Monday, March 23, 2015

Ishapel (Argentina! jaja) (Kegan)

"¡Hola Smith, ¿como está smith?!"  to quote a slightly mad man who greeted us yesterday and the various others who have done so in this way.

The difference between this time and the other times we have had such greeting shouted at us was that Elder Rowe was with us this time. He responded:

"¿Quien, Will Smith?, no sé"

Once again I am in a trio with Elder Rowe due to the momentary lack of a companion for him.  His ex-companion, Elder Montaño boarded his bus last afternoon to Viña having finished his 2 years of service in the mission field. We took fotos after church ended (that´s the first one at the bottom) and accompanied him to the terminal to await his bus´ arrival. He was a really good missionary to put it in very simple terms and we are going to miss him a lot.

Earlier in the week we were able to do a service project in what appeared to be a never-ending attempt to pullout a tree in an Hermana´s backyard.  The said "neverending" attempt was finished on Friday while we were in interchanges (pictures will have to follow next week, I forgot, but we have service again tomorrow in the same place). 

When we arrived for service on Friday the Hermana asked me specifically to jump her back fence to what was unused property where a lot of cactuses grow to pick and bring her the "tunas" (cactus fruits...not much else to explain)

As I moved from one Cactus to one further down the hill side ( My companion could still see me, he was looking over the fence/cement wall)  and as I began to take more of the fruits I realized there was an old couple that came out their back door just the next house down and began to yell at me.  After a brief conversation I understood that the tunas were theirs (even though they were going to let me take those which i HAD already taken and they understood that I had no Idea that it had been theirs).

So I returned with what I had, feeling slighlty ashamed to for having unknowingly "robbed" AS a MISSIONARY! (mas insima) and I told the elders and the Hermana what had happened.

As I told them about the old couple the Hermana asked me what they had said, " I reponded, "well they said they were theirs (dijeron que las tunas eran de ellos).

There was a brief pause, then the Hermana responded

"Sí po Elder"... (well of course Elder)

"You Are In Chile Now" is a recurring Missionary response to weird occurances, shrugging it off as a result of simply being in Chile,  I would say that is an appropriate response to this moment.

Elder Enright

 Elders Enright, Montano, Hamilton and Rowe

Soccer really early in the morning (I don´t know if I have told you guys, but Chile simply decided NOT to do daylight savings time so it is all of a sudden really dark outside in the mornings for excercises, You Are In Chile Now)

Illapel Zone

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