Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Formosa Again (Rhys)


WHHHAAAAAATTT!!!!??? I thought that I would never actually be in a ward again until I got home, especially due to the fact that I thought that I would be finishing my mission in Quitilipi. But nope, I´m in a ward now. And I´m training again. I´ll start out with Wednesday, the day that I got to know my new comp, and I´ll put a picture in of our two pretty faces at the end.

So, this last Wednesday, I sadly had to say good bye to my trio companionship with Elders Simmons and Heaton. We took all of my stuff to Barrio uno (the big huge chapel in Resistencia that is also the mission headquarters) and there I got to see some Elders again. Like Elder Brown, Elder Clemons, and all of the Elders from the office that I always get to see there anyway. All of the missionaries that were going to train were sent to wait in the cultural hall while all the new missionaries waited in the chapel/sacrament meeting room thing. They got all of us to stay in there by baiting the room with facturas (donut things). After a short training to prepare us to train, we all headed into the sacrament meeting room thing and Presidente Franco read out the names of all of the new missionaries and the elders that they were going to train with. Elder Tracy was the last one and I just happened to be the last trainer waiting, so we already figured out how that was going to work.

After a really good lunch of lomo sandwiches and alfajores, we got all of his stuff and headed to terminal where we got on a bus that took us all the way to Formosa. Since arriving, we´ve been doing the best not to get lost and we´ve been soaked by the rain and mud. But it´s awesome, there are a TON of members here and they LOVE US. it´s like a Disneyland for missionaries, the members have really helped us out a lot, they´re the main reason why we don´t get too lost, We´ve even already gone to visit some less active families with active families. And, the opposite of the small town situation in Quitlipi, we have lunches every day!!! YAAYY!!! 

So we´re just having a blast here, en pocas palabras. The only bummer was that the pensh that we got to was once again TRASHED. so we spent a lot of time today clenaing up, and making tacos (we live right next to the zone leaders and we all pitched in to make tacos for lunch, thay are pretty good). 

Funny Argentine fact: There´s a classic food here that everyone eats that´s called torta frita that is basically unleavened bread dough rolled flat and fried that everyone eats all the time here. Especially the members, are always offering us torta frita and Elder Tracy LOVES it. 

ALso, the pomelos are starting to ripen. . . .

Elder Enright

p.s. that isn´t some kind of code or anything, I´m just happy that the pomelos are ready to eat, we already got four the other day and they´re already gone.

 Elder Tracy and his Gringo trainer

With Presidente and Sister Franco

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

TRANSFERS (again) (Rhys)

