Thursday, April 23, 2015

A dry dirt road week (Rhys)

Hey, everybody!

Remember  that small little regla change about not getting to eat in the Members' homes anymore?? Yeah, due to that exact rule, we had a variety of different foods this week, but that´s not really that interesting, I just wanted to remind everyone that I CAN´T EAT WITH MEMBERS ANYMORE. Yup, oh well.

SO that Rule is completely and totally official in the entire mission now.

First off, I think that I should explain why I´m emailing Martes, even though it´s been a fairly common occurence in these past few months. We had interviews with President Franco yesterday (first time for ELder Tracy, for those of you not on the same page, Elder Tracy is my comp) and we dedicated almost the whole day to being trained by our zone leaders and waiting for our turn to be interviewed by Presidente Franco.

BUT!! last week, before all that interview jazz, for the first time in Elder Tracy´s mission, we had almost completey dry dirt roads ALMOST all week. There were a few drizzles here and there, but - as you´ll all see by the picture - it was definitely a pretty warm, dry week. I won´t wait til the end to let you all know that that streak of dry days was broken by monsoon like weather today, yeah, muddy streets again. 

As for interesting things that happened this last week, easily the most interesting and enjoyable part of the work so far in Barrio Terminal has been getting to teach our investigator Gustavo. Every lesson with him leaves me and ELder Tracy feeling high on the spirit and excited for the day of his baptism (currently planned for May 2nd).

So, speaking of Gustavo, funny story.
This Sunday, Gustavo came to church and stayed all three hours - that´s not the funny part, I´m getting to it. During second hour, la escuela dominical, we happen to be on the topic of la santa cens. Perfect, right?! Investigator´s first sunday at church, get´s a nice normal sunday school class on the meaning of what we just did in sacrament meeting. Well the class got a little distracted and went off talking about the spirit world (don´t ask, I don´t even remember how they got to that point) which THEN somehow leads to a discussion about a young member of the church in Formosa (here) that died last week in a car crash and how it must have been that darn interseccion place because one time one of the members went there and the car she was in started spinning and everyone ALWAYS seems to be dying or almost dying at that part of the intersection and wierd things happen there and it must be because. . . .yeah, that happened. So i JUST RAISED MY HAND IN THE BACK OF THE CLASS AND WAITED FOR (accidental Caps lock) the teacher to call on me so I could ask, "weren´t we talking about the sacrament?" to which she responded, "yup (it was spanish, but is was the spanish form of yup. . .)" but then we started right back up talking about the crazy intersection until I said, "and, where were we in that??" Then the lesson got back on track and when we talked to Gustavo later he was fine, despite the interested facial expressions he was making all throughout that in-class doctrinal discussion.

I hope that all of you have a wonderful week, enjoy all of the new movies that Elder Tracy has told me are coming out and don´t forget,

 "DON´T WALK, RUN!!"  - Robert D. Hales (that caps lock was on purpose)

Elder ENright

me and a big cross that´s at the entrance of the city of Formosa.

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