Thursday, April 23, 2015

Conferencia de estaca (Kegan)

This time I could read all of your emails, thanks for sending, in most cases, an especially detailed report of the new Star Wars Trailer.  I too am very excited.  Another reason to be excited (and slightly stressed) is the email I recieved from Bro Christensen announcing my talk and topic (Representing the Savior) now that is seems so soon I am more drawn to study in order to have a talk actually ready that day.

Thank you so much Mom for the roomate thing, it will be amazing to be able to bunk us four.  Plus, I recieved your package just a little while ago (ya hace 2 semana) sorry I forgot to tell you guys last week.  Foretting that, I was sooo happy to get that package, nothing but one jar of malt powder is left by now and of course the cards and pictures, I haven´t eaten those yet. 

This week Elder Vera and I worked hard to contact all the references we recieved (which was a surprising amount)  Among them we were able to find Leonardo and his wife Doris.  Leonardo is the brother of a member who recently moved into the ward (Sister Ana Maria).  He has been blind for around 5 years and it has really taken it´s toll on his outlook towards life.  He has felt the spirit very strongly as we have taught him (That´s not bragging on my part, I am saying that he is very receptive to the spirit).

Thankfully this weekend was Stake Conference and Elder Spitale (from Cordoba, Argentina) came to speak along with our mission Presidente, Kahnlein, and his wife.  I felt almost as if I were in General Conference again as I desperately took notes as fast as I could on all that every speaker was saying.  The wife of the Temple President (who also was present with her husband) told a powerful story of her son and grandson similar to Jeffery R. Holland´s recent General Conference talk.  Except in this case the grandson had recieved a strong and emotional scolding from his father for running across the road and not giving head to his father as he yelled for him not to.  The young son´s response as to why he had acted that way was, " I wanted to show you that I was grown up and didn´t need your help anymore." The Hna concluded that though we may think we can live without Jesus Christ, however when we try to do so we put ourselves in danger.

I am very excited Rhys to be on that plane ride with you, until then, let´s work our butts off.

P.S. as far as food goes mom. I deperately miss your teryaki stir fry with steak and toasted coconut, I have also become obsessed with sushi

Love Elder Enright  

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