Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Formosa Again (Rhys)


WHHHAAAAAATTT!!!!??? I thought that I would never actually be in a ward again until I got home, especially due to the fact that I thought that I would be finishing my mission in Quitilipi. But nope, I´m in a ward now. And I´m training again. I´ll start out with Wednesday, the day that I got to know my new comp, and I´ll put a picture in of our two pretty faces at the end.

So, this last Wednesday, I sadly had to say good bye to my trio companionship with Elders Simmons and Heaton. We took all of my stuff to Barrio uno (the big huge chapel in Resistencia that is also the mission headquarters) and there I got to see some Elders again. Like Elder Brown, Elder Clemons, and all of the Elders from the office that I always get to see there anyway. All of the missionaries that were going to train were sent to wait in the cultural hall while all the new missionaries waited in the chapel/sacrament meeting room thing. They got all of us to stay in there by baiting the room with facturas (donut things). After a short training to prepare us to train, we all headed into the sacrament meeting room thing and Presidente Franco read out the names of all of the new missionaries and the elders that they were going to train with. Elder Tracy was the last one and I just happened to be the last trainer waiting, so we already figured out how that was going to work.

After a really good lunch of lomo sandwiches and alfajores, we got all of his stuff and headed to terminal where we got on a bus that took us all the way to Formosa. Since arriving, we´ve been doing the best not to get lost and we´ve been soaked by the rain and mud. But it´s awesome, there are a TON of members here and they LOVE US. it´s like a Disneyland for missionaries, the members have really helped us out a lot, they´re the main reason why we don´t get too lost, We´ve even already gone to visit some less active families with active families. And, the opposite of the small town situation in Quitlipi, we have lunches every day!!! YAAYY!!! 

So we´re just having a blast here, en pocas palabras. The only bummer was that the pensh that we got to was once again TRASHED. so we spent a lot of time today clenaing up, and making tacos (we live right next to the zone leaders and we all pitched in to make tacos for lunch, thay are pretty good). 

Funny Argentine fact: There´s a classic food here that everyone eats that´s called torta frita that is basically unleavened bread dough rolled flat and fried that everyone eats all the time here. Especially the members, are always offering us torta frita and Elder Tracy LOVES it. 

ALso, the pomelos are starting to ripen. . . .

Elder Enright

p.s. that isn´t some kind of code or anything, I´m just happy that the pomelos are ready to eat, we already got four the other day and they´re already gone.

 Elder Tracy and his Gringo trainer

With Presidente and Sister Franco

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