Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Conozca a los Mormónes (Kegan)

First my apologies for not having forewarned you about the Zone Conference that was just Yesterday, it slipped my mind to tell you guys, but it´s a good thing you were able to find out thanks to my comp´s blog, or maybe I should say it´s his mother´s, whichever ( by the way he says his familiy are big Disney fans).

So, Before you guess it, yes we saw Meet the Mormons in our Zone Conference (finally).  I has been very obvious all week that we would, although other zone leaders and office Elderes were all very quiet and shifty about the questions.  What was more obvious was the theatre-like arrangement we made on the stage behind the curtain before the Zone conference had started.  But more on that later.

At the beginning of this past week I once again had interchanges with Elder Montaño.  During the day we were surprised by a service opportunity with my convert Rodrigo.  He and his Sister were trying to move these gigantic metal bars from his house to hers (around six to eight blocks of a distance away).  What we thought was going to be a simple service project got complicated when the possibility of a truck´s aid appeared and Rodrigo and his siter decided to take advantage and load railroad ties onto the truck as well.   The rust of the metal and the dirt-crusted wood made me thankful for not having dressed formally that day...oh wait that´s right, we were dressed formally and DID get dirty.  But not as dirty as we did later into the week due to the second surprise service project with Rodrigo.  The second job was more dificult and invloved hauling literal house walls (with windows attached) and floors up his steep and loose dirt hill to then be loaded onto a truck, the project was made more dificult by the lack of coordination which many men seem to come into danger of whenever lifting large and heavy things together.

Our first Service project with Rodrigo resulted in a lesson the next day with his sister, niece, and Dad (who actually left halfway through but was present for the beginning) .  Rodrigo´s excitment to share the gospel made him interupt very frequently to ask us to change the gospel topic we were teaching and although this did cause more than momentary confusion his sister (Veronica) seems to be very focused person.

Although such service projects and other similarly stressful lessons were tiring, nothing was more tiring than waking up at 1:30 in the morning to take a van to Los Vilos and later a bus to Ovalle for our conference.  Congratulations to the whole zone for accomodating themselves so well to the Very Early morning circumstances and very uncomforable buses.  

The Zone Conference was all worth it.  True I felt stressed for the presentation and practice we were prepared to do, but later, and especially with the viewing of Meet the Mormons, I could recenter myself and feel the spirit, as it cut me to pieces for not being as centered on the people as I should be.

Meet the Mormons was maybe the best motivator I´ve had my entire mission to baptize and convert families.  It was most definitely put together thanks to the guidance of direct revelation .

The Elderes (almost all ) of our Zone here in Illapel (okay in the picture we are in a bus, but we are from Illapel)

Elder Rowe and ELder Hamilton

Cool plants here that are filled with air, and look like brains.  As they mature thay later turn somewhat inside out to spread the seeds that come out looking a lot like a white dandelion thing.

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