So, lots of things happened this week and lot´s of IMPORTANT things happened this week, pay attention (or don't I´m an email, not a cop)
       This past Monday, in Quitilipi, me and Elder Rojas had a noche de hogar with the Aguirre family and the only reason that I really mention this is because I have picres to send of the noche de hogar, not a lot of comments. it was alright.
       Thursday, We had a multizone conference, but not just ANY multi zone conference, Elder Valentin Nuñez de Chile came to give us a capacitación about.. . . everything. He basically touched every single topic that he possibly could within an hour and a half. He started out talking about the attitude of a missionary, the attitude that we should have (that of Ammon that let him honestly say to King Lamoni that he might live with the Lamanites until the day that he dies) and he talked about finding and teaching and baptizing, FAMILIES. Then he talked about the Book of Mormon, the Prophet Joesph Smith, yeah, everything. The thing is that half of the mission was there, so I got a chance to see EVERY SINGLE ONE of my old comps (of the ones that are still in the mission) and lots of other people that I missed (Elder Burke, Elder Thomas, etc.) So mas vale que saque una foto con todos (menos Elder Rojas, how the fetch did I forget to get him in there?)
       Saturday, Diana´s Baptism. just like the time that little Leo got baptized, we went to Saenz Peña for the baptism, and I performed the actal ordinance. On the way back from said baptism, Elder Rojas got a call from the assistants and they wanted to talk to me. Over the phone, one of the Assistants told me, (I´m paraphrasing here) "Hey, Elder Enright, you´re going to be training again!"  So yeah, One transfer in Quitilipi. That made me pretty bummed at the prospect of having to leave Quitilipi after one transfer.
       Sunday, very few people come to shurch, we take fotos, in la tarde we get a text message from the assistants that we´re going to be whitewashed. So yeah, that happened. When Elder Rojas and I got the tablero with all the information of who was going where, we saw that Elder Rojas was going to Corrientes and I would be going to Formosa, this time to a ward!!! WHHAAAT??? This´ll be the first time that I get to be in a ward since Vegas! SO I´m stoked for that, but really sad to have left Quitilipi (seeing as I´m already gone). Due to the fact that I´m going to be training and all the trainees are coming Miercoles, I´m staying in Resistencia with the Zone Leaders of Resi 1 until  Wednesday and I´m pretty much just having a blast. I really miss Elder Rojas and all of Quitilipi because . .  well duh, but I´m super excited to get to train. Also, our old zone (Saenz Peña 3) doesn´t exist anymore and the areas that belonged to our zone are now all part of Saenz peña 1, hence the white wash.
Oh, fun fact, yesterday in the bus on the way to Resistencia from Quitlipi, they showed two movies about lots of people shooting at each other, in fact, in the first movie (we only were present for the end of it, I have no Idea what it was or what the plot was or even if it HAD a plot) there were lots of South African guys with guns running through houses asking "DONDE ESTÁN LOS GRINGOS?!?!?!?"" yeah, that was fun.
Elder Enright

 Me and Diana and Rojas and the Hermanas that came in the end of the transfer, Badu and Quevedo.
Me and Elders Simmons and Heaton, here in Resistencia having lunch with members (for the first time in a transfer, it was amazing).

Me and all my comps, Menos Rojas. . . . oops

Monday, March 23, 2015

Ishapel (Argentina! jaja) (Kegan)

"¡Hola Smith, ¿como está smith?!"  to quote a slightly mad man who greeted us yesterday and the various others who have done so in this way.

The difference between this time and the other times we have had such greeting shouted at us was that Elder Rowe was with us this time. He responded:

"¿Quien, Will Smith?, no sé"

Once again I am in a trio with Elder Rowe due to the momentary lack of a companion for him.  His ex-companion, Elder Montaño boarded his bus last afternoon to Viña having finished his 2 years of service in the mission field. We took fotos after church ended (that´s the first one at the bottom) and accompanied him to the terminal to await his bus´ arrival. He was a really good missionary to put it in very simple terms and we are going to miss him a lot.

Earlier in the week we were able to do a service project in what appeared to be a never-ending attempt to pullout a tree in an Hermana´s backyard.  The said "neverending" attempt was finished on Friday while we were in interchanges (pictures will have to follow next week, I forgot, but we have service again tomorrow in the same place). 

When we arrived for service on Friday the Hermana asked me specifically to jump her back fence to what was unused property where a lot of cactuses grow to pick and bring her the "tunas" (cactus fruits...not much else to explain)

As I moved from one Cactus to one further down the hill side ( My companion could still see me, he was looking over the fence/cement wall)  and as I began to take more of the fruits I realized there was an old couple that came out their back door just the next house down and began to yell at me.  After a brief conversation I understood that the tunas were theirs (even though they were going to let me take those which i HAD already taken and they understood that I had no Idea that it had been theirs).

So I returned with what I had, feeling slighlty ashamed to for having unknowingly "robbed" AS a MISSIONARY! (mas insima) and I told the elders and the Hermana what had happened.

As I told them about the old couple the Hermana asked me what they had said, " I reponded, "well they said they were theirs (dijeron que las tunas eran de ellos).

