Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Dallin H. Oaks trips (Rhys)

So, sorry to the Apostle Dallin H. Oaks for making the subject to my email the part of his training that he may not have wanted me to remember, but hey, Dallin H. Oaks if you´re reading this (which would be SO awesome!) you´re a champ.

Easily the highlight of this week was getting to listen to the Apostle Dallin H. Oaks. Twice. and it makes it even better that we didn´t listen to him alone. Our investigator Gustavo, who´s going to be baptized this coming Saturday (await the pics), was also there and took notes during the conference.

Dallin H. Oaks round 1:
       This was a mission conference JUST for missinaries, so all of us missionaries here in Formosa piled on a bus and left at 11 in the morning to Resistencia. We got there at about 1-1:30 and prepared to listen to an apostle by saying hi to all the lovely misionaries that I love (except for the Hermanas, that would be wierd, eww, girls) including ELders Correa, BUrke, Smith, Cannon, Smithson, Ware, CLemons, Thomas, Buhler, Rojas and more before we all piled in (in an orderly fashion) to the sacrament room to await the apostle. When he came in we all got to shake his hand. one the way up to the stand he tripped pretty bad and his wife caught him (he didn´t actually fall, but it was close). No one said a thing. Then, he went up to the microphone and said that he had been married to his wife for 15 years and so she had been catching him when he trips. .  for 15 years. jajaja, it was really funny the way he said it. In General Conference, he always seems so serious, but he was actually really funny! He spoke to all of us misionaries in english and he had a translator that. . .translated for him. I took a LOT of notes, but I´m actually not going to share any of them for lack of time and because it´s all very very secret missionary stuff. After the conference, we all got a snack from the office missionaries and went home to FOrmosa.

Dallin H. Oaks round 2:
       This was a conference for the Formosa stake and we got there super early to get a spot and practice with the choir (yup, all the misionaries were part of the choir). Both conferences were awesome and I took a lot of notes. He didn´t trip this time.

        WHat I really loved about BOTH of the conferences with Dallin H. Oaks was that he really just straight up followed the spirit to know what to say. He seems to have had certain messages that he wanted to get across, a few things that he already knew he would share, but while the other people spoke before him ( president and hermana Franco, his wife) he was constantly taking notes on a little yellow notepad which he brought up with him to give his talk. on top of that, he aometimes would say durin his talk "I feel the need to share. ." tal cosa or, "It occurs to me that I must share this" and it was clear that he was entirely dependant on the spirit. It was really amazing and it made me think of the way that we as missionaries should teach out investigators.

Something that Elder Oaks mentioned in his talk on Sunday, was that before being called as an apostle, he lived across the street from his bishop, who just so happened to be the CANDY BOMBER from meet the mormons!!
This brought my companion to tell me later yesterday that he is actualy related to the Candy bomber! He´s ELder Tracy´s Cousin´s grandpa and Elder Tracy actually met him at his cousin´s farewell talk.

All these people being closely related to famous people, I guess that means that I just have to be famous and let my family know what it feels like.

We have trandfers next week, so I may or may not be emailing on monday. be prepared.

ELder Enright

Classic window selfie shot from the window in Tucuman with ELder BUckles and Ware. It was a nice hotel.

 On the way to listen to Dallin H Oaks. SOmeone had Glasses that looked a lot like Kegans. WHat d ýall think, so we really still look much alike?

Uuuumm..... (Kegan)

This week was hard, I am not going to lie, that would be bad.  But this week was awesome.  

I couldn´t tell you too many specific things, I am sorry for being terrible at it.  But there is a completely indescribable feeling you get when you know that you are being guided by the spirit, and it is so clear when he is not that it makes the contrast so much more defined.  It´s like black and white.

We have sought the guidance of the Holy Ghost through prayer many times this week and although Prayer is undeniably that resource that we particularly need to obtain the spirit, I was impressed by the influence of my morning studies and their "quality" to the intensity of my prayers and my receptivity to the spirit.

Just felt I should share that.

I don´t know much of what to say.  As the end of my mission comes closer I find myself thinking stubbornly trunky thoughts and then stubbornly also NOT thinking them.  Thank you for writing I love you all but have little time to talk and less of an Idea what to say.  

Rhys, my comp thought that we looked exactly the same , but I do see the´re in Argentina. 

Pictures will have to wait.

Love Elder ENright

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Tucuman,Argentina (Rhys)

Okay, so last week wasn´t hugely interesting. Hugely great, yes,but I´m having a hard time thinking of anything that was a little out of the norm:

Teaching and talking to people.

Teaching Gustavo is still awesome.

Random  rainstorms and lots of mud.

Gustavo comes to church again.

Pretty normal stuff. What makes a WAY better subject for this email is the reason why I´m writing this on WEDNESDAY and not when I normally should have written it on MONDAY. The reason why is called Tucuman, Argentina.

