Monday, March 9, 2015

ZOOOOOO!!!! (Rhys)

So this week, lots of things happened, but  due to lack of time I´m going to focus on the two most exciting things.

First off, yesterday, we became a real zone again!!!! Yeah! Hermana missionaries got sent here from other parts of the mission and It´s great to have 6 missionaries again in Quitilipi. They´re also super happy to have two investigators that are going to be baptized this month (Diana and Rocío)

The next thing that is exciting is that today, we had our ZONE ACTIVITY!!! unfortunately, the rule is Elders with Elders and Hermanas with Hermanas and since there are only two Hermanas in our zone, I have no idea what they did.

But WE ELDERS went to the ZOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  not as impressive as the Denver zoo Im not going to lie, but being the only zoo within the bounds of our ENTIRE mission, it was a privelige to get to go. Even if it was a lot of ducks, dogs, and sheep (not kidding, these were actual exhibits) but there were also lions, tigers, and bears (oh my!!)

SO I´ll send some fotos, and that´s all I have time for


Elder ENright

Okay, I´m actually not in this one, but that´s our zone!!!

This was a dog that we found during exchanges that was really small, wrecked, and smelly. I felt bad for it, but was scared to touch it, it smelled bad. Oh, and there´s one fachero Misionero too

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