Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Postponed Baptism (Rhys)

Remember, Diana and Rocío? The two really awesome sister investigators that were going to get baptized on the 14th of march?? yeah, well, that didn´t happen.

BUT WAIT!! don´t get discouraged, it´s been postponed to this weekend, the 21st. 

What happend is that Diana was working on stopping smoking and so when she told us this last Sunday (not yesterday, the OTHER last Sunday, before the Hermanas were here) that she had smoked the Saturday before, we talked with her and told her it would probably be best if she took more time to stop smoking and she agreed. We asked her how much more time she wanted and she told us one week more, so we set the date for the 21st. 

Then the Hermanas came and Diana and Rocío were no longer our investigators . . . sad day.

Not too long after the Hermanas showed up, we got the word that Rocío also wanted to postpone her baptism to be able to be baptized with her sister, a doubt that she had expresed beforehand to us. We told her that in no way was it necessary to wait and it wouldn´t be a problem if she got baptized first, but that the decision was hers. Looks like she made up her mind. Though now, due to some things that are happening, it´s looking like maybe only DIANA gets baptized this weekend, we´ll see.

Due to all that stuff that happened, mainly the loss of Diana and Rocío as investigators, Elder Rojas and I were left without anyone that was really showing progress towards a baptism, so this last week we put our butts (and the rest of us too) in gear to find new people to teach and convert and baptize and send on their merry way to the temple. The good news is that we had some success.

First success story comes from a reference from a less active member named Santa Cruz that we visit every once in a while. he can´t read, so most of our visits are spent reading the Book of Mormon "with" him but really "TO" him (kind of a big difference there, like Gob learns in that one episode of Arrested Development, a tv show that NO ONE here has ever even heard of, including almost all of the missionaries, sad, but true). He took us to visit his brother who looks exactly like him (and these are two men of 60+ years) and who´s not a member. . . yet. Things are looking up so far for the non-member brother. Not SUPER great, but good, the main obstacle is the . . . I was going to say wife, but they´re not married. . .so his girlfriend. . . I guess. Not even kidding though, the people here  that aren´t married and live together (90% of Argentina) always use the term "estamos en concubinato" or something similar. Which would actually translate to something like "we´re concubines". . . 
We´re going to talk with them soon and then we´ll see what´s going on.

Second story is better. THe other night, I didn´t remember which day, we were walking back to the pensh at night and said hi to a guy on the other side of the street that usually waves at us and always does so nicely. ELder ROjas comments "ël siempre nos saluda bien." And so we crossed the street and talked to him. His name is Diego and he lives in a small room that he rents with his . . . girlfriend named Magali. They moved to Quitlipi 2 months ago and Diego works in a care home thing for old people who sometimes throw themselves to the floor just to make him lift them back up. True story. Diego´s reading the first lesson pamphlet and the Book of Mormon and yeah, that makes us happy. 

As far as pictures go, I still have lots of Zoo photos to send, so I´ll send those after, but also, today, Elder Rojas and I played a TRIX game. Last week I bought Trix from another Missionary and after finishing it I cut out and armed the twelve sided die on the back. Today, I bought another Trix  (since the game requires the actual Trix cereal, nice one Nestle) and Elder Rojas and I played an intense game that includes eating Trix and throwing a die. It´s not Risk, but hey, it´s something. That´s what the picture is of.

Elder ENright

See those awesome little white flip flops?? my flip flops from all my Lifeguarding years broke in Fontana. So one of the first things I did on arriving to Quitlipi was look for new ones and I found these!!! They´re pretty amazing and they´re definitely coming home with me.


 AH AH EEH EEH TUKI TUKI!!(feat. Elder Vergara de ESPAÑA!!)

When I first saw this Armadillo it was touching a little wire and was making a clicking sound every two seconds. Then I realized that the wire was electic and the clicking sound was the wire shocking the poor armadillo every two seconds. I thought "poor armadillo" then I thought "stupid armadillo, why doesn´t it just move?" Then, I thought "maybe it´s dead" so i found a stick, stuck it through the fence and rolled the armadillo away from the wire. Yup, Dead Armadillo

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