There was a brief pause, then the Hermana responded

"Sí po Elder"... (well of course Elder)

"You Are In Chile Now" is a recurring Missionary response to weird occurances, shrugging it off as a result of simply being in Chile,  I would say that is an appropriate response to this moment.

Elder Enright

 Elders Enright, Montano, Hamilton and Rowe

Soccer really early in the morning (I don´t know if I have told you guys, but Chile simply decided NOT to do daylight savings time so it is all of a sudden really dark outside in the mornings for excercises, You Are In Chile Now)

Illapel Zone

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Postponed Baptism (Rhys)

Remember, Diana and Rocío? The two really awesome sister investigators that were going to get baptized on the 14th of march?? yeah, well, that didn´t happen.

BUT WAIT!! don´t get discouraged, it´s been postponed to this weekend, the 21st. 

What happend is that Diana was working on stopping smoking and so when she told us this last Sunday (not yesterday, the OTHER last Sunday, before the Hermanas were here) that she had smoked the Saturday before, we talked with her and told her it would probably be best if she took more time to stop smoking and she agreed. We asked her how much more time she wanted and she told us one week more, so we set the date for the 21st. 

Then the Hermanas came and Diana and Rocío were no longer our investigators . . . sad day.

Not too long after the Hermanas showed up, we got the word that Rocío also wanted to postpone her baptism to be able to be baptized with her sister, a doubt that she had expresed beforehand to us. We told her that in no way was it necessary to wait and it wouldn´t be a problem if she got baptized first, but that the decision was hers. Looks like she made up her mind. Though now, due to some things that are happening, it´s looking like maybe only DIANA gets baptized this weekend, we´ll see.

Due to all that stuff that happened, mainly the loss of Diana and Rocío as investigators, Elder Rojas and I were left without anyone that was really showing progress towards a baptism, so this last week we put our butts (and the rest of us too) in gear to find new people to teach and convert and baptize and send on their merry way to the temple. The good news is that we had some success.

First success story comes from a reference from a less active member named Santa Cruz that we visit every once in a while. he can´t read, so most of our visits are spent reading the Book of Mormon "with" him but really "TO" him (kind of a big difference there, like Gob learns in that one episode of Arrested Development, a tv show that NO ONE here has ever even heard of, including almost all of the missionaries, sad, but true). He took us to visit his brother who looks exactly like him (and these are two men of 60+ years) and who´s not a member. . . yet. Things are looking up so far for the non-member brother. Not SUPER great, but good, the main obstacle is the . . . I was going to say wife, but they´re not married. . .so his girlfriend. . . I guess. Not even kidding though, the people here  that aren´t married and live together (90% of Argentina) always use the term "estamos en concubinato" or something similar. Which would actually translate to something like "we´re concubines". . . 
We´re going to talk with them soon and then we´ll see what´s going on.

Second story is better. THe other night, I didn´t remember which day, we were walking back to the pensh at night and said hi to a guy on the other side of the street that usually waves at us and always does so nicely. ELder ROjas comments "ël siempre nos saluda bien." And so we crossed the street and talked to him. His name is Diego and he lives in a small room that he rents with his . . . girlfriend named Magali. They moved to Quitlipi 2 months ago and Diego works in a care home thing for old people who sometimes throw themselves to the floor just to make him lift them back up. True story. Diego´s reading the first lesson pamphlet and the Book of Mormon and yeah, that makes us happy. 

As far as pictures go, I still have lots of Zoo photos to send, so I´ll send those after, but also, today, Elder Rojas and I played a TRIX game. Last week I bought Trix from another Missionary and after finishing it I cut out and armed the twelve sided die on the back. Today, I bought another Trix  (since the game requires the actual Trix cereal, nice one Nestle) and Elder Rojas and I played an intense game that includes eating Trix and throwing a die. It´s not Risk, but hey, it´s something. That´s what the picture is of.

