Tuesday, March 24, 2015

TRANSFERS (again) (Rhys)

So, lots of things happened this week and lot´s of IMPORTANT things happened this week, pay attention (or don't I´m an email, not a cop)
       This past Monday, in Quitilipi, me and Elder Rojas had a noche de hogar with the Aguirre family and the only reason that I really mention this is because I have picres to send of the noche de hogar, not a lot of comments. it was alright.
       Thursday, We had a multizone conference, but not just ANY multi zone conference, Elder Valentin Nuñez de Chile came to give us a capacitación about.. . . everything. He basically touched every single topic that he possibly could within an hour and a half. He started out talking about the attitude of a missionary, the attitude that we should have (that of Ammon that let him honestly say to King Lamoni that he might live with the Lamanites until the day that he dies) and he talked about finding and teaching and baptizing, FAMILIES. Then he talked about the Book of Mormon, the Prophet Joesph Smith, yeah, everything. The thing is that half of the mission was there, so I got a chance to see EVERY SINGLE ONE of my old comps (of the ones that are still in the mission) and lots of other people that I missed (Elder Burke, Elder Thomas, etc.) So mas vale que saque una foto con todos (menos Elder Rojas, how the fetch did I forget to get him in there?)
       Saturday, Diana´s Baptism. just like the time that little Leo got baptized, we went to Saenz Peña for the baptism, and I performed the actal ordinance. On the way back from said baptism, Elder Rojas got a call from the assistants and they wanted to talk to me. Over the phone, one of the Assistants told me, (I´m paraphrasing here) "Hey, Elder Enright, you´re going to be training again!"  So yeah, One transfer in Quitilipi. That made me pretty bummed at the prospect of having to leave Quitilipi after one transfer.
       Sunday, very few people come to shurch, we take fotos, in la tarde we get a text message from the assistants that we´re going to be whitewashed. So yeah, that happened. When Elder Rojas and I got the tablero with all the information of who was going where, we saw that Elder Rojas was going to Corrientes and I would be going to Formosa, this time to a ward!!! WHHAAAT??? This´ll be the first time that I get to be in a ward since Vegas! SO I´m stoked for that, but really sad to have left Quitilipi (seeing as I´m already gone). Due to the fact that I´m going to be training and all the trainees are coming Miercoles, I´m staying in Resistencia with the Zone Leaders of Resi 1 until  Wednesday and I´m pretty much just having a blast. I really miss Elder Rojas and all of Quitilipi because . .  well duh, but I´m super excited to get to train. Also, our old zone (Saenz Peña 3) doesn´t exist anymore and the areas that belonged to our zone are now all part of Saenz peña 1, hence the white wash.
Oh, fun fact, yesterday in the bus on the way to Resistencia from Quitlipi, they showed two movies about lots of people shooting at each other, in fact, in the first movie (we only were present for the end of it, I have no Idea what it was or what the plot was or even if it HAD a plot) there were lots of South African guys with guns running through houses asking "DONDE ESTÁN LOS GRINGOS?!?!?!?"" yeah, that was fun.
Elder Enright

 Me and Diana and Rojas and the Hermanas that came in the end of the transfer, Badu and Quevedo.
Me and Elders Simmons and Heaton, here in Resistencia having lunch with members (for the first time in a transfer, it was amazing).

Me and all my comps, Menos Rojas. . . . oops

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