(spoiler alert.I forgot my camera AND the adapter, so we´re all out of luck as far as fotos go this time)

Last week, on thursday, I had to go with a large handful of other missionaries to Resistencia to do tramites. Translation of Tramites (that´s tra-meet-tehs btw, not tram-aits): boring paperwork stuff that takes time but has to do with finally making me legal in Argentina. After getting all of that done we were informed that we had to be in Resistencia AGAIN sunday afternoon. So, after church on sunday me and my comp met up with the other three Elders in our zone that had to go (along with one of their companions who was going to be with ELder Tracy) at the stake center where we were told we would be taking a small bus all together along with the other missionaries from other zones to Resistencia. Well,we were told wrong and had to take a remis as fast as we could to catch the colectivo before it exited Formosa, stopping it just as it was leaving and then ... well, we got on.

After getting to Resistencia, it was confirmed to us (as we had suspected due to various rumors) that we would be heading to Tucuman Argentina. After a long wait for the bus to arrive, all 26 of us missionaries boarded, along with Hermana Franco, the Mission President´s wife. As we commenced our 11 hour bus ride, the over head TV´s turned on and started showing an eddy murphy movie called a Thousand words. Nothing impressive, people. Later, when the first movie finished and the second commenced, due to the R rated status of the SWAT themed and bikini filled movie, we asked the bus driver if he could shut it off. To that question he replied that he couldn´t because there were other passengers watching the movie, but he did change it to Transformers 4. The eddie murhpy movie was better.

After a night of trying to get to sleep in bus chairs, we finally arrived at Tucuman the next morning at about 8:30, took remises to a SUPER nice hotel (for Argentina, fairly common by states standards) and got our rooms, had a quick breakfast and headed out to do tramites stuff. We waited in line. A lot. but that time gave me a chance to talk to some friends and past companions including Elder Smith and Ware. After all the waiting was done, we went back to the Hotel, where it was decided that we were going to eat at McDonald´s (way more common in Tucuman than in any part of our mission) and there we went. Then we went sight seeing at the house where the Argentine declaration of independence was signed (they copied us) and then we took a ciesta  at the hotel before leaving to eat dinner and ice cream.

The next day was very similar,but with more waiting, no ciestas, and Burger King instead of McDonald´s (Burger King doesn´t even exist in our mission) and getting to meet a REALLY tall basket ball player from philadelphia (I don´t remember how to spell it) named Chaz who was also getting legal. We left that night on another bus and got to see taken 2 on the bus (nothing impressive,again) along witha terrible adam sandler film called Blended. I should mention that of all the movies,the only one that we could actually hear, was taken 2.

Now, I´m back in Formosa from the most vacation-like experience I´ve had in two years and we´re going to visit Gustavo tonight. 

Elder ENright

Conferencia de estaca (Kegan)

This time I could read all of your emails, thanks for sending, in most cases, an especially detailed report of the new Star Wars Trailer.  I too am very excited.  Another reason to be excited (and slightly stressed) is the email I recieved from Bro Christensen announcing my talk and topic (Representing the Savior) now that is seems so soon I am more drawn to study in order to have a talk actually ready that day.

Thank you so much Mom for the roomate thing, it will be amazing to be able to bunk us four.  Plus, I recieved your package just a little while ago (ya hace 2 semana) sorry I forgot to tell you guys last week.  Foretting that, I was sooo happy to get that package, nothing but one jar of malt powder is left by now and of course the cards and pictures, I haven´t eaten those yet. 

This week Elder Vera and I worked hard to contact all the references we recieved (which was a surprising amount)  Among them we were able to find Leonardo and his wife Doris.  Leonardo is the brother of a member who recently moved into the ward (Sister Ana Maria).  He has been blind for around 5 years and it has really taken it´s toll on his outlook towards life.  He has felt the spirit very strongly as we have taught him (That´s not bragging on my part, I am saying that he is very receptive to the spirit).

Thankfully this weekend was Stake Conference and Elder Spitale (from Cordoba, Argentina) came to speak along with our mission Presidente, Kahnlein, and his wife.  I felt almost as if I were in General Conference again as I desperately took notes as fast as I could on all that every speaker was saying.  The wife of the Temple President (who also was present with her husband) told a powerful story of her son and grandson similar to Jeffery R. Holland´s recent General Conference talk.  Except in this case the grandson had recieved a strong and emotional scolding from his father for running across the road and not giving head to his father as he yelled for him not to.  The young son´s response as to why he had acted that way was, " I wanted to show you that I was grown up and didn´t need your help anymore." The Hna concluded that though we may think we can live without Jesus Christ, however when we try to do so we put ourselves in danger.

I am very excited Rhys to be on that plane ride with you, until then, let´s work our butts off.

