

I started getting stomach pains Wednesday night and made 20 trips to the bathroom that night, two trips included puking. I knew you all wanted to hear that.

Other than the sick thing, I´m having a hard time thinking of something that happened this week. it wasn´t anything special.

So, I´ll tell you guys a story about this awesome colectivero. A few weeks ago, walking on the main road of Fontana, on our way back to the pensh por que ya era de noche. a Colectivo stopped right by us and the driver/colectivero told us to get on and wouldn´t let us pay (even though we couldn´t have, here in chaco you have to use a card to pay, we charge the "tarjebus" every once in a while, but in this moment we didn´t have any carga). So we thanked him and asked his name and whatnot. His name is Gustavo and he told us that he always sees us and wherever we go we always walk so he decided to offer to carry us for free. We left him with a pass along card and got off quickly becuase he had picked us up only two stops before we had to get off. 
He found us again the next week and for the second time, carried us for free. This time we were able to get a direction and an appointment. fortuntaely we found the house, unfortunately, when the appointment finally came around, we didn´t find anybody IN it. Afterwards, Gustavo found us and let us on the bus again and apologized that he hadn´t been at the appointment, he forgot. A little while later, the second cita also fell through when he and his family had to go on a trip and now, pretty soon, they´ll be going on a trip again. We haven´t had a single lesson with him yet, but we always sit at the front of the colectivo if he picks us up and we talk to him and leave pamphlets and we invite him to church and whatnot. 

That´s my story, I know it´s not anything impressive, but it´s really cool to have a friend that will carry us for free everytime he sees us and even if I may not beable to teach his family or baptize them, I feel pretty sure that the missionaries are going to to get into that house sometime.. . . .

I´m kind of out of things to say and I have no new photos. sorry.

Elder Enright

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