Elder ENright

See those awesome little white flip flops?? my flip flops from all my Lifeguarding years broke in Fontana. So one of the first things I did on arriving to Quitlipi was look for new ones and I found these!!! They´re pretty amazing and they´re definitely coming home with me.


 AH AH EEH EEH TUKI TUKI!!(feat. Elder Vergara de ESPAÑA!!)

When I first saw this Armadillo it was touching a little wire and was making a clicking sound every two seconds. Then I realized that the wire was electic and the clicking sound was the wire shocking the poor armadillo every two seconds. I thought "poor armadillo" then I thought "stupid armadillo, why doesn´t it just move?" Then, I thought "maybe it´s dead" so i found a stick, stuck it through the fence and rolled the armadillo away from the wire. Yup, Dead Armadillo

No Comment

Conozca a los Mormónes (Kegan)

First my apologies for not having forewarned you about the Zone Conference that was just Yesterday, it slipped my mind to tell you guys, but it´s a good thing you were able to find out thanks to my comp´s blog, or maybe I should say it´s his mother´s, whichever ( by the way he says his familiy are big Disney fans).

So, Before you guess it, yes we saw Meet the Mormons in our Zone Conference (finally).  I has been very obvious all week that we would, although other zone leaders and office Elderes were all very quiet and shifty about the questions.  What was more obvious was the theatre-like arrangement we made on the stage behind the curtain before the Zone conference had started.  But more on that later.

At the beginning of this past week I once again had interchanges with Elder Montaño.  During the day we were surprised by a service opportunity with my convert Rodrigo.  He and his Sister were trying to move these gigantic metal bars from his house to hers (around six to eight blocks of a distance away).  What we thought was going to be a simple service project got complicated when the possibility of a truck´s aid appeared and Rodrigo and his siter decided to take advantage and load railroad ties onto the truck as well.   The rust of the metal and the dirt-crusted wood made me thankful for not having dressed formally that day...oh wait that´s right, we were dressed formally and DID get dirty.  But not as dirty as we did later into the week due to the second surprise service project with Rodrigo.  The second job was more dificult and invloved hauling literal house walls (with windows attached) and floors up his steep and loose dirt hill to then be loaded onto a truck, the project was made more dificult by the lack of coordination which many men seem to come into danger of whenever lifting large and heavy things together.

Our first Service project with Rodrigo resulted in a lesson the next day with his sister, niece, and Dad (who actually left halfway through but was present for the beginning) .  Rodrigo´s excitment to share the gospel made him interupt very frequently to ask us to change the gospel topic we were teaching and although this did cause more than momentary confusion his sister (Veronica) seems to be very focused person.

Although such service projects and other similarly stressful lessons were tiring, nothing was more tiring than waking up at 1:30 in the morning to take a van to Los Vilos and later a bus to Ovalle for our conference.  Congratulations to the whole zone for accomodating themselves so well to the Very Early morning circumstances and very uncomforable buses.  

The Zone Conference was all worth it.  True I felt stressed for the presentation and practice we were prepared to do, but later, and especially with the viewing of Meet the Mormons, I could recenter myself and feel the spirit, as it cut me to pieces for not being as centered on the people as I should be.

Meet the Mormons was maybe the best motivator I´ve had my entire mission to baptize and convert families.  It was most definitely put together thanks to the guidance of direct revelation .

The Elderes (almost all ) of our Zone here in Illapel (okay in the picture we are in a bus, but we are from Illapel)

Elder Rowe and ELder Hamilton

Cool plants here that are filled with air, and look like brains.  As they mature thay later turn somewhat inside out to spread the seeds that come out looking a lot like a white dandelion thing.

Monday, March 9, 2015

I am honestly stuck on what to say (Kegan)

This week has been fantastic, I know no other way to describe it, maybe hard, but fantastic sounds better.

At the beginning of this week we headed straight to Viña on a 4 hour (mas o menos) bus trip.  That next day I saw Elder Santillan and Elder Oldroyd again! We, and many other Elders and Sisters, participated in a very spiritual Consejo led by President Kahnlein.  One of the first and most simple subjects we touched was just that, short and simple, but also very impactful.  We talked about the power of the smile to affect another person´s day. 