P.S. as far as food goes mom. I deperately miss your teryaki stir fry with steak and toasted coconut, I have also become obsessed with sushi

Love Elder Enright  

Estero Viejo (Kegan)

Wow!!, I can´t believe Liam is a Deacon now.  Felicidades, and Happy Birthday!!

There are two Elderes and one Hermana in my district with birthdays this month, (and one who already had it the 31 of march)  So we are going to be doing a lot of celebrations anyways, I´ll be sure that they know we´ll be celebrating your birthday as well Liam.

This week Elder Vera and I have been working hard here in Estero Viejo, I know how much you all love hearing about miracle stories from the mission but you´ll have to forgive me because my mind always runs a blank when itçs time to email.

I can tell you guys a funny story that thankfully came right into my mind (literaly seconds ago).

Elder Vera and I had recently finished our Weekley Planning and had decided to meet with our Ward mission leader to plan an activity.  We walked up to his door in the apartment complex (the stairs are outside in a courtyard type hallway between two apartment buildings) we had just knocked on the door when we heard a little boy ask " quien es?", supposing that it was his nephew and deciding to play a joke we said, "Somos los Testigos de Jehovah", we heard slight whispering from the little boy to someone else and his repeated question,  we responded with the same "Somos los Testigos de Jehovah" (we´re the Jehovahs witnesses") and the door began to open.  Elder Vera finished the joke with a loud "Hola!" in the face of a woman that definitely was not our Ward mission leader and was very surprised.  We´d knocked the wrong door.  We apologeticlly ASKED IF SHE KNEW fERNANDO AND WE WERE DIRECTED TO THE next BUILDING  (oops, caps lock)  She wasn't too bothered, only slightly confused.  We all later laughed again as we told Fernando the story.

I hope that was sufficient this week,  we have been teaching a woman who is very nice who has alzhiemer´s (?) named Gloria, we hope she will come to church next week because she couldn´t yesterday.

I´m glad Mom and dad enjoyed their viaje and that they returned safe, I had been praying all week and I think that made me nervous.

Love Elder Enright

Pictures next week, this computer wouldn´t work.

A dry dirt road week (Rhys)

Hey, everybody!

Remember  that small little regla change about not getting to eat in the Members' homes anymore?? Yeah, due to that exact rule, we had a variety of different foods this week, but that´s not really that interesting, I just wanted to remind everyone that I CAN´T EAT WITH MEMBERS ANYMORE. Yup, oh well.

SO that Rule is completely and totally official in the entire mission now.

First off, I think that I should explain why I´m emailing Martes, even though it´s been a fairly common occurence in these past few months. We had interviews with President Franco yesterday (first time for ELder Tracy, for those of you not on the same page, Elder Tracy is my comp) and we dedicated almost the whole day to being trained by our zone leaders and waiting for our turn to be interviewed by Presidente Franco.

BUT!! last week, before all that interview jazz, for the first time in Elder Tracy´s mission, we had almost completey dry dirt roads ALMOST all week. There were a few drizzles here and there, but - as you´ll all see by the picture - it was definitely a pretty warm, dry week. I won´t wait til the end to let you all know that that streak of dry days was broken by monsoon like weather today, yeah, muddy streets again. 

As for interesting things that happened this last week, easily the most interesting and enjoyable part of the work so far in Barrio Terminal has been getting to teach our investigator Gustavo. Every lesson with him leaves me and ELder Tracy feeling high on the spirit and excited for the day of his baptism (currently planned for May 2nd).

So, speaking of Gustavo, funny story.
This Sunday, Gustavo came to church and stayed all three hours - that´s not the funny part, I´m getting to it. During second hour, la escuela dominical, we happen to be on the topic of la santa cens. Perfect, right?! Investigator´s first sunday at church, get´s a nice normal sunday school class on the meaning of what we just did in sacrament meeting. Well the class got a little distracted and went off talking about the spirit world (don´t ask, I don´t even remember how they got to that point) which THEN somehow leads to a discussion about a young member of the church in Formosa (here) that died last week in a car crash and how it must have been that darn interseccion place because one time one of the members went there and the car she was in started spinning and everyone ALWAYS seems to be dying or almost dying at that part of the intersection and wierd things happen there and it must be because. . . .yeah, that happened. So i JUST RAISED MY HAND IN THE BACK OF THE CLASS AND WAITED FOR (accidental Caps lock) the teacher to call on me so I could ask, "weren´t we talking about the sacrament?" to which she responded, "yup (it was spanish, but is was the spanish form of yup. . .)" but then we started right back up talking about the crazy intersection until I said, "and, where were we in that??" Then the lesson got back on track and when we talked to Gustavo later he was fine, despite the interested facial expressions he was making all throughout that in-class doctrinal discussion.

