Monday, March 2, 2015

Another short one (Kegan)

I want you guys to first forgive me please for the very short emails I have been sending lately in comparison with the impressive reports from your own weeks, I don´t know how I haven´t been able to make this internet time work but I promise to figure it out.

This week my companion and I continued working very very hard.  We have been talking with everybody and doing our hardest to work with members (something very critical and which we hope might be the key to it all).  

You could say we began the week with an interchange even though it was Wednesday, Elder Bojorquez, who is the new asistant to the president, came and did interchanges with us while Elder Brown, his companion, was in Salamanca.  On the way here they got lost in the desert between here and los Vilos (los vilos is a beach town and Illapel is eastwards from there).  We got several calls while they were on their way assuring us that they would soon arrive and with several questions about how to arrive.  As soon as they were here we had a great interchange in which we were able to find several people and teach many others. 

The following day (Thursday) we finished those interchanges and I began another at around 6:00 when Elder Hamilton left for Viña in order to recieve a new training.  I was with Elder Montaño and Elder Rowe,  Two back to back interchanges made me miss the normality ( I guess you could call it that) and I was happy to work once again in my sector.  Something that I will once again be starved of these next two days thanks to our traveling to Viña today after p-day and our arrival very late tomorrow.

I feel very brain dead at the moment. sorry for the fairly dry report of the week.

It feels weird to think that Sam is back and that Amik will be leaving tis year!! weird. Enjoy the snow as well, your fotos prove that it IS snowing back home and that I have not been lying to so many Chileans in the street.

Love Elder Enright

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