Monday, March 9, 2015

I am honestly stuck on what to say (Kegan)

This week has been fantastic, I know no other way to describe it, maybe hard, but fantastic sounds better.

At the beginning of this week we headed straight to Viña on a 4 hour (mas o menos) bus trip.  That next day I saw Elder Santillan and Elder Oldroyd again! We, and many other Elders and Sisters, participated in a very spiritual Consejo led by President Kahnlein.  One of the first and most simple subjects we touched was just that, short and simple, but also very impactful.  We talked about the power of the smile to affect another person´s day. 

We returned that night and the next day I traveled to los Vilos at 6:00 in the morning to begin interchanges where Elder Stein and I were able to put into practice the "Power of the Smile" ;) 

I don´t want to NOT tell you guys, so I will skip to Sunday immediately to  tell a great story.  Well I might not tell it too well but it was great.  Rodrigo my convert here has been itching to get a calling and to visit members and investigators with us.  We set up a cita with him for yesterday and taught him the Word of Wisdom again and this time with the help of the second counselor (Hno Rodolfo).  We then left with both of them to continue visiting and we had several less active and convert families we wanted to visit.  We were stoppped on our way when we saw an elderly couple hauling a heck ton of stuff out of a car and getting ready to lug it all up the stairs.  We helped them take it all (finalized with Rodrigo's yelled instructions: "Hey Enright! Invite her to Church, her mom is Sick!")  Later we even split up with Rodolfo and Rodrigo doing Home Teaching and Elder Hamilton and I going to teach Danila y Marcelo (We can´t split up with two hnos unless they both have the Melchizedek Preisthood)  You might be asking what is so exciting about that, but what really excited us was Rodrigo´s enthusiasm and the fact that they might be the first Home teaching companionship (though unofficial) to do their visits in months, At least the 5 and a half I have been here.  

Illapel is great place, it has only suffered what the rest of what I have seen of Chile suffers with, no Home Teaching!  LONG STORY MADE SHORT, hOME tEACHING (Sorry caps lock) is divinely appointed, and a calling we cannot refuse nor ignore. I never want to leave the mission, but if I must I will make up for it with home teaching, it really does enliven us in that way, we just have to do it.

I love you all very much


Elder Enright

 Really big bug we saw just yesterday

 Elder Rowe and Elder Montaño from very far away.

  Consejo de lideres de la mision-Marzo

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