I hope that all of you have a wonderful week, enjoy all of the new movies that Elder Tracy has told me are coming out and don´t forget,

 "DON´T WALK, RUN!!"  - Robert D. Hales (that caps lock was on purpose)

Elder ENright

me and a big cross that´s at the entrance of the city of Formosa.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

No email last week (explained), and more (of course) (Kegan)

I´ll get right to the explanation.

Last week a lot of missionaries had trouble getting into their page because seems to have changed it´s conditions of use or something.  In all reality I don´t know.  However it happened, it now asked for our email address and our password and I could never get in.  The mission´s Registrator ( a missionary in the office who takes care of the mission´s supplies and programs and President´s power points)  was very busy fixing them up and couldn´t get to mine. So that´s the story of why you guys didn´t hear from me last week.

Due to the delay, I now have two whole weeks worth of details to recount to you.  Starting with Changes.

Last Wednesday I was taken out of Illapel and brought down here to Estero Viejo ( which means in English Old Ditch or Stream).  Estero Viejo is in the Belloto zone near Viña, but not too near. 

In addition to my new Sector I am training once again, an experience I was all too glad to welcome again. I was of course pre-warned by President that I would be doing so, he also told me I would be opening this sector because there had not been Elderes here for around 2 weeks due to emergency changes.  As if that wasn´t stressful enough he made it sound as if I would be in charge of training someone very difficult.  However, I have been assigned to train Elder Vera from Paraguay who is a very excited and prepared Elder.  To put it simply, it has been a blast being his trainer.  We have a great Bishop and a great ward.

General Conference was the Best way to finish off this past week.  Elder Wilfford W Anderson´s talk on the difference between the " Dance Steps" of the Gospel and the "Music" of the Gospel, Henry B.Eyring's admonishment to use the Power of prayer, and Jeffery R Holland´s emotional and gutrenching metaphor for the Savior's Atonement left me very Humbled and ready to work.  I will be Honest with you and say that the Spirit cut me to the bone during the Conference, tellling me I had to prayer more fervently and more often and that I had to be Obediente because I LOoe Christ, not because it is a Habit.

I would love to share more, but I have short time 

Until Next week

Love Elder ENright

Monday, April 6, 2015

GenCon 2015 (Rhys)

Before I actualy get to the GenCon details, I first have to explain something that happened at the beginning of the week that is relevant to and essential to what happened AFTER the conference was actually over. Oh, and before I get lost in story telling, we found out this week that starting today, we will no longer be allowed to eat lunches or dinners or even accept food from the members and investigators in our mission. Sad day.

So, last Monday, the last time that I talked to all you lovely people, Elder Tracy and I were walking towards an appointment at about 7:30 at night, that´s 19:30 for any Argentines reading this. We´re walking on what may be the most busy road in our area (seeing as it´s one of the only paved ones) and conversing about how the last lesson went. A car stops on the other side of the road and the driver yells from the rolled down window, "ELDERES!! Vengan, vengan acá!" So, we went.

The Members name (because yup, you guessed it, it was a member) was Luis and he wanted to introduce us to Gustavo and Fabaiana, cousins who had just been bombarding the member with questions about the church and the member had just said, while answering their questions, "deben hablar con mis amigos, los misioneros!" And tada!! he saw us, pulled over and called us over. We met Gustavo and Fabiana, got their number, direction and an appointment. We then visited them wednesday and gave them copies of the first lesson and a book of Mormon (the member had already given Fabiana a Book of Mormon, so we just gave one to Gustavo). They also informed us that Fabiana was just visiting, so she may not be here for the second lesson, but they accepted baptismal dates and the challenge to read the Book of Mormon.

Now, GenCon. Not much to say other than all the Gringos huddled in what was dubbed, the Gringo room and we all got blown away by Jeffery R. Holland´s talk. Also, seeing as I´m back in the Formosa stake, I got to see some of the people from my first area!! it was great to see them again and see how much the kids have grown ( a lot) and it was super surprising to find out that they recognized me seeing as I was bald, burned, and a little bit chubbier when I was there. What´s funny though, is that the exact member that shaved me bald my first week in Argentina actually was the first to see me and greet me during a choir practice earlier in the week and she said that she recognized me due to the hair. . . . funny, you remember that huh?? jajaja, it was great to see them again and they all commented on how now I can speak Spanish, but that they didn´t understand anything that I said when I first got here, that´s nice to know.

Now, After conference last night, we had the return appointment with Gustavo, who unfortunately didn´t make it to conference. Fabiana had already returned to Paraguay (across the river) and so couldn´t attend the charla. But, Gustavo had already read the introduction, the testimonies, and has started to read first Nephi. He told us that he knows the Book of Mormon is true and that made me and Elder Tracy pretty darn happy.

There we go, that´s my story, btw, funny little thing that I forgot to tell you guys in quitilipi, one of my towels got stollen. Yup, I´ll explain that one a little more later on, but now I have one towel. Yay.

Elder Enright