We returned that night and the next day I traveled to los Vilos at 6:00 in the morning to begin interchanges where Elder Stein and I were able to put into practice the "Power of the Smile" ;) 

I don´t want to NOT tell you guys, so I will skip to Sunday immediately to  tell a great story.  Well I might not tell it too well but it was great.  Rodrigo my convert here has been itching to get a calling and to visit members and investigators with us.  We set up a cita with him for yesterday and taught him the Word of Wisdom again and this time with the help of the second counselor (Hno Rodolfo).  We then left with both of them to continue visiting and we had several less active and convert families we wanted to visit.  We were stoppped on our way when we saw an elderly couple hauling a heck ton of stuff out of a car and getting ready to lug it all up the stairs.  We helped them take it all (finalized with Rodrigo's yelled instructions: "Hey Enright! Invite her to Church, her mom is Sick!")  Later we even split up with Rodolfo and Rodrigo doing Home Teaching and Elder Hamilton and I going to teach Danila y Marcelo (We can´t split up with two hnos unless they both have the Melchizedek Preisthood)  You might be asking what is so exciting about that, but what really excited us was Rodrigo´s enthusiasm and the fact that they might be the first Home teaching companionship (though unofficial) to do their visits in months, At least the 5 and a half I have been here.  

Illapel is great place, it has only suffered what the rest of what I have seen of Chile suffers with, no Home Teaching!  LONG STORY MADE SHORT, hOME tEACHING (Sorry caps lock) is divinely appointed, and a calling we cannot refuse nor ignore. I never want to leave the mission, but if I must I will make up for it with home teaching, it really does enliven us in that way, we just have to do it.

I love you all very much


Elder Enright

 Really big bug we saw just yesterday

 Elder Rowe and Elder Montaño from very far away.

  Consejo de lideres de la mision-Marzo

ZOOOOOO!!!! (Rhys)

So this week, lots of things happened, but  due to lack of time I´m going to focus on the two most exciting things.

First off, yesterday, we became a real zone again!!!! Yeah! Hermana missionaries got sent here from other parts of the mission and It´s great to have 6 missionaries again in Quitilipi. They´re also super happy to have two investigators that are going to be baptized this month (Diana and Rocío)

The next thing that is exciting is that today, we had our ZONE ACTIVITY!!! unfortunately, the rule is Elders with Elders and Hermanas with Hermanas and since there are only two Hermanas in our zone, I have no idea what they did.

But WE ELDERS went to the ZOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  not as impressive as the Denver zoo Im not going to lie, but being the only zoo within the bounds of our ENTIRE mission, it was a privelige to get to go. Even if it was a lot of ducks, dogs, and sheep (not kidding, these were actual exhibits) but there were also lions, tigers, and bears (oh my!!)

SO I´ll send some fotos, and that´s all I have time for


Elder ENright

Okay, I´m actually not in this one, but that´s our zone!!!

This was a dog that we found during exchanges that was really small, wrecked, and smelly. I felt bad for it, but was scared to touch it, it smelled bad. Oh, and there´s one fachero Misionero too

Monday, March 2, 2015

Another short one (Kegan)

I want you guys to first forgive me please for the very short emails I have been sending lately in comparison with the impressive reports from your own weeks, I don´t know how I haven´t been able to make this internet time work but I promise to figure it out.

This week my companion and I continued working very very hard.  We have been talking with everybody and doing our hardest to work with members (something very critical and which we hope might be the key to it all).  

You could say we began the week with an interchange even though it was Wednesday, Elder Bojorquez, who is the new asistant to the president, came and did interchanges with us while Elder Brown, his companion, was in Salamanca.  On the way here they got lost in the desert between here and los Vilos (los vilos is a beach town and Illapel is eastwards from there).  We got several calls while they were on their way assuring us that they would soon arrive and with several questions about how to arrive.  As soon as they were here we had a great interchange in which we were able to find several people and teach many others. 

