Monday, March 2, 2015

Multi Zone conference and stuff (Rhys)

This past week, on Tuesday, we here in Quitilipi had the privelage (privalidge?? how the fetch do you spell that??) of all boarding a colectivo at 5:30 in the morning which took us all to Resistencia (we passed Fontana!!!!) for a Multi Zone conference. There were four zones there in total, but that doesn´t really matter to you guys, so that´s all I´m going to say about that. The Multi Zone conference had to do with becoming teachers mas semejantes a Cristo. We also got to put together 72 hour kits filled with delicious little granola bars that made it tempting to break the commandment that we received from the office Elder Buhler, "Thou shalt not eat the food from the 72 hour kit unless specifically told to do so!"  Yeah, I think that was one of the ten. Also during the conference, we ate lunch, and during said lunch and much to the appreciation of EVERY SINGLE MISSIONARY IN THE CONFERENCE (oops, sorry), we got to watch Meet the Mormons.  Super good.  Every missionary was asking to get to watch it again after wards.

Among the many missionaries in the Multi Zone conference, the missionaries from Santa Fe made the journey as well and so I got to talk to the two missionaries (Suarez and Garcia) that taught and Baptized the Rolon Familiy in Reconquista!!! For those of you that don´t know or don´t remember, the Rolon family is probably the best little family in all of Reconquista that I taught in my time there. I got to see pictures of their marriage and baptism all thanks to Elder Suarez (whose camera is de 20!!) and I also got some letters from my little reconquista fanclub, Danilo and Soledad!!! So that nice little shoutout from Reco made me pretty darn happy. 

On the way back from the conference, we had to take a colectivo late and the colectivos that go late usually show movies, and yup, this one did. But, contrary to the many prayers offered by the missoinaries on said Colectivo, it wasn´t the Hobbit 2. It was some piece of crud movie called "Let´s be Cops" that I´m positive was rated R. Me and Elder Herrera (with whom I was sitting) did our best to ignore the whole movie, sometimes resorting to putting Elder Herrera's suitcoat over out heads to parts that we
were sure were going from bad to worse. This in particular, I´m sure, was more entertaining to the other passengers than the actual movie. SO. . . ..  that was interesting.

Also this week, Our investigator, Daiana is moving on like a boss (her sister, Rocío is also progressing, but not quite as much). Daiana came to a branch. . . ward. . . . Group (I suppose) baptism that we held in Saenz Peña   ( a city that we have to travel to, 30 minutes by bus) for Axel, a kid from a family that WAS Menos activo, but is now 100% active. We had very few people there, but the service was nice and everyone was happy, especially Diana, who has switched from "maybe I´ll get baptized on the 14th" to "sí o sí I´m getting baptized on the 14th". 

I also did more divisions this past week, but I forgot to take photos, so sorry, no phtots of that, 


I DO have photos of the baptism, I wanted to send a photo in which we ALL look good, but sorry Hermana Acuña, this is going to my family and the one that I´m smiling in has priority.

Chau chau!!

ELder Enright


Zone Conference.

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