The following day (Thursday) we finished those interchanges and I began another at around 6:00 when Elder Hamilton left for Viña in order to recieve a new training.  I was with Elder Montaño and Elder Rowe,  Two back to back interchanges made me miss the normality ( I guess you could call it that) and I was happy to work once again in my sector.  Something that I will once again be starved of these next two days thanks to our traveling to Viña today after p-day and our arrival very late tomorrow.

I feel very brain dead at the moment. sorry for the fairly dry report of the week.

It feels weird to think that Sam is back and that Amik will be leaving tis year!! weird. Enjoy the snow as well, your fotos prove that it IS snowing back home and that I have not been lying to so many Chileans in the street.

Love Elder Enright

Multi Zone conference and stuff (Rhys)

This past week, on Tuesday, we here in Quitilipi had the privelage (privalidge?? how the fetch do you spell that??) of all boarding a colectivo at 5:30 in the morning which took us all to Resistencia (we passed Fontana!!!!) for a Multi Zone conference. There were four zones there in total, but that doesn´t really matter to you guys, so that´s all I´m going to say about that. The Multi Zone conference had to do with becoming teachers mas semejantes a Cristo. We also got to put together 72 hour kits filled with delicious little granola bars that made it tempting to break the commandment that we received from the office Elder Buhler, "Thou shalt not eat the food from the 72 hour kit unless specifically told to do so!"  Yeah, I think that was one of the ten. Also during the conference, we ate lunch, and during said lunch and much to the appreciation of EVERY SINGLE MISSIONARY IN THE CONFERENCE (oops, sorry), we got to watch Meet the Mormons.  Super good.  Every missionary was asking to get to watch it again after wards.

Among the many missionaries in the Multi Zone conference, the missionaries from Santa Fe made the journey as well and so I got to talk to the two missionaries (Suarez and Garcia) that taught and Baptized the Rolon Familiy in Reconquista!!! For those of you that don´t know or don´t remember, the Rolon family is probably the best little family in all of Reconquista that I taught in my time there. I got to see pictures of their marriage and baptism all thanks to Elder Suarez (whose camera is de 20!!) and I also got some letters from my little reconquista fanclub, Danilo and Soledad!!! So that nice little shoutout from Reco made me pretty darn happy. 

On the way back from the conference, we had to take a colectivo late and the colectivos that go late usually show movies, and yup, this one did. But, contrary to the many prayers offered by the missoinaries on said Colectivo, it wasn´t the Hobbit 2. It was some piece of crud movie called "Let´s be Cops" that I´m positive was rated R. Me and Elder Herrera (with whom I was sitting) did our best to ignore the whole movie, sometimes resorting to putting Elder Herrera's suitcoat over out heads to parts that we
were sure were going from bad to worse. This in particular, I´m sure, was more entertaining to the other passengers than the actual movie. SO. . . ..  that was interesting.

Also this week, Our investigator, Daiana is moving on like a boss (her sister, Rocío is also progressing, but not quite as much). Daiana came to a branch. . . ward. . . . Group (I suppose) baptism that we held in Saenz Peña   ( a city that we have to travel to, 30 minutes by bus) for Axel, a kid from a family that WAS Menos activo, but is now 100% active. We had very few people there, but the service was nice and everyone was happy, especially Diana, who has switched from "maybe I´ll get baptized on the 14th" to "sí o sí I´m getting baptized on the 14th". 

I also did more divisions this past week, but I forgot to take photos, so sorry, no phtots of that, 


I DO have photos of the baptism, I wanted to send a photo in which we ALL look good, but sorry Hermana Acuña, this is going to my family and the one that I´m smiling in has priority.

Chau chau!!

ELder Enright


